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The northern pike is a mean-looking fish but such fun to catch with the hard fighting characteristics. They are a fish that will eat anything put in front of them. However, to hook into them requires gear that fits perfectly as they are a hard fish to get a hook set. We need a rod with a slower action for the best hook set.

We are going to go into more detail below on catching this hard fighting fish. My main aim is to point you in the direction of the best rod and reel combo for northern pike fishing. So let’s get right into this article and find the best gear for the pike.

Lew’s FIshing Mach 1 Speed Spool Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo

Lew's FIshing Mach 1 Speed Spool Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to grab yourself a quality baitcasting and rod combination. This eliminates any guesswork about putting a rod and reel together in an effective way. It also eliminates any headaches that might arise from trying to attach the reel itself and calibrate everything. Some people like doing all of that but for those of you who just want an easy solution so you can start fishing faster, Lew’s has you covered. Lew’s has been making quality rods and reels for many years and they have the expertise you need when choosing your next rod and reel. The Lew’s Fishing Mach 1 Speed Spool Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo has everything you need to start fishing faster.

The rod is made from high grade IM8 graphite and is a single continuous piece. This increases sensitivity and gives you the twitchiness you want out of a responsive baitcasting rod. Taken together with the medium heavy power and 7.5:1 gear ratio of the reel and you have yourself a powerful, sensitive, and responsive rod and reel combo. You will have the power you need to bring in bigger fish and the sensitivity you want to make sure you hook them the first time. Throw in Lew’s speed spool, EVA grips, speed gears, multi setting braking system and zero reverse ball bearings and you have a supreme combination kit that you will love.

  • An easy buy for anyone looking for a solid rod and reel combo
  • Powerful and versatile baitcasting reel comes attached
  • Sensitive and sturdy medium powered rod
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Quantum Throttle Spinning Combo

Quantum Throttle Spinning Combo

Since 1954, Quantum has been making quality fishing equipment aimed at helping people enjoy their time outdoors more. Lately, they have made a name for themselves by making solid, saltwater fishing reels that have impressed the experts and casual anglers alike. That is the pedigree they are bringing to the Quantum Throttle Spinning Rod and Reel Combo. This is a stellar rod and spinning reel combo that combines modern efficiency with decades of experience to bring you the last rod and reel combo you will need at a price you will love.

The rod is an impeccably made IM8 graphite blank, two piece assembly that is great in terms of power, sensitivity, and storage. Take that base and add to it a reel that offers aluminum ball wire, front-adjustable drag, and MaxCast II Spool all made with Quantum’s experience and expertise that has propelled their other reels to superb prominence and you get one of the best combinations on the market today.

  • Powerful and sleek IM8 rod that looks and feels amazing
  • Quantum’s amazing Throttle II spinning reel included
  • Fast action, medium power
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PENN Squall Level Wind Reel & Rod Fishing Combo

PENN Squall Level Wind Reel & Rod Fishing Combo

There are tons of spinning and baitcasting rod and reel combos on the market. There are even some fly fishing combos out there but there are not that many specialized fishing rod combos to choose from. That is something that PENN Fishing noticed in their research which is why they have designed for you a level wind trolling reel and rod combination that sets itself apart from the dozens of basic combos out there. The PENN Squall Level Wind Reel & Rod Fishing Combo takes Penn’s powerful marine caliber trolling reel and puts it on a rod that can handle the kind of serious fishing that the trolling reel demands.

The rod itself is an ultrasensitive rod with tubular glass blank construction. The reel is made from graphite and features a saltwater ready central brass gear and pinion system. This combination makes for a lightweight setup that still has the power and durability to hold up in strenuous ocean and saltwater conditions. If you are looking to do any sort of saltwater game fishing and you do not want to build your own combo then the PENN Squall Level Wind Reel & Rod Fishing Combo is an easy choice.

  • Ht-100 carbon drag system in the reel
  • Dual shielded ball bearing system for smooth cranks
  • Lightweight materials that have upgraded components where it matters
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Quantum Pulse Baitcast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Quantum Pulse Baitcast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

Quantum has been making quality fishing equipment since 1954. They have leveraged their decades of experience into highly desirable rod and reel combination kits that anyone would be proud to own. The Quantum Pulse Baitcast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo is one such combo.

The rod is a sensitive and versatile single piece graphite rod featuring Dynaflow guides for a sleek and modern construction that is built to last. The reel is a responsive baitcasting reel with DynaMag cast control which makes getting that perfect cast easier than ever. Do not let your baitcasting reel run over anymore with this clever and efficient design from Quantum, maker of many high grade reels.

  • Can take a wide variety of line types for a versatile base to fish from
  • Medium to heavy power means you can fish for almost anything
  • A high quality and responsive baitcasting reel brings it all together
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Sougayilang Speed Bass Fishing Rods

Sougayilang Speed Bass Fishing Rods

If you like bass fishing or if you mainly fish for bass, get yourself a rod and reel combination specifically designed and paired for just that. The Sougayilang Speed Bass Fishing Rod & Baitcasting Reel Combo is made specially to catch bass. The rod is super sensitive with a tip made for bass fishing. The rod also features the modern and highly desirable “golf handle” style of material that holds up over time and feels like a dream in your hand.

The whole combo is lightweight and portable so you can take it with you anywhere or wherever the bass brings you. The reel is CNC machined and designed to give you responsive, far casts. Some baitcasting reels have a short cast length or are prone to backlash and overruns but this reel, made for bass casting, does not suffer from those problems.

  • A rod and reel combo made specially for bass fishing
  • A complete kit for a low price
  • Effective and quality components and materials come together for a kit that is much better than its price tag
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Pike Rod and Reel Combo Buying Guide

Buying a new rod and reel for pike takes a little thinking to get the right combo. We have put a complete buying guide together to help you. These are a series of questions to ask yourself with pointers to help you decide on what will be suit.

Buying a new rod and reel combo isn’t hard but with a little planning then you are going to have a combo set that is not only good but will last you years.

Why do you need a special rod and reel combo for pike?

Northern pike have a long pointed nose with ultra-sharp teeth. This means that the bait needs to get deeper into the pike than other fish to set the hook. You need the pike to turn on the bait and set the hook. So you need a light rod that is not going to make the pike aware until they set the hook. Also, we need a reel that is going to be able to hold a lot of heavy line, so the line can run free till the hook sets.


Casting and spinning reels tend to have a smaller line capacity. But buying a combo with a reel this will normally have a reel that has this in mind. So you will be getting a reel with the perfect reel that can hold heavy line for this hard fighting fish with the capacity to hold a lot of line. A lot of people who fish for pike like to use a baitcaster reel this is fine but some find them hard to use. My preference will always be large line capacity.

Rod Length

The rod length is something that you need to keep in mind as different lengths will suit different styles of fishing.

Short Rods – A short rod will be perfect for situations where you need a little more finesse. For instance, you need to get a lure under some trees a smaller rod will give you much more control. A smaller rod tends to be much more fun when you hook into a fish.

Longer Rods – Longer rods are best suited if you are using larger baits and were finesse is not really needed. A longer rod will allow you to cast much longer distances with very little trouble.

Where will you be fishing?

This is a question that you need to ask yourself and fits in a little with rod length selection. Fishing for northern pike can be done from a lake side or a boat. And there are many different times of the year to fish for them some like ice fishing other like summer.

So, we normally have our regular fishing styles so I would chose a rod that best suits.

Pike lakeside fishing – this style of fishing lends itself for any style of rod. A large rod will allow you to get a distance on your baits. A smaller rod is perfectly fine if you are fishing margins or distance is not a priority.

Pike boat fishing – Boat fishing or kayak fishing is best matched with a smaller rod as a longer rod would be a lot more cumbersome and make fishing awkward.


There are many different materials that fishing equipment can come in but a reel that is aluminium and graphite are going be your best choice. I would always try going with aluminium as its light and built strong. But be careful you’re not paying over the odds for aluminium when only part of the reel is aluminium. Some reels are built with plastic then put an aluminium spool on but sell it as all aluminium.

Reel Drag System

A drag system can be in many different places on a reel and it will be clear with the reel you pick. However, there are better types for the hard fighting northern pike.

With a front reel drag system they tend to be easy to adjust when you are not hooked into a fish. But northern pike like to run and fight and when the line is ripping getting you hand to the front of the reel can be hard and a little tricky with fast moving line. I would say a front loaded drag system for northern pike would be for experienced fishers.

A rear drag system is the perfect option for beginners or for people who are not used to hard fighting fish like the northern pike. When the line is ripping off the spool you can easily adjust the tension of the line without getting your hands in the way of the line.

Reel Line Capacity

If you have never fished for the northern pike then I can tell you they are great sport and love to run. This means we are going to need a lot of line so we need a large spool to accommodate this. You are also going to want to have a strong thicker line around 20 pounds would be a good starting point. So with the hard fighting free running fish with thicker line we are going to need a larger spool.

Gear Ratio

Often people get confused about the gear ratio this is the numbers you see on a reel like 7:1 for instance. It’s very easy to understand the first number is how many times your spool turns. The second number is how many times you turn the handle to achieve the first number.

So for the 7:1 example you will turn the handle once and the spool will turn seven times.

The larger the number the faster the line will be put back onto the reel. If you are spinning then a smaller number may be needed as you don’t want to retrieve the lure too quickly. However, you will have a much harder time fighting the fish but for some this is a good thing.

Ball Bearings

Again something that is over complicated but is very simple. The amount of ball bearing in your reel will determine how smooth your reel feels. The only thing to keep an eye out for is the quality of the bearings. Ideally you want ceramic bearings but these can be expensive so the next best would be stainless steel.

Rod Type

A lot of people over complicate the rod selection butting to much thought on the rod action. The rod action is how much the rod bends if you were not sure what a rod action is. I would always keep it simple get a rod has a slower action. That’s it and you are good to go with northern pike. You then select all the other things to suit your fishing needs short/long rod.

Other things like handle grips will all come down to your own personal taste as they have little effect on actually putting fish on the line.

How to fish for northern pike

There are many different ways to fish for northern pike the two most popular styles are spinning and dead baiting for them. They are fish that like certain types of situations and we have compiled a complete guide on the best time to fish for northern pike.

Northern Pike Bait

Using lures is one of the most popular styles of fishing for the northern pike and you want a lure that is going too self-set into the pike. They can be a hard fish to get the hook to set as the unique shape of their long pointy mouth.

If you are not boat fishing and have a fish finder then swimbaits can be a good option to scope out the swim to see if the pike are in the area.

Jerkbaits both soft and hard are ideal for situations call for more finesse in or around the margins. They also allow you to rid out of vegetation if you have strong line on.

Northern pike are said to eat anything and over my years of fishing for them I think this may be true. However, they do seem to be suckers for live baits whitefish and minnows seem to do really well. You don’t need to use live baits and use a scented bait witch seems to really get them going.

Best line for Northern Pike

We have touched on this a little in the buying guide but you want something that is strong around 20 pound. A fluoro leader will also will be needed for the sharp teeth and this will sit on the water and the pike will not be able to see it. A leader will give you much less break offs when fishing for northern pike their teeth are super sharp.


I hope that my guide helps you select the best rod and reel combo for northern pike fishing. As well as answering some common questions people have when they come to buy a new combo set.

The northern pike is such a hard fighting fish and really great fun fish to fish for. Combining the right gear with the fish will give you so much more fun. We all have different styles of fishing and get a combo that best suits your style. The only thing to keep in mind is you want a slower action this will make setting the hook much more successful.

There is not much more to keep in mind other than saying enjoy your new combo set and have plenty of tight lines with this hard fighting fish.