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The paddle is what the engine is to your car; a lousy engine can spoil your ride even break down, and a kayak paddle is no different. The paddle is the most important component after your kayak, so it’s important you make the right choice. You don’t need to break the bank to get a quality paddle. In fact we show you the best kayak paddle under $100 that will last you years.

Kayak paddles come in different shapes, lengths, and materials that can leave you a little overwhelmed on what to pick. However, my aim is to break this all down and firstly point you in the direction of the best kayak paddle under 100 dollars. Then give you some pointers on what to look for in my mini buying guide.

Crooked Creek C11380 Tournament Angler Fishing Kayak Paddle

Crooked Creek C11380 Tournament Angler Fishing Kayak Paddle

The Crooked Creek has a poly-fiber composite dihedral blade that improves touring performance. It also comes with a dock hook blade cutout that allows the user to pull themselves over to the edge, mainly because it doubles as a weedless line and lure retrieval slot that removes stuck lures from logs and debris with ease. It also possesses a reinforced blade tip that will help them with the push-off.

Another great thing about this product is the fiberglass shaft with a laser-engraved measurement scale, as well as an angle adjustment with a three-position push-button feather setting. When it comes to storage, the Crooked Creek C11380 Tournament Angler Fishing Kayak Paddle doesn’t fall short, since its two-piece design makes this task easier. The Crooked Creek weights 2.74 pounds and it measures 48.1 x 7.1 x 1.4 inches in height, width and depth, respectively, with an exterior made of chrome.

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Poseidon Paddle 89 inches

Poseidon Paddle 89 inches

The Poseidon Paddle is an interesting product. It possesses an aluminum shaft with reinforced fiberglass blades that are impact-resistant, mainly thanks to its polypropylene feathered design. They’re lightweight and adjustable, as well as sturdy. This fellow of 89 inches has adjustable drip rings that help the user keep their hands dry, providing both experienced and new kayakers a better grip. It also comes with an enforced push-button connection that has an adjustment of a 0 to 65 angle.

The Poseidon Paddle’s middle-sized design has a shaft that goes from a rounded to a slightly oval shape, also known as indexing, that allows the user to have a reference to where they should be placing their hands, which makes it perfect for those who are just starting to get into kayaking and need proper guidance on how to hold it. This feature is a common trait among the paddle that has been produced by its manufacturer, Pelican. Another great thing about the Poseidon Paddle is it’s performance since rigid materials tend to do a better job when it comes to the task at hand. This is mainly because of how well they tend to hold their shape when compared to those that are more flexible.

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Best Marine Kayak Paddle

Best Marine Kayak Paddle

The Best Marine is a premium carbon fiber paddle that has reinforced fiberglass blades. It weighs 33.5 ounces and it’s both adjustable and durable. Thanks to its lightweight structure, it allows the user to paddle with ease while exploring the waterways. Not only that, but it’s also suitable for both experienced and new kayakers and they can easily split into two pieces, which facilitates its storage once the adventure is over. The Best Marine Kayak Paddle includes two drip rings that prevent water from running down the shaft, as well as a 5-foot leash that keeps the paddle securely attached to the kayak.

Of course, it’s structure is not the only reason for appraisal, since the company offers complete customer service and satisfaction, which means that, in case that there’s any quality issue with the product, they’re very likely to help them out and find a solution that works the best for them. And it’s not for less, Best Marine is known as a leading provider of kayak accessories in the USA, Europe and Australia, without mentioning that their owners are also huge fans of boating, swimming and fishing, mainly because it was part of their upbringing, which led them to create their enterprise. After all, isn’t it refreshing when the manufacturer is as passionate about kayaking as the customers?

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Vesta Kayak Paddle

Vesta Kayak Paddle

The Vesta Kayak Paddle has an aluminum shaft with nylon reinforced blades that add more value to its lightweight and adjustable design. It is said that its premium quality material makes it perfect for kayaking, but more on that later. Another great thing about this product is that the two pieces have also an anti-slip coating, as well as drip rings that keep the kayaker dry.

This 90.5-inches fellow’s shaft goes from a rounded to a slightly oval shape that serves as a reference as to where to put the hands. The Vesta’s reinforced fiberglass polypropylene blades provide flexibility on every stroke, as well as making it extremely durable. This makes it perfect for long trips that require a lot of paddling. Of course, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to check the product specifications to make sure that the product adjusts to the buyers’ expectations.

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The Oceanbroad is a 90.5-inches kayak paddle with an alloy shaft that includes a paddle leash that secures them to the kayak. Its PP blade is reinforced with fiberglass, ensuring a durable structure that is suitable for those who are just starting, as well as intermediate kayakers. One great thing about this product is the oar shaft’s design, which has a PE tube cover that provides a better grip that prevents hand-blistering.

The Oceanbroad Kayak Paddle’s middle-length design makes it perfect for both adults and children. It is also detachable at two sections, allowing the user to carry and store them with ease. This paddle also has 3 locking positions for different angle preferences, as well as drip rings at its two ends that help stop the water flow from the blades, reducing the chances of a slippery grip. As a bonus, this product’s manufacturer offers a replacement or a refund for any quality issues or in the case that the client is not fully satisfied with the product.

The Oceanbroad Kayak Paddle is perfect for both recreational and touring kayaking. This product also comes with a UV protection additive, which is essential for increasing the durability of the drip rings. One important thing to mention is that it’s likely that one of the batches might have more of what it was intended to apply to them, therefore, they tend to outflow to form a white coat on the ring. That being said, there’s no need to worry about it that much, since it can be easily wiped off with a wet towel.

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Best Kayak Paddle under $100 Buying Guide

After our reviews of the best kayak paddle under 100 dollars, I hope that I have helped you find their perfect one for yourself. Every kayak will have its own pros and cons and each paddle with suit different people more than others. However, there are a few important elements that you should consider when it comes to make your purchase. I will lay them out below to help you make the right buying decision.


The first thing that we all must consider is the price we are willing to pay for our new paddle. In most cases, carbon fiber is very much overkill for recreational paddlers.

Most recreational are built with longevity in mind, and it’s important to point out no matter how much you spend there is only a certain amount of extras you can get on a paddle.

There is a lot of benefit of having a lighter paddle for comfort on your arms. But you must way this up with the price you will be paying for that few grams of less weight. Unless you’re entering the Olympics then in most cases it will be totally pointless.

Kayak Paddle Size

Picking the right size kayak paddle is a whole subject that is worth covering on its own and I have done that in the How to pick a kayak paddle guide.

With that said it is worth pointing some basics if you just want to know a little information here instead of having to read another article.

An easy rule to follow is the wider the kayak and the taller the paddle the longer the paddle you will need.

There are many different widths so it’s important to see if you have a wide kayak. For instance, if you have an inflatable kayak, these are normally very wide so you will want a little extra length in this situation.


Kayak paddles come in many different materials and it can get a little confusing to know what the best choice is. They all have their different benefits and I will quickly cover them below.

Rigidity is something to consider as the more rigid your paddle is the more force you will be able to put thought the paddle. So what this allows is for you to move a lot quicker and when you do maneuvers you can dig your paddle deep into the water.

Paddles that flex as your paddle is wasting lots of your energy as you are not getting the full paddle stroke. Also, I have found over the years that the flex will get a lot more until it will give up and break.

Weight is something worth thinking about but only to a certain extent. A heavy paddle will give you fatigue in your arms a lot quicker and will be cumbersome to move. So you want a paddle that is as light as possible but a few grams for a lot more money is not really worth it.

Aluminum is most cases will be a cheaper option, they are a very rigid and durable paddle that is going to last you years. However, they do tend to be a lot heavier and can be uncomfortable to hold after some time. It’s advised to wear gloves as Aluminium can be cold or look for a paddle that is covered.

Fiberglass is a more expensive option but if very lightweight and ridged and durable all the things you want in a paddle but with it is extra money.

Paddle Blade Materials

Plastic blades if you don’t want to empty your wallet then you’re looking in most cases at a plastic blade. The biggest attraction to plastic blades is their affordability but they do have negatives that come with them. Flex is a big issue with plastic blades and this leads to less efficiency along with being heavy is not the best combination. It’s also important not to leave them out in the sun as the UV rays can damage the plastic and make it brittle.

Fiberglass blades tend to take a bigger chunk out of your wallet than most people like and opt for plastic. With the price, you do get a lightweight and a ridged blade that will give you maximum efficiency. There are other negatives other than the price and that is they chip when hit against anything hard.

Lots of manufacturers have seen the benefit of fiberglass but don’t like to make expensive products. So they have come up with a really neat idea of covering a plastic blade in a fiberglass sheet. This gives extra support at a fraction of the cost.

Paddle Color

I would say this is the least important element and will come down to your own personal preference. The only benefit of a bright color is that you can make yourself known a lot easier to other traffic of the water. But if you are fishing then sticking a big bright paddle in the water is not always the best thing but others will say this make no difference and again its personal preference.


A good part of choosing the best kayak paddle under $100 will ultimately come down to your own personal preference. However, if I had to pick the one I like the most it would be the Crooked Creek C11380 it’s a great all-round paddle from a well-respected company. It has an excellent balance between price and builds quality.

There are many different things to consider some more important than others and we all have our own different needs. Buying a new paddle is all about getting the most features as possible you want all within your budget.

I really hope the guide has helped you find the perfect kayak paddle for the next time you hit the water.