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It seems like with spinning reels that there is a new one out every 5 minutes. With this confusion is the problem as companies feel they need to make new jargon what’s not needed so I aim to break that down. We have cut thought all the jargon and put together the top 10 Best Spinning Reel under $50. If you are looking for more information on what to look for we have put together a complete guide below.

1. Shimano Sienna 500FD

Shimano Sienna 500FD

SHIMANO is a fishing company with a rich history dating back to the early 1920s. The initial designs and philosophy came from Japanese fishermen. Japan is a country with a strong fishing background and history and that shows in their Shimano reels. The Sienna Freshwater Spinning Reel is a well balanced and affordable reel that is perfect for the casual freshwater fisherman. This is a reel designed to be comfortable, affordable, and balanced for any kind of freshwater fishing you are thinking about doing.

It has a newly designed M-compact body that offers superior protection against any freshwater intrusion. The whole thing is small and lightweight making it perfect for a smaller freshwater rod. It only weighs 7.4oz making it a versatile addition to any rod.

It also includes Super Stopper II technology which gives you an automatic anti-reverse switch. As soon as the fish start fighting the rod will go into anti-reverse which will allow you greater control during the struggle. You will not be caught off guard again.

Best of all, the reel is balanced extremely well. Whether you are tossing out long casts or struggling with an elusive bass, the handle, body, and spool all fit together in a perfectly balanced way so it will never feel out of place in your hands, no matter the situation. The Sienna is the perfect freshwater rod for the hobbyist looking for a balanced, affordable, and functional reel to up their fishing game.

  • Lightweight durable design allows it to be used on rods of all sizes
  • Feels well balanced and comfortable in your hand no matter what the situation
  • Super Stopper II technology gives you an automatic anti-reversal switch which gives you the initiative when you hook a fish
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2. Okuma Tundra Surf Spinning Combo

Okuma Tundra Surf Spinning Combo

If you are an angler looking for excellent value in a reel that can do it all then look no further than the Okuma Tundra Surf Spinning Combo. This is not simply a quality reel from the respected makers at OKUMA but it is also a rod handle and grip all in one. That means you are not simply getting a reel that you have to attach to a compatible rod but you are also getting a well-constructed rod base with EVA foam grip and glass fiber rod blanks with ceramic guides. This all comes at a price that is going to shock you with its value.

The reel itself is basic but versatile. It has a single stainless steel ball bearing crank system which ensures smooth winding and cranking. The spool is made from corrosion resistant graphite which will hold up over time. No rusting, fading or warping. Best of all, it also includes a multi-disc oiled felt drag system which really punches above its weight. A multi-disc drag system like this usually is found on rods in a higher price range and never in a reel and rod combination like you have here. This is the perfect combination value for someone just starting out or an angler on a budget who wants to add a solid piece of equipment to their collection at a reasonable price.

  • Reel and rod combo is a stunning value
  • High quality materials used in all components
  • Trusted reel made by OKUMA is smooth and powerful
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3. Daiwa Revros Spinning Fishing Reels

Daiwa Revros Spinning Fishing Reels

The Daiwa Revros Spinning Fishing Reel is an excellent combination of value and function. It looks great, is lightweight, and offers features not usually seen in a reel of this price. It features a full eight bearing system, seven on the handle, and one in the anti-reversal switch. Most reels in this price point only offer a single or dual bearing system. Eight bearing systems are usually seen in reels of a much higher price point.

This reel looks sharp and performs even sharper. It is smooth, powerful, and works like a charm every cast and every fight. The consistency and smoothness in its function will shock you when you notice the price and manufacturer. This is an excellent reel for someone looking to upgrade without having to break the bank.

  • Full eight bearing system gives you exceedingly smooth operation
  • The lightweight and balanced reel is versatile in design
  • Great price for the features included
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4. Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

OKUMA is dedicated to giving the anglers in the world options. For a great price, they have created their Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel to fit all different kinds of situations. With six different sizes and configurations, the Ceymar Spinning Reel can fit onto any angler’s rod without any trouble. All six are surprisingly affordable and offer amazing power, durability, and smooth operation. Whether you are a casual fisherman just wanting to hit the shores on a sunny weekend or a more advanced angler who is trying to land some sizeable fish, there is a Ceymar variation out there for you.

You will be able to see and feel the quality as soon as you put the reel into your hand. It is nice and compact, lightweight but made from corrosion resistant materials. The spool is two toned anodized metal which both looks sharp and will hold up to the elements. The gears are precision machined brass that is both strong during the fiercest fish fights as well as durable. This reel also features an eight bearing design, something almost unheard of at this price point. That ensures smooth casting, cranking, and winding no matter what the situation. Combined with the multi-disc oiled felt drag system that puts out a ton of power, you get a lightweight, smooth and powerful reel that can be used in freshwater flats or inland saltwater areas.

  • A variety of setups for a variety of angling situations
  • Eight bearing design is super smooth
  • Corrosion resistant materials used from top to bottom
  • Great price for the features
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5. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

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Get yourself a solid rod and reel combo kit for the price of a single reel with the PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combo. This is a unique combination kit that has some features you won’t find anywhere else. It includes a solid spinning reel as well as a telescoping fishing rod, all for a price you’ll love. If you were in the market for a new reel, you should consider getting a new rod and reel with this ultimate combo kit.

The reel features a large two toned spool that can hold a large amount of line, an instant anti-reversal switch so you don’t have to worry about it during a fishing session and high grade metal construction that is saltwater resistant so you can take it to the freshwater spots or the saltwater spots without worry.

The rod itself is a clever telescoping design. It contracts down into a very manageable size. If you get the smallest rod, it breaks down to a measly 6” in length while the biggest rod breaks down to 9”. This makes them extremely lightweight and portable. If you struggle to transport long rods with your current vehicle you will love this feature which allows you to take this rod anywhere. The rod is a carbon fiber and fiberglass mix which makes it light, flexible yet durable. It even comes with comfy EVA foam grips to keep your hands dry and cozy during long sessions.

  • Great rod and reel combination for the angler
  • Great price for everything you get
  • Quality reel and unique telescoping rod
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6. Mitchell 300 Spinning Fishing Reel

Mitchell 300 Spinning Fishing Reel

Upgrade your reel today with this unique take by Mitchell. The Mitchell 300 Spinning Fishing Reel is an affordable, lightweight, and innovative reel that will find an easy fit in your arsenal. The simple design and quality features make this reel a highly rated and extremely popular option.

It features a full eight bearing system that includes an automatic anti-reversal switch. You won’t have to worry about hitting that button during a crank as the reel will kick it in for you. The whole thing is made from advanced, corrosion resistant materials. It has a polymeric body and rotor and aluminum spool and handle that gives you that perfect combination of durability and balance that every angler craves. It has a great multi-disc drag system that gives this reel a lot of power for being less than 6” in length.

  • Simple and functional design is perfect for any angler
  • Unique Halo Bail is easy to use
  • Full eight bearings gives you unrivaled smoothness during use
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7. Penn Pursuit II Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn Pursuit II Spinning Fishing Reel

PENN Fishing is an American company with a long storied history in the fishing business. They were founded nearly a hundred years ago in 1932 and have been making quality, innovative fishing gear ever since. Based in Iowa right here in the United States, PENN prides itself on its attention to detail and design. Everything they do is by fishermen for fishermen and anyone else who loves fishing. All of that love and experience shines through with their Pursuit II Spinning Reel.

The Pursuit II Spinning Reel is an innovative and lightweight reel that is designed and built to be a comfortable line that fights well and lasts longer than the competition. That is because of the level of materials used to create this reel and the well known PENN innovations that really put this reel ahead of the pack.

The body is made from composite graphite. This makes it lighter and more resistant to wear than traditional metal bodies. Metals can rust and warp over extended exposure to saltwater and other environmental hazards that you encounter while fishing. The graphite will never rust and keeps the reel compact and balanced.

Main Reel Features…

It features a five bearing system which keeps operation smooth during every cast and every fight. It has four sealed stainless steel ball bearings that keep everything turning smoothly and one single ball bearing for the anti-reversal system. The anti-reversal on this reel is PENN’s patented infinite anti-reversal design which means that it is always on, you never have to think about it or worry about it during use.

To finish it out, it has an anodized professionally machined spool that is capable of keeping your line in place and features line level markers so you always know where you stand. The Pursuit II Also features an advanced HT-carbon drag system which gives you reliable power to go hand in hand with the smooth operation of the five bearing system. You will love the way this reel looks and feels. Let PENN’s expertise work for you, upgrade your reel today with the affordable and versatile Pursuit II reel.

  • Lightweight and corrosion resistant body is made to last
  • Five bearing system keeps fights and casts smooth as butter
  • HT-carbon drag system gives you noticeable power for all kinds of fishing
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8. Rose Kuli Spinning Fishing Reel

Rose Kuli Spinning Fishing Reel

Rose Kuli took queues from other prominent fishing manufacturers, digested the innovations and most popular features on the market today, refined them and then produced their own reel.

Their reel is based off of some of the best selling reels on the market but they applied their brand of innovative thinking and design to upgrade it for the online consumer. Best of all, they did it for a price that you simply will not believe. Besides having some of the best features out of any mid-level reel out there, it comes in as one of the absolute cheapest.

The quality and design should not be available at this price but it is. If you are someone looking to try out a new reel or someone looking for a great deal with tons of value the Rose Kuli Stainless Steel Saltwater Spinning Fishing Reel is something you are going to want to check out.

The thing that instantly leaps out at you is their amazing thirteen bearing system. Yes, thirteen. This is one of the highest numbers of bearings you can find in a reel and it shows. The operation of this thing is smooth as ice and will continue to be smooth no matter what you are asking it to do. Most reels at this price maybe have a five bearing system and some of the more expensive reels boast eleven bearing systems. At a fraction of the cost, they have beat out the competition with thirteen. Wow!

What we like

On top of that, it comes with precision CNC designed parts which have been made and chosen to be saltwater resistant. Some reels, especially cheaper ones, do not stock their products with materials that can hold up to continued saltwater use. This one can. For a price you won’t believe you get a smooth, lightweight, saltwater resistant and powerful reel that can be fitted onto any rod for your enjoyment.

  • Thirteen bearing system is amazingly smooth
  • Made from CNC crafted saltwater resistant parts
  • S-curve oscillation system gives unrivaled line laying capability
  • At a price anyone can afford
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9. SHIMANO Nexave Spinning Fishing Reel

SHIMANO Nexave Spinning Fishing Reel

SHIMANO is a storied company with a rich and interesting past. Their experiences have built up to a point where they can offer top-line products at an affordable price. Started way back in 1921, SHIMANO survived WWII and created a thriving company that focused on iron making.

It later diversified and began creating bicycles and bicycle gears. This was the basis for their idea to start creating quality fishing goods. In 1970, they decided to marry Japan’s rich fishing cultural history with SHIMANO’s expertise in making gears into a new union of excellence. The SHIMANO tackle division was born.

This can be clearly seen in their new Nexave Spinning Reel Model 2018. SHIMANO continues to creat reels with higher and higher drag potential at a lower and lower weight. This affordable, sleek, and balanced reel weighs only 7.6 ounces but has a drag potential of 7lbs. That is a pound per ounce of power out of a casually priced reel. Outstanding!

This reel is specifically designed to do a lot of freshwater fishing. That is why they equipped it with a ton of great features that makes casting and winding easier than ever. They have designed and added their Propulsion Line Management system, which allows for farther and more frequent casts with less line laying issues. They know that the avid freshwater fisherman is going to be casting more than the average shallow saltwater fisherman.

Main Reel Features…

That is why they also added a great retrieval system as well. This reel gets a remarkable 24” of retrieval per crank. You’ll be retrieving your whole line in no time with this system making casting and retrieving easier than ever. Some lines try to do everything well but SHIMANO knows exactly what a freshwater fisherman needs to be comfortable and happy during their fishing session.

These two features together, combined with the bearing system and sleek modern look give you a dynamite freshwater reel that is a breeze to use. You will have fewer line laying issues, more retrieval per crank, and a lightweight reel that can fit onto your smaller freshwater rods. It is a great addition to any angler arsenal and all for an extremely competitive price.

  • Perfect reel for freshwater fishing or light saltwater fishing
  • 24” of line retrieval per crank
  • Propulsion line management system seeks to eliminate line laying issues
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10. Shakespeare Crusader Spinning Reel

Shakespeare Crusader Spinning Reel

Shakespeare is a company known for its focus on providing high quality fishing gear at an affordable price. Their passion for fishing started all the way back in 1897. They know that fishing can be a sport that anyone can enjoy which is why they have strived to make their gear affordable for everyone. From Ugly Stik rods to their Crusader reels, they are known for creating gear that you will love at a price you will love. The Shakespeare Crusader Spinning Reel continues this tradition by being lightweight, durable, and versatile all for a super low price.

This reel has everything you could want out of a spinning reel. The Shakespeare Crusader Spinning Reel is made from cold-forged aluminum which is both lightweight and sturdy. It has a full stainless steel ball-bearing system to make each crank smooth and powerful. Also, it has a full multi-disc drag system that adds considerable power allowing you the ability to reel in even the biggest fish with ease. It even has a manual anti-reversal switch as well as a handle that can be swapped from either the left or the right making this reel as versatile as it is valuable. That means it will easily fit onto any rod with easy and be able to do any kind of fishing you can imagine.

It looks smooth, sleek, and modern and is designed to be used with any rod. It will pair especially well with Shakespeare’s Ugly Stik line of supremely popular fishing rods. You just won’t get this quality and precision out of other reels at this price because other manufacturers just don’t have the passion and experience that Shakespeare brings to the table.

  • An all-around great reel for a great price
  • Comes with all of the best features you have come to expect from Shakespeare and spinning reels in general
  • Cold forged aluminum construction is both light and durable
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Best Spinning Reel Under $50 Buying Guide

Fishing is a hobby and a sport that encompasses a large and diverse portion of the population. Rods and reels can range from the cost of lunch to hundreds of dollars. But you do not need to drop tons of money to get quality fishing gear.

As technology and interest in fishing continues to advance, so do the innovations and affordability in the fishing market. Now more than ever, you can get quality fishing gear for more affordable prices than ever. It is a great time when prices are dropping and quality is rising. There is no better time to grab some affordable and quality gear.

What I Look For In A Budget Spinning Reel

There are dozens and dozens of different spinning reels on the market for less than fifty dollars and there are some that are better than others. Here is what I look for in a budget spinning reel to maximize the value and usefulness of your purchase.

  1. Durability

The number one thing I look for, over almost anything else, is the durability of the reel itself. That includes the quality of materials used and the saltwater corrosion resistance of those materials. Saving money on a reel only makes sense if the reel holds up for an extended period of time. If your reel throws in the towel before you’re ready and you have to buy another one, you’ve doubled your cost.

  1. Quality of Design

Some reels are just designed poorly. There is no way around it. Some of them achieve a low price point by sacrificing important design elements. That includes the bail wire, bearing system, and comfort. If you get a cheap reel but it doesn’t perform or is a chore to use, then what is the point of trying to save money?

Don’t worry, you can definitely find a solid reel at a good price that is durable and still has a professional and user-friendly design. Our favorite reel for less than $50 incorporates both of these things brilliantly.

My favorite Spinning Reel under $50

The winner is OKUMA Ceymar Spinning Reel.

The first thing you can take away from the Ceymar Spinning Reel line is that it is made by a reputable company with a long history of creating solid, well received products. Some companies online offer affordable reels with a lot of promises but they are not reputable manufacturers. OKUMA is a manufacturer you can trust and they stand by their products 100%.

The durability of the Ceymar reels is excellent. There is nothing worse than having a reel get gummed up by salt or having the bearings stop working. A reel that does not spin freely and crank appropriately is a terrible thing to have out on the water.

This reel is made from machined aluminum with a two-toned anodized spool. These materials are made to hold up to repeated wet use and will not degrade over time. The main pinion gear, the beating heart of the reel, is made from strong brass. This will prevent the main pinion from warping or breaking over time.

There is a lot of force that is put on the main spinning pinion in the reel and other reels will have aluminum builds instead of the brass you want. Aluminum is light and great for the body of a reel but you do not want it taking all of the forces of the reel. OKUMA knows this and has delivered a great durable product.

Why we like this real the best…

The design of the Ceymar Spinning Reels is on par with the durability. This reel features a full eight bearing system for ultimate smoothness. It has seven stainless steel ball bearings for smooth cranking and a single anti-reversal bearing for excellent reversals. The whole thing is computer balanced meaning it will never feel out of place in your hand, which is bolstered by the EVA grip on the handle.

The whole reel is designed to feel great and remains lightweight and balanced during use. The Ceymar reels are also versatile. They come in a variety of different sizes with all but the very largest in the group being under $50. That means no matter what kind of rod you have or what kind of fishing you are doing there is a durable, affordable, and innovative OKUMA Ceymar reel for you.

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Final Words

This brings us to the end of the article and I hope that it has really helped you choose the Best Spinning Reel under $50 this may be considered a small budget. However, with that being said you can still get an excellent spinning reel for this price no matter what anyone says.