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Yabbies are peculiar little creatures and a tantalizing dish that many want to bring to their tables at some point. Knowing Best Time of Day to Fish for Yabbies when they’re the most active is crucial to get awesome results, as well as the best season to catch them. This will be the focus.

Best Time of Day to fish for Yabbies

Even though yabbies can be found throughout the day, the best time to catch them is at dusk. It has been proven that, before the last light, their activity increases, allowing better results. These scavengers have their sights set on what they need to survive, so this knowledge would be crucial next time while preparing the bait and rods, and getting ready to sail.

Best Time to Fish for Yabbies in Winter

Yabbies can be found all year. However, they tend to hide in the mud during winter to mate, conserve energy and protect themselves from the elements. This can make catching them more challenging, so it is important to be prepared and memorize their patterns. On the other hand, despite preferring to reproduce in warmer waters, something that will be explained below, they can survive in colder climates, although they get into a state of semi-hibernation.

Best Time of Day to catch Yabbies in Summer

This is the best season to catch yabbies. According to the blog Outdoorstype, they’re nocturnal creatures but, as it was mentioned earlier, they can be caught throughout the day. The author mentions how useful homemade traps are when these little fellows are plentiful. However, they ended up catching all of them in the spot they set them in. Thus, it is also important to make sure to get to the pond before anyone else can. This would mean getting up a little bit earlier than usual, but the result will be worth it.

Another thing that makes summer great for fishing yabbies is that warmer water seems to be their favorite. An article from The Courier suggests that they’re happier and reproduce better during summer months. What does this mean? Simple: The warmer the water, the more of them there will be, which means that there will be plenty of them once fall starts to rear its head!

Best Time to Fish for Yabbies in the Fall

Before delving into the topic, it is important to know that the experts at BNB Fishing suggest that autumn “is a good season to be on the water”. This is because the environment is a little bit cooler, so it doesn’t put a strain on the fishermen’s bodies, reducing their physical effort, which means that their concentration will be on point. What does this have to do with fishing yabbies? Well, the aforementioned experts mention that fishers can gather them at low tide and run-up tide.

Similar to winter, yabbies hide in the mud during late-autumn. However, during the early stages of this season, they can be found as easy as they’re spotted in summer. From what it can be gathered from the research that has been made to write this article is that the mild temperatures of the water during early-autumn can provide an awesome advantage for those who decide to grace their tables with this fine specimen. Why? Because they tend to prefer warmer environments to reproduce, as it was mentioned earlier. During early autumn, the temperature is starting to cool down, but it won’t be enough for them to get into a semi-hibernation state as it would happen once winter is drawing near. This means that they would be roaming around for a while before taking refuge in the mud that seems to be their favorite place on earth after scavenging.


Yabbies are nocturnal creatures, although they can be found during the whole day since they’re scavengers. They can be found all year but they tend to hide in the mud in spring, late autumn, and winter, mostly to mate, protect themselves from the elements and conserve their energy. Yabbies are known to love warmer waters, which means that they’ll be able to reproduce with ease.

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