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Just like summer, winter comes with amazing opportunities. Apart from skiing, snowboarding. snowshoeing and ice skating. ice fishing is another awesome activity for winter. The best part is that Wisconsin has some of the Best Ice Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin and also leaves you with plenty Of fish.

What are your plans for the next winter? you are clueless. you won’t be anymore. Wisconsin offers numerous adventurous activities just for you. For instance, there are several lakes in which you can do your ice fishing.

Here is a list of some of the best ice fishing lakes in Wisconsin, Read on.

Boom Lake

This is an awesome lake found in the heart of Rhinelander. It is a flowage of the Wisconsin River. It gives room for different outdoor activities and this makes it a perfect destination for both summer and winter. Here, ice fishing gves you access to fish species like walleye. Panfish, pike, bass etc.

Touring the Boom Lake. you can also enjoy some moments in the superb amenities around it This helps to break the boredom of ice fishing or skiing and also have a chance to enjoy the local delicacies. There are places where you can also access fishing gear and baitto make sure your stock is enough for your whole ice fishing experience.

Lake Onalaska

This is a huge water reservoir that joins the Mississippi River and the Black River. It is one of the top-tier tourist attractions in La Crosse County, Wisconsin. covers a total of 7688 acres with a depth of 43 feet.

Right next to it is the Onalaska city that also exists with lots of recreational activities to undertake. In winter. Lake Onalaska is usually dotted with dozens of tents and sailing iceboats.

Want to catch some fish? You can find walleye, crappie, bass. pike, and bluegill. Onalaska city also gives you access to fishing gear, bait, and some tasty delicacies.

Black Oak Lake

The Black Oak Lake is located in Vilas County. Occupying 584 acres of the ea#. this lake provides an awesome recreation ground for all seasons. It holds the badge of the clearest lake in Wisconsin. In winter. ice fishing is the most common recreational activity done here.

It has a depth of 8Sfeet and this makes one ofthe deepest lakes in Wisconsin. It is inhabited by different species of fish like trout walleye. and large and smallmouth bass. From December. the lake is usually frozen and ready for ice fishing all the way to May. With other surrounding features and amenities. the Black Oak Lake makes an excellent destination for winter ice fishing.

Lake Winnebago

This lake is situated in east-central Wisconsin. Although it’s a very shallow lake Of only 21 feetdepth. it is the largest inland lake in the region occupying 132000 acres. tt is home to many species of fish which include walleye. pike. crappie. bass. yellow perch. and sturgeon. These are 6 more reasons why you should make Lake Winnebago your next winter destination.

Near the lake are comfortable places where you can spend the night and cozy yourself up. Fishing gear and other accessories are also within the vicinity of the lake.

Dairyland Reservoir

This lake is found in Rusk County and occupies a space of 1870 acres. It has a depth of about 70 feet and its visibility and clarity are moderate. This can make it a bit challenging for you to locate any fish schools. However, once you find them, you’ll celebrate all the way.

Dairyland reservoir is a habitatfortypes offish like musky. pike. smallmouth bass. catfish. and sturgeon.

Walleye exists in the highest number in this lake. so, if your ice fishing only targets walleye, this lake is the place to be in winter. On the shores ofthe lake are some fantastic spots where you can rest and enjoy the view of the lake.

Lake Alice

The northern parts of Wisconsin provide a safe haven for Lake Alice. The lake starts freezing a few days into December and remains in this condition up to the end of February to the least Clearly. the ice fishing period is long enough for you to pack up your fishing gear and head there.

Lake Alice is known for its strong currents. As a safety precaution. make sure the water undemeath is calm before attempting to go fishing. With crappie as the main species Of fish found here. you can also catch some bluegill, pike. and walleye. When the cold becomes too much to bear there are safe spots around the lake where you can relax and sip your favorite coffee.

Big Green Lake

Located in Green Lake County. this is the deepest lake in the region with a depth of 237 feet. occupies 7400 acres and has a shoreline of about 30 miles. Its depth makes it really slow at icing. a major inconvenience for ice fishers.

The ice fishing period barely lasts more than two months. Hence, you need to hurry and catch some fish right before the ice comes melting down. Here. you can get yourself some species like walleye. bluegill, perch. and many more.

Also, surrounding the lake are some attractive features suitable for a family getaway. Cozy accommxdation rooms are also available to make sure that you can enjoy some night’s sleep after a whole day of fishing in the ice.

Nelson Lake

Located in Sawyer Counw. this lake is formed by a dam across the Totagatic River. If you’re looking for an ice fishing lake thats not too big and somewhat shallow. this is your best choice. It does not exceed 7 feet in depth.

Freezing starts in the middle of December all the way into March It is perfect for a family Christmas or new-year getaway.

The small depth makes it suitable for kids to also participate in ice fishing. However. note that the Nelson Lake freezes up very fast. a good thing for ice fishing, right?

However, this also means that you should brace yourself in terms Of dressing and fishing gear.

Over to You

Ice fishing remains one of the most enjoyable winter activities. If you aren’t a fan, you can also take part in other activities in the amazing lakes of Wisconsin, Being such a rich state, it is one of the biggest vacation dentations for all seasons but I’m sure you will love the best ice fishing lakes in wisconsin.

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