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The concept of catching a fish that is so big you will need help to get it on board always gets us excited. Halibut fishing in Alaska has aroused the interest 0 many anglers all over the region. The question remains, Best Time of Day To Fish For Halibut?

Surely catching yourself the biggest halibut in the waters of Alaska earns you bragging rights. Why not catch halibut in Alaska. the fishing capital for halibut in the world. Fishing for Halibut requires both experiences, skill. and caution. You have to know When to fish for halibut and the exact time of day.

The best place to find halibut is along the coast from the southeast end Of the city to the Aleutian Islands. From November through March. Halibut migrate to the deep waters of the continental shelf from Alaska and come back during summer to feed In Alaska. you are only allowed a bag limit of only two fish to protect the population of the halibuts.

When to fish for halibut

Fishing for halibut in Alaska deep knowledge of their migratory patterns. The best time of the year to catch yourself the biggest halibut is from mid-May to mid-September. Fishing on calm waters will bring you better results as you can anchor more easily without causing much disturbance in the water. During the day you are advised to fish during the high slack tide as this keeps your tackle close to the bottom ensuring you get to halibuts that live in the depths of the sea.

Tools for fishing halibut

  • Tackle- If you are on a fishing trip, you might be provided with a tackle. otherwise. you must carry your tackle when going halibut fishing.
  • Hooks- You will require circular hooks with two to three pounds lead weights.
  • Bait You Will need lots of bait if you are intending to catch yourself a halibut herring is preferred or a salmon belly.

Fishing For Halibut

Going to Fish for Halibut in the Alaskan waters with a half-baked plan could prove void. You have to arm yourself with knowledge from experienced anglers. not just yu.ur basic everyday fishing knowledge. Consult from the are fishermen and do research before you decide to go fishing for halibut lest you Will come out empty-handed.

Halibut live along the bottom of the sea and thus you will want to place your fishing line at the depths of the sea for peeking efficiency. Several areas have the highest concentration Of halibut during the fishing season like the Kenai Area. Prince William Sound. the southeast the Bristol Bay and Kodiak Island.

Once anchored. you can use bait to roll them in. Patience is key if you intend to get results. If would prefer drifting. jigs might be a better option for you. Both methods will get you a majestic halibut f you decide to use Jigs when anchored you will need circle hooks with bait to spread your scent and get the attention of the halibuts. Yakobi Island within the Alexander Archipelago is also a great place to find halibut.

Size of halibut…

You know that you have managed to catch a halibut when you see the tip of your twitching. you then reel up your line and enjoy your catch. The females weigh up to 400 pounds and are relatively larger when compared to the males. which weighs up to 100 pounds.

In Alaska expect to catch halibuts of about 20 to 40 lbs If you are lucky maybe you can get yourself halibuts of about BO to 100 lbs. this is truly a trophy to be treasured. gut you are supposed to release this as they are rare and are mostly breeding females. Catching the bigger ones from the bottom Of the sea is a challenge that will require both bravery and determination.


Knowing the best time to fish for halibut could be the difference between success and failure. This single piece of information could be what lands you the biggest catch Of your life Halibuts are abundant in Alaska during spring and summer as the weather is ideal for them at that time. Halibuts produce excellent meat that if properly preserved. can long for a long time.