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Catching and cooking your very own catch is so rewarding. Catching a fish with a pole spear is a physical challenge but even more rewarding. Spearfishing has grown in popularity the last few years and we have been on a mission to find the best pole spears.

We have come up with our top six choices giving each a review on their good and bad points. We chose are number one selection and help with a buying guide for people looking for pointers on what to look for.

Scuba Choice 5′ Travel Spearfishing Two-Piece Fiber Glass Pole Spear

Scuba Choice 5' Travel Spearfishing Two-Piece Fiber Glass Pole Spear

The Scuba Choice 5′ Travel Spearfishing Two-Piece Fiber Glass Pole Spear is a lightweight and portable pole spear that you are going to love. It easily breaks down into two pieces for ultimate portability. Don’t struggle with figuring out how to best transport your pole spear to your next fishing trip. Spearfishing is an ancient and fun hobby and now you can take the fun with you wherever you go. When broken down into its proper pieces, you can even fly with this pole spear so the whole world is opened up to you and your hobby.

The Scuba Choice 5′ Travel Spearfishing Two-Piece Fiber Glass Pole Spear breaks down into two 24” pieces and the 12” paralyzer at the end for super easy storage and transportation. When assembled this spear is a full five feet in length giving you a ton of grip and power. This polespear is made from lightweight and flexible fiberglass. This ensures that you will not suffer from fatigue during extended use without sacrificing the hydrodynamics of your polespear. The thread is an 8mm diameter. This kit includes a rubber bag that keeps your spear safe and dry during travel and use.

  • Portable polespear easily breaks down into three pieces for easy travel
  • Lightweight and fast spear is accurate and feels great in your hand
  • Includes a handy rubberized travel bag
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Spearfishing Traveler Pole Spear

Spearfishing Traveler Pole Spear

Do you like fishing with longer polespears but find traveling and storing them to be a chore? Do not allow your hobby to be limited by the size of your spear. The Spearfishing Traveler Pole Spear with 5 Prong Paralyzer Barb Tip is the ultimate traveling spear that does not compromise on size and function for portability.

This spear, when assembled, is a whopping 6’7” in length giving you the full sized polespear experience. However, this large polespear easily breaks down into component parts that store away quickly and easily for the ultimate experience. When broken down it measures a measly 27.5” in length meaning you can store it almost anywhere. Never sacrifice again.

The spear itself is made from aircraft grade aluminum that is strong and corrosion resistant. Aluminum will hold up better over time and will not fade or splinter like some fiberglass spears down after extended use. There is nothing worse than getting a fiberglass splinter in your thumb from a cheap spear. That will never happen with the Spearfishing Traveler Pole Spear with 5 Prong Paralyzer Barb Tip. Since this spear breaks down into a bunch of different parts, they have made it so you can configure each piece into a different length spear. You get three interchangeable sections for three different pole spear lengths. One 5 prong cluster (paralyzer tip) with “sure grip” barbs on each prong. This effectively triples the number of useful spear configurations you get for one low price.

  • Full-sized 6’7” spear easily breaks down for quick storage
  • Able to be configured into multiple different spear configurations
  • Has everything you need to spearfish on the go without sacrificing effectiveness or power
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JBL Shaka Carbon Fiber 7′ Travel Polespear

JBL Shaka Carbon Fiber 7' Travel Polespear

The JBL Shaka Carbon Fiber 7′ Travel Polespear is a fabulous polespear that does not bend or break under pressure. If you want a full 7’ polespear that is strong AND portable, you are looking in the right place. Some polespears sacrifice power, dynamics, and strength for portability. Not the JBL Shaka. This polespear manages to be one of the stiffest spears on the market while still breaking down into three manageable pieces for easy storage and travel.

You will never have this spear bend during a strike causing you to lose your catch. Anyone who has had the joints of inferior polespears fail or bend at the most critical moment will know how frustrating this can be. You will not run into that issue with the JBL Shaka Carbon Fiber 7′ Travel Polespear. That is because this polespear is made from the highest grade materials. Aircraft grade aluminum for the shaft and modern rubber for the grips. These materials were chosen to last so nothing wears down too quickly.

  • Extremely stiff spear does not lose its strength
  • Full 7’ in length
  • Built with the best materials on the market
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JBL Breakdown Travel Polespear, 6′

JBL Breakdown Travel Polespear, 6'

The trusty makers at JBL are back with yet another quality travel polespear. The JBL Breakdown Travel Polespear 6′ is an excellent addition to any spearfishing arsenal. It has been designed not to compromise on performance or form. While still being able to be easily stored and taken along on fishing trips. This full sized 6’ polespear is able to be broken down into three easily manageable pieces that can be put away or taken along on the road super easily. The spear collapses into a breezy 26” in size when broken down.

The shafts are made from high tempered aluminum which is designed to stand the harsh conditions of the ocean. The body itself is made with a stylish gold anodized finish that stands out in the water so you will have a hard time losing sight of your favorite spear. This kit also includes a carrying case and two points and a sling. The included points are a barbed paralyzer and a Wing Rock point. These give you a variety of options to use right out of the box.

  • A complete polespear perfect for general spearfishing or travel fishing
  • Made from high quality anodized aluminum
  • Includes a case, sling, and two barbs to round out this excellent pole
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Scuba Choice 4.5′ One Piece Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear

Scuba Choice 4.5' One Piece Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear

The Scuba Choice 4.5′ One Piece Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear with Lionfish Barb Tip is a quality single piece polespear designed with the avid spearfisher in mind. This setup has everything you need to do high quality spearfishing in the warm southern waters of the United States. This is a light and sleek polespear made from quality fiberglass. The shaft itself is 4’ in length with a 6” removable head giving you a total length of 4’6”. This is the ideal size for spearfishing for smaller fish.

Did you know that hunting lionfish can be an extremely lucrative hobby? State officials in places such as Florida are offering upwards of $5000 per lionfish corpse provided. That is why Scuba Choice has included an effective lionfish barb to this polespear kit. Now, you are ready to begin hunting lionfish immediately with this excellent polespear. The size, weight, and barb are all configured to give you the best chance of hunting fish such as lionfish out in the water. This spear is also available for a super affordable price. Spin this one time purchase into a $5000 lionfish bounty and get your money back 100x.

Do not pass up the Scuba Choice 4.5′ One Piece Spearfishing Fiber Glass Pole Spear with Lionfish Barb Tip, a complete polespear geared at smaller fish. It is an ideal size, made from quality materials and focused on hunting invasive lionfish. You will not be disappointed with this complete purchase.

  • Great size, weight, and feel
  • Easy to use and handle underwater
  • Includes an excellent lionfish barb so you can start hunting immidiately
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Evolve Carbon Fiber Travel Pole Spear

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If you are an avid spearfisher, you are going to want to supplement your arsenal with a high grade, versatile polespear such as the Evolve Carbon Fiber Travel Pole Spear for Spearfishing. Anyone who does a lot of spearfishing knows that certain conditions, fish, and depths require different spears for effective use. Instead of filling your garage with wasteful spears of all different stripes, get a kit that can cover all of your bases with one purchase. That is what you get with the Evolve Carbon Fiber Travel Pole Spear for Spearfishing. This set can transform into five different lengths and configurations to ensure that you have a spear for every fishing occasion.

With four different available configurations ranging from 6’ to 9’ in total length. You get your pick of almost whatever size and shape polespear you could ever ask for. Each spear is made from high grade T700 Carbon with a solid core that offers superior balance, weight, and heft which really allows these spears to fly with supreme accuracy. These versatile spears can take a variety of different tips, barbs, and heads (not included) to truly create a personalized spear arsenal for your individual fishing style.

  • A huge number of customization options and configurations
  • Made from super high quality T700 carbon
  • Replace your disorganized spear collection with a single set that covers all the bases
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Best Polespears For Spearfishing

We examined the plethora of polespears on the market, sifting through many many products identifying common features and components. That makes a polespear standout from the competition in order to find the best model on the market. There are many different kinds of polespears out there for a variety of fishing styles but a few things stood out as better than the rest.

First, getting a medium length spear that isn’t too short and not too long makes a versatile weapon that can be used in a variety of different situations without having to buy multiple spears.

Second, we examined the different kinds of materials that polespears are made from and realized that a hybrid blend of carbon and aluminum offers the best of both while eliminating the drawbacks of either.

Lastly, it would be nice for the pole to be able to be broken down into multiple pieces for storage and travel. Having a long spear can be difficult to transport or store away safely and having one that can be broken down without sacrificing the integrity and quality of the spear is essential.

If you think getting all of these things in a single spear that can do it all is a tall order, think again. We found a spear that stands out from the rest in terms of feel, quality, portability, and efficiency.

Our number one choice is…

JBL Shaka Carbon Fiber 7′ Travel Polespear

JBL Breakdown Travel Polespear, 6'
  • Assembled Length: 6 feet | Collapsed Length: 26 inches
  • Included Spear points: Barbed Paralyzer # 846 - Single
  • Wing Rock point # 825 | Sling: Sling for all JBL Breakdown Polespears # 635
  • Tempered aluminum poles, hard gold anodized
  • Black surgical rubber sling-Adjust easily for power variation and is replaceable

During the course of our research, the JBL Shaka Carbon Fiber 7′ Travel Polespear stood out from the rest for a variety of reasons. It is an ideal length, can be broken down, and is made from the absolute best blend of materials to be found on the market.

This polespear is made from a proprietary blend of carbon weave and aircraft grade aluminum brings out the best of both. Polespears made from fiberglass are advertised as being lightweight and durable. However, anyone who has used a cheaply made fiberglass spear will know that over time in the harsh saltwater they begin to degrade.

The worst ones begin to crack and splinter leaving uncomfortable and painful slices of fiberglass in your fingers during use which can lead to a very bad day. Other spears look to mitigate this by being made entirely out of aluminum but this makes the spears heavier and less balanced than the lighter fiberglass versions.

That is why JBL made their spear from a blend of both. Their shaft takes the lightness of fiberglass and carbon and combines it with the strength and durability of aluminum to create a spear that is one of the stiffest on the market while still being lightweight and balanced. There is zero give in this spear meaning that all of your force will be accurately transferred along the whole length of the spear and into your target offering maximum force transference and clean kills.

More reason to love this products…

Other polespears that do not have this kind of heft will bend at the wrong times leading to woundings rather than kills or inaccurate stabs and throws which can be highly frustrating. With the JBL Shaka Carbon Fiber 7′ Travel Polespear you will not have any of those issues.

This polespear is a full 7’ in length but it breaks down into three handy pieces that can easily be transported or stored so the length is not a hindrance to the quality of life. Some single piece spears are simply a bear to handle and cannot be transported easily. This one can be safely disassembled and stored for maximum convenience.

The shaft also features a modern rubberized grip that feels great while dry or wet. These grips give you a firm place on which to grab so your fingers never slip meaning your shots will always be true. Never let a spear slip through your grasp again. The results can be annoying at best and dangerous at worse. That is why they upgraded their grips to offer maximum feel during use.

The whole thing is designed for maximum power. The aluminum tip offers great striking power or add your own head for a more custom experience. The whole spear is overdesigned to take powerful impacts from large fish or even rocks without bending or breaking.

There is no other polespear on the market that offers this level of portability, power, control, and durability. This could be the last polespear you ever need to purchase.

Best Pole Spears Buying guide

Fishing Buying Guide

Spearfishing is an enjoyable activity when you have the right gear. You need the best pole spears to avoid the frustration of missing every time or struggling to fix your tools. Many of the pole spears out there are designed to meet different needs but they try to include most of the essential features. However, the quality varies to a great extent. You don’t want to rely on the obvious and general information that vendors provide. It is the reason for this guide that provides all the necessary details for selecting the best pole spears

Benefits of Choosing the Right Pole Spear

Having tried several pole spears leads finding out the many important differences in these tools. You don’t want to make the common mistakes that newbie spearfishers make. Many people that get into spearfishing often assume that they can increase their catch by piling more equipment. What you need is the best equipment. In fact you only need a few of the best pole spears to have the necessary gear. Pro spearfishers say that selecting the gear that suits your style improves your catch and boosts your experience more than piling and hoarding pole spears that you don’t need. So what’s the secret?

The best things to look for in a pole spear and their benefits include:

  • How easy it is to assemble — Choosing a spear that is easy to assemble saves you the frustration and disappointment of failing to get a ready spear when you need it
  • The quality of the sling and whether you get extra slings — It helps to select a high-quality sling that is durable and stable.
  • The capacity of the power band — Selecting a high-capacity band helps you shoot far enough.
  • The type of tip — A high-quality tip will provide you with durable material. A good selection will also suit your fishing style.
  • The materials used for parts — Some pole spears come from reliable manufacturers while others are shoddily made.
  • The common types of fish or sea game that it hunts — If you select the pole spear that suits your targeted type of fish, you get a better experience from spearfishing.

Spear Usage Durability

The durability of pole spears depends on its materials and design. The common materials used to make them include carbon fiber, graphite, aluminum, fiberglass, or wood. You can already guess that such materials as wood and aluminum may have issues with durability. Wooden poles need to be well-polished and from a very reputable vendor, otherwise, wood soaks and weakens with time.

Aluminum is relatively stronger than wood and it makes the lightest polespears. However, it is prone to corrosion. In the water environment things tend to corrode at a much quicker pace. You don’t want materials that react with the water. Aluminum is worse for sea fishing. Seawater contains salts that speed up the corrosion. You want to avoid it and get the best pole spears that suit sea fishing.

You will get less durability with graphite than with fiberglass, but graphite polespears are much lighter. The carbon graphite is more durable than aluminum and the spear is easier to thrust

Design and Quality

You can already see that the material of the polespear affects its weight and durability, but there are many other factors that play out in the design of the spears. Some of them have more powerful bands. The resting hook should also have a design that makes it easy to set up and which allows you more flexibility in the water. The quality of the pole spear will also depend on the capacity of the power band and how it functions with time.

Go for the pole spear that provides the longest range. the number of tips that you prefer. and is easy to use. The typical length is between 8 and 10 feet but you will also get some that are as long as 12 feet. Focus on the rubber and its length to know how long it can shoot. The spear should not be too rigid as this may hinder your technique.

Pole Spear Grips

The best pole spears come with powerful grips by including anti-slip features on the holding area. It should be easy to spot a bad grip. Examine the holding area to see whether it is evenly smooth and immerse it in water to see whether it soaks and slips. The best pole spears have grips with ring-like features and the grips may be self-adhesive. It means that it tends to stay in your clenched palm without being pushed away by water. When you have to shift the pole spear to the other arm, a high-quality grip makes it extremely easy.

Pole Spear Tips

The tip of the spear determines the technique of penetrating and retrieving your prey. Some pole spears accommodate more tips and are best-suited for people that want to spend less effort in aiming. Single floppers are suited for those that focus on accurate aiming. If you focus on single and double floppers, you may also want to look at the durability of the tip. Fiber-glass pole spears come with the most durable tips. However, you can vary the material and type of your spearhead by re-assembling it with a better one.

Pole Spear Balance

The pole spear balance is a matter of how the weight is distributed along the pole. A heavy spearhead makes it difficult to balance the spear during its release. The best pole spears balance the weight of the tips with the holding area and the rear end. You can have more weight at the rear-most end as this will enhance its thrust. In some scenarios, you need a little bit of a curve to project the spear and to retrieve your catch. As such, your spear can enhance balance with more flexibility as opposed to extreme rigidity.


We have gone through the steps to take when buying the best pole spears. You can see the importance of getting a spear that is easy to use, durable, effective, powerful, and of high quality. It is possible to select the best pole spears that give you more durability, quality, balance, thrust, and better features. You can now proceed to pick your best one. The ball is in your court. Let’s go!


We have taken many different pole spears and come up with six of the best pole spears on the market. We have given our number one choice and the reasons why we have selected this.

However, within are research all six could easily been the winner as they are all excellent. We only recommend the best fishing equipment.

We wish you luck on your next pole fishing adventures and catch many fish to bring home to feed the family.