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When using fishing baits or lures, an excellent addition is a swivel to keep the line from tangling. Not any old swivel will do, and that’s the purpose of this post. I have found the best swivels for fishing that will suit most situations.

Below we have come up with four different fishing swivels that should have a place in everyone’s tackle box. If you are looking for a little more information on swivels and using them, I have included a mini-guide below.

1. Dr.Fish 20 Pack Fishing Ball Bearing Swivel

Dr.Fish 20 Pack Fishing Ball Bearing Swivel

Refill your supply of quality swivels with the Dr.Fish 20 Pack Fishing Ball Bearing Swivels. These swivels are made out of the highest quality material available for longevity and strength. It features a powerful blend of copper, stainless steel, and black nickel. Altogether, this gives these swivels unrivaled corrosion resistance, excellent strength, and a sleek look that won’t startle the fish.

These swivels come in a wide variety of sizes for many different applications. You can get whatever size you need to complement your individual fishing needs. These swivels start at 26lbs and go all the way up to over 500lbs of force. No matter how tough it gets out there, there is a Dr. Fish swivel that can handle it for you. Best of all, these twenty packs are not only large enough to keep you stocked for a long time but they are also super affordable. You won’t break the bank refilling your supply of quality swivels.

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2. DE 100pcs Barrel Swivel

DE 100pcs Barrel Swivel

Tired of burning through tons of swivels and having to rebuy your stock over and over and over again? Don’t keep coming back and buying your swivels one or two at a time, get them in bulk. Buying swivels in bulk saves you time, money, and frustration. That is why DE has created this affordable bulk pack of swivels to serve the fisherman.

This pack gives you 100 swivels for one low price. With this one simple purchase, you will not have to worry about your supply of basic swivels for a long, long time. Better yet, they are available in fourteen different sizes giving you options for whatever kind of fishing you need to do. Every tackle box can be enhanced with the presence of excellent swivels. Fishing is a variable and changing sport and you never know when a swivel might come in handy. So stock up in one go with this amazing package and score yourself an amazing deal on top of it all.

If you are someone who likes to turn and burn through swivels without having to worry about losing an expensive piece of equipment this pack is perfect for you.

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3. American Fishing Wire Mighty Mini Crane Swivels

American Fishing Wire Mighty Mini Crane Swivels

Do not get fooled by imposter products on the market, make sure you get proven swivels made from material made for the rigors of saltwater. Some swivels are sold in bulk because they won’t last more than a day. Some swivels say they’re copper or brass without informing the buyer that they will rust quickly in saltwater. With the American Fishing Wire Mighty Mini Crane Swivels, you will get a proven product that won’t rust and still is sold in affordable bulk.

With multiple weights and packages to choose from, you have a large selection of quality crane style swivels to choose from. Best of all, these swivels are made from 100% stainless steel and are coated in a sleek gunmetal black finish. The stainless steel design ensures that these swivels will last multiple uses without any trouble while the black finish hides the swivel from the prying eyes of the fish. The result is an affordable pack of actual high quality swivels that are truly better than the fakers and the competition.

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4. Ball Bearing Swivels 100% Copper High Strength Stainless Steel

Ball Bearing Swivels 100% Copper High Strength Stainless Steel

Get quality ball bearing swivels in bulk. Jasmine has created a variety of different swivel packages to sell directly to you. Made from the highest quality materials, these swivels are designed to be used in any fishing environment that requires the use of a smooth turning swivel. They are available in multiple sizes and in packs of 10 or packs of 30 for your convenience. Best of all, they ship in small bags, arrive quickly, and won’t stretch your budget.

Every tackle box can use some swivels, just in case. Why not add some of these by Jasmine? They are made from high-quality ball bearings encased in a solid copper body for excellent corrosion resistance and smooth turning. They won’t spook the fish, they won’t snag your line and they will ensure a great fishing experience every time. That is the promise that Jasmine offers to its customers.

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What Is A Fishing Swivel?

If you’ve ever come across the term fishing swivel and wondered what they are for, you are not alone. Fishing swivels are simple pieces of equipment primarily used for deepwater fishing or fishing that requires a very long length of line. Most people have never used them but they can be extremely useful in some situations.

Fishing swivels are small moving pieces of equipment that can join two sections of fishing line together in order to prevent twisting, tangling, and breakage during a long retrieval.

Do I Need A Swivel?

The first question people normally ask about new fishing gear is do I need it? The answer here is probably not. Swivels are used almost exclusively in deep water and drop shot fishing which is usually done at sea. It is very rare that you will ever find a use for a swivel if you do any sort of inland fishing. Even coastal fishing does not usually require the use of a swivel.

The best usage for a swivel is for any kind of fishing where you are worried that a super long retrieval is going to threaten the integrity of your line. Long retrievals, especially in drop shot fishing, can lead to constant twisting and looping as you turn the reel which can cause the line to weaken dramatically or become tangled. The use of a swivel can help to counteract that by allowing the natural twisting motion to occur on a piece of equipment designed to do just that.

Where Should I Put a Swivel On My Line?

A swivel is going to connect your mainline with your leader line. When deploying a swivel you are going to want to leave three or so feet of lead line with your lure, bait, and hook on one end. That line will then be attached to your main retrieval line via the use of the swivel. That way, the motion of your lure or the fish at the end of the line will not translate into twisting along the whole length of your line.

Different Types of Swivels

Swivels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The three main types of swivels are barrel swivel, rolling swivel, and crane swivel. These three are largely the same in terms of their use and their looks but differ only subtly. The main difference between the three is the size and shape of the central pivoting mechanism. The most common swivel you are likely to run into is a barrel swivel.

Some people advertise the use of snap on swivels but we recommend that you avoid these. They are cheap, are prone to failure, and can sometimes scare off fish rather than entice them. Barrel, crane, and rolling swivels are designed to be as natural looking and unobtrusive as possible so the fish do not get spooked by them being so close to the lure.

Overall, swivels can be useful in the right situations. Still, unless you are deep-sea fishing or doing super deep drop shot fishing in very deep freshwater, you will probably never run into a problem where you absolutely need to use one.


Whilst fishing swivels can be a much-overlooked fishing accessory they can help cut the frustration of tangled line. Also, some setups require them to get the perfect setup if you are targeting a particular fish.

I hope that my guide helps you find the best swivels for your next fishing trip.

I wish you many tight lines and a lot less tangles with the best swivels now in your tackle box.