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Fishing for trout is not only fun but leads to having fresh-caught trout for lunch. Trout are smart fish. They have super sensitive eyes. This is what makes them skittish fish. For catching a trout, you will need the best tools for the job, and in this article, we are set to find the best rod for trout fishing.

We dig straight into the best rods by giving our top 6 trout rods reviews of how we find them. If you are looking for a little more then, we dig into a buying guide to make the final decision if you doubt.

1. OKUMA Celilo Graphite Lightweight Ultra Light Trout Rods

OKUMA Celilo Graphite Lightweight Ultra Light Trout Rods

If you are looking for a great trout fishing rod you need to look no further than the OKUMA Celilo Graphite Lightweight Ultra Light Trout Rod. This line of excellent rods from the competent makers at OKUMA is designed to provide supreme angling handling at an affordable price along with plenty of options and upgrades to ensure that every fisherman can find a rod that they will love.

The OKUMA Celilo Graphite Lightweight Ultra Light Trout Rods all come with high quality components, made from high grade materials with you, the angler, in mind. The body itself is made from sensitive graphite blanks giving you the control you need to haul in your favorite trout. This awesome core is bolstered by a cast of awesome complimentary features including aluminum oxide guide inserts, stainless steel hooded reel seats, and comfortable cork grips. All of this ensures that your rod will hold up to the corrosive power of salt water over time giving you the longevity you demand out of your equipment.

Best of all this whole lineup of quality fishing rods is made in the United States ensuring the quality and longevity they advertise will actually hold up as advertised. The OKUMA Celilo Graphite Lightweight Ultra Light Trout Rods are affordable, sensitive, long-lasting, and fun to use.

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2. St. Croix Triumph 4-Piece Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod

St. Croix Triumph 4-Piece Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod

Great fish are not always found in your backyard unless you are one of the lucky few who have amazing fishing right outside their window. The rest of us have to travel to find the choice of fishing spots but traveling with your gear can sometimes be a pain. That is a fact that St. Croix knows all too well which is why they have dedicated themselves to crafting excellent travel rods.

The St. Croix Triumph 4-Piece Graphite Travel Spinning Fishing Rod is the perfect travel rod for those of us who need to take the road less traveled to find our favorite trout fishing holes. Their rod is made from a proprietary blend of mid-modulus graphite fiber which brings together the most desirable traits for fishing rods into one excellent body. It is still super lightweight while still remaining durable and super sensitive.

The rod breaks down into four separate pieces which make traveling and storing it a breeze. Despite coming in multiple pieces, the rod still performs almost as good as a single piece rod without the hassle of trying to find a suitable spot for a seven foot piece of graphite.

In addition, you also get comfortable classic cork grips, Fuji reel seats and a secure travel case to keep your rod in. Plus, you get a five year quality guarantee from St. Croix. If you’re not happy for any reason, let them know and their customer service team will reach out to make it right.

The St. Croix Triumph 4-Piece Graphite Travel Spinning Fishing Rod is the perfect rod for the traveling trout minded angler.

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3. Wild Water Fly Fishing 9 Foot, 4-Piece, Fly Rod

Wild Water Fly Fishing 9 Foot, 4-Piece, Fly Rod

Fly fishing is an ancient and traditional art of fishing that comes with a lot of clout and culture. It can appear intimidating to get started in fly fishing. The reels are different, the flies are intricate and the cast is new. That is why Wild Water Fishing has created a set aimed at those looking to get into fly fishing. Made by fly fishers for fly fishers, this beginner kit gives you everything you need to start your fly fishing journey.

The Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Starter Package really is a complete package. It comes with a weighted fly fishing rod, a die-cast aluminum flywheel, a carrying case for your goods, a fly box complete with standard flies, a monofilament leader, hook cleaner, line cutter, and an instruction manual that will guide you through how to use all of these awesome features.

The Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Starter Package is specifically designed to be able to catch trout right away. If you are inexperienced or don’t have the budget to go all out on piecemealing together a brand new fly fishing hobby, don’t fret because Wild Water has you covered. This kit has everything you need to go from zero to fly fishing hero overnight.

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4. Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod

Cadence CR7 Spinning Rod

Not every fisherman is the same and not every fishing spot is the same. That is what powers the science and design behind the Cadence CR7 Spinning Rods. Cadence rods knows how frustrating it is to try and fish a specific spot with a rod that is trying to be one size fits all. One size does not fit all. The CR7 line of rods comes with a plethora of different options to ensure that you get a rod that you are sure to love.

You can get a one piece rod starting at 5’10” going all the way up to a 7’6” rod. They make rods with light power and extra fast action and rods with heavy power and standard action. Whatever kind of rod you want or need to get your favorite fishing done, Cadence has you covered.

The rods themselves are made from quality 40-ton graphite featuring stainless steel guides with SiC inserts, Fuji reel seats, and premium grade cork and EVA blended handles giving you the best of classic sensibilities and modern technology. All of this comes in at a great price that most people can easily afford. Best of all, they have tweaked their designs and materials to focus on catching the fish you want most. These rods are made with game fish such as trout and walleye in mind so that you can skip right to the good parts.

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5. Shimano Solara 6’0 M Spinning Freshwater Spinning Rod

Shimano Solara 6'0 M Spinning Freshwater Spinning Rod

If you are looking for a simple rod that gets the job done then you are going to want to take a look at the Shimano 0068-0029 Solara 6’0 M Spinning Freshwater Spinning Rod. Touted as a rod designed for those looking to refine and hone their art, this no frills rod has a simple construction and design philosophy that focuses and providing the best fishing possible without distraction. SHIMANO brings a large and respected pedigree to the table and it shows in their Solara fishing rods.

It all starts with their unique blend of materials they used to create their rod bodies. Dubbed “aeroglass” this material makes each SHIMANO rod extremely lightweight without sacrificing durability or performance. The rod is very sensitive, very fast, and offers unrivaled control during the cast, the fight, and the retrieval.

This is also partly due to the excellent aluminum oxide guides which are not only durable but also smooth allowing for easy line flow through the rod during both casting and retrieval. Nothing is more frustrating than having a snag, snarl, or fray due to poor guides on your rod. The combination of a lightweight body and smooth lines makes for a fantastic experience.

All in all, the Shimano 0068-0029 Solara 6’0 M Spinning Freshwater Spinning Rod is a joy to use and should be on every anglers’ radar if they are in the market for a simple, elegant and useful rod aimed at catching favorites such as trout.

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6. Classic Trout Spinning Rod

Classic Trout Spinning Rod

G. Loomis has created a new line of fishing rods that focuses on the diversity of the average fisherman. Some people think they’re all the same, that they use the same rods and behave the same when they’re out on the water. That is simply not true. That is why they have introduced their SR781-1 IMX Classic Trout Spinning Rods to the masses. Their goal is to provide a diverse lineup of rods for a diverse population at an affordable price using the best materials available. The results speak for themselves.

These rods come in multiple sizes and configurations that allow you to pick the best rod that is perfect for you. They come in sizes ranging from 5’ in length to over 7’ long. Also, they have one piece rods for those who prefer the minute control that a single piece gives you or they have two piece rods for those who need the space for storage and travel. They have multiple action speeds and a variety of power options as well.

If you’ve never heard of the SR781-1 IMX Classic Trout Spinning Rod give them a shot. Their expertly designed rods are made with you in mind. You won’t be disappointed.

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Best Rod For Trout Fishing: Which Should You Buy?

Trout is an extremely popular fish to catch and for good reason. Trout is a tasty fish that is fun to catch and is an appealing option for those who are sick of bass fishing. However, if you have never gone trout fishing before you might be confused about where to start. Trout fishing can be very different from bass fishing and that naturally raises a lot of questions. Do I need a special rod for trout fishing? What kind of setup do I need to get the most out of my trout fishing experience?

All of these questions are important and you might be surprised by the answers.

Fly Rod Vs. Spinning Rod

One of the first things that are going to show up during any type of research into trout fishing is fly rods and spinning rods. Both can be used for trout fishing and both have their perks and drawbacks. This one is going to heavily depend on where you are going to be fishing the most.

Fly fishing rods are designed to be used in moving water. That primarily means rivers. If you have a lot of river fishing near you or you have a spot that prominently features fast moving water and strong currents, you are going to want to look into fly fishing.

Spinning rods and reels are used for still water or slow-moving water. That means streams, lakes, and ponds primarily. Trout can be found in both depending on where you are. Larger and more robust fish are usually found in moving water but not everyone has a picturesque river to go stand in and do their fishing.

This one is really up to you. Fly fishing rods are more confined in terms of overall usefulness. Unless you are going to be doing a ton of fly fishing in large powerful rivers you might not want to get one. Spinning rods are more versatile and are able to be used in a more diverse amount of fishing spots. This one is entirely up to you.

If you are completely new to fishing and you have no clue, the safer bet would be to go with the spinning rod as they are more universal.

The Ideal Trout Rod Setup

Once you have chosen between a spinning rod and a fly rod, the next step is to set your rod up so you are ready to hit the water. Most basic fishing setups are tuned for standard bass fishing, the most common kind of fishing in the United States but for trout, you are going to want something a little different. If you go into trout fishing with a simple setup you picked up off your local store’s shelf you might wind up disappointed.

An ideal trout setup features the following recommendations. You are going to want a rod that is at least six feet in length. You are going to want to get a rod with a high degree of sensitivity. Bass are not subtle about their bites but trout can be. A lot of new trout fishermen lose a lot of catches due to missing out on subtle bites. You are going to want a rod that excels at lightweight casting. You do not want a line that is too heavy or bulky. Trout requires lightweight lines, weights, and casts. You are going to want fast action, meaning a good degree of bend for the fish fight.

Trout Rod Action

For the performance, power and action are key. The former’s rating refers to the size of the lure and the line it is intended to, while the latter describes where the rod will start bending in the blank when adding the load. To fish for trout, the best power ratings are ultralight and light, whereas a heavier setup can negatively affect the fisher’s performance. This is mainly because there won’t be enough weight to load the blank correctly. As for the rod action, the faster it is, the highest the place where it bends will be located. Therefore, those with a high speed tend to be the weapon of choice for trout fishing, due to them having more tip sensitivity and feedback.

Trout Reel Setup

Of course, no one can talk about fishing setups without mentioning the reel. It must match the spinning rod and be on the 1000-2500 size range. These are not only suitable for this model but also are designed to use a line that weighs around 2 to 6 pounds, preferably lasting up to 5 years. On the other hand, on the rare occasions where the freshwater reels are being used in the ocean, the experts suggest to rinse them afterwards, to prevent grits and spools from forming.

Trout End Tackle Setup

Hooks and lines are also an important factor on a fishing setup. The former shall be on the #8-#12 range, which will depend on the size of the bait, while it is recommended that the latter stays mono, due to its braided counterpart getting negatively affected by the task at hand. The line should be under a 6-pound breaking strain. Since its braided model tends to be more visible than its mono counterpart, staying with a line of regular colour is a must.

Trout Bait

Last but not least: Bait and lures. For trout, nightcrawlers and pieces of corn are the best options, as well as artificial bait. These provide better results for rainbow trouts, whereas its natural counterpart catches the brown and brook variants of these species. Now, when it comes to lures, spinners and small spoons with a nice color selection should suffice.

If you set up your rod with these basic principles in mind, trout fishing will become that much easier for you to overcome.

Preparations to Fish for Trout

For starters, one of the most important things when it comes to hunting down trout is to determine the location where the next fishing trip will occur. They tend to stay still in rivers, specifically out of the current, mainly because the water is reoxygenated on those parts, allowing them to feed with ease. However, lakes are the places where they’re the most active, due to them swimming around for what would be their next meal. This doesn’t mean that they act more recklessly, though, since they stick to cover to prevent predators from finding out where they are.

The next thing on the list are the weather updates. At first glance, it might seem evident, but it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to keep track of them, especially because of how much of an impact it has on the trout’s behavior. Why is that? Simple: They tend to look for cooler water once it starts getting warm out, thus, heading to the depths of the lake. Because of this, checking the weather can make a difference in whether the catch will be successful or not.

Fishing for trout doesn’t come without gear. One of the useful pieces of advice that the experts have to offer is to wear waders to prevent the clothes from getting wet. That aside, a fishing vest is a must to keep the equipment organized, followed by a net to scoop the trout and pliers to remove the hooks from the rods.

Our Trout Rod Recommendation

Wild Water Standard Fly Fishing Combo Starter Kit, 5 or 6 Weight 9 Foot Fly Rod, 4-Piece Graphite Rod with Cork Handle, Accessories, Die Cast Aluminum Reel, Carrying Case, Fly Box Case & Fishing Flies
  • FLY ROD COMPONENTS: Weighing just 4.4 ounces, this well-crafted 9-foot fly fishing rod is made of durable and light IM8 matte black graphite. A high-quality reel seat with double lock rings, stainless steel stripper guide with silicon carbide rings and a laser-etched butt cap are also provided. For added grip and comfort, the rod is fitted with a 7 inch-long Western-style cork handle that comes with compressed cork and rubber trim rings.
  • DURABLE FLY REEL: This fly fishing package includes a durable die cast aluminum fly reel with stainless steel internal components. The reel features an 85mm diameter quick release spool, adjustable disc drag and a one-way clutch bearing. As an added bonus, the reel comes preinstalled with chartreuse WF5-F floating fly line, 20 lb orange backing and 9-foot 5X tapered monofilament leader. All Wild Water fly reels are easily changeable from left to right hand retrieve.
  • WATERPROOF FLY BOX WITH NINE FLIES: As any angler knows, the key to great fly fishing is having a wide range of flies readily available. The Starter Package includes a 5.25" x 3.5" x 1.25" rugged plastic fly box that can hold up to 372 flies! To get you started, the fly box includes the following flies: - 3x Size 12 Black Winged Ant - 3x Size 12 Tungsten Bead Head Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph - 3x Size 12 Parachute Adams
  • PROTECTIVE ROD CASE AND REEL BAG: The Wild Water Fly Fishing Starter Package comes with a durable nylon carrying case for travel and storage. The case features a 32-inch PVC rod tube, reel pouch, fly box and ample space for any additional fishing gear. A 4-section cloth rod bag with ties is also included. It's the perfect way to pack and store your gear!
  • BEST PLACES TO USE: This fly fishing rod and reel combo package is perfect for fishing in streams, rivers, lakes and ponds. With this well-crafted rod, you can catch trout, panfish or small bass with ease. The rod's medium-fast action will make learning to cast a fly rod a breeze.

For your very first purchase, we recommend taking a look at the Wild Water complete starter kit. If you are going to be doing a lot of still water fishing, most standard rods will do a good job if you set them up properly. If you are trying to get into fly fishing, that is a completely different beast. This kit will give the new angler everything they need to get started and get comfortable with the exciting world of fly fishing for trout. It is less than a hundred dollars and can go a long way in easing someone into the sport. Eventually, you will need to upgrade but as a starting place, you will be hard pressed to find better.


Trout fishing is such an enjoyable sport and one that is growing in popularity over the last few years. I believe this is down to the fact that people we are getting the taste for trout; it’s a lovely tasting fish and well worth trying.

Not only has this, but the sensitive eyes of trout made them very hard to catch, giving the whole process of catching them a lot more fun.

I hope that my article helps pinpoint the best rod for trout fishing that will fit your needs perfectly. The guide should really help pinpoint the perfect trout rod if you are struggling to decide.

Enjoy your new rod and I wish you many tight lines on your next fishing trip out for trout.