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In Michigan State, ice fishing has been the culture of its people. A trip to the nort for those staying outside the State for ice fishing can make a memorable vacation. If you’d want to catch bluegills, perch. and walleye through the ice some of the Best Ice Fishing Lakes In Michigan would be ideal.

With several lakes in Michigan for ice fishing, you must have experienced trouble maw ng decisions because of the many options. However, below is a compiled list of the best five lakes in Michigan for ice fishing.

Cass Lake

If you love ice fishing and would want to get out Of the city. you should Visit Cass Lake. Cass Lake is one most popular lakes in Michigan for ice fishing. It covers 1280 acres providing adequate room for everme to enjoy winter fishing. It is found in Oakland County next to Metro Detroit.

If you’d like to get some supplies before going to the lake. Keego Harbor on Cass Lake’s east shore will allow you to do that. This lake freezes in December. fishing are secure in end December or early January, Most fishing actions are seen at the start ofthe season, However. ice fishing remains excellent throughoutthe season on the lake. Cass Lake has sunfish, bluegills, northern pike. walleye, crappies and jumbo perch.

Higgins Lake

This lake is situated in Roscommon County covering an area of 9.600 acres. Higgins Lake usually doesnt freeze until mid-January which offers a window for ice fishing. This lake is filled with brown. rainbow and lake trout. which are mainly found in the shallow parts of the lake. Perch can as well be found in this lake, ensure you come With ice fishing tools to take home several tons Of fish.

Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell

Cadillac and Mitchell are two of the ideal ice fishing lakes situated near one another. These lakes are linked by the Clam Lake Canal. Lt was created during the logging era of Michigan. This was done from Lake Mitchell’s wooden shores to the saw mill found on Lake Cadillac Ice fishing goes all the way until end March or start of April, These lakes have several sunfish northern pike, yellow perch, walleye, crappie, and bluegill.

These two lakes offer easy accessibility to ice fishing opportunities. The lakes freeze at the start of December and provide ice conditions that are secure before Christmas hits. Lake Cadillac is known for perch While Lake Mitchel is known for sunfish, crappies, and bluegills. Also, lake Mitchell has a high number of smaller northem pikes on the other hand. Lake Cadillac has lesser pike though more massive in size.

Hamlin Lake

Hamlin Lake is an ideal area to go for ice fishing activities in Michigam It is a vast reservoir created when the Big Sable River was being dammed.

This river offers a constant movement of nutrients to Hamlin Lake. forming fertile waters that maintain the well-being of the ice fish. The lake is found near Lake Michigan on the state’s western side, Between Lake Michigan and Hamlin there is Ludington State park which provides significant reach to the ice lake.

Ludington State Park is an easily accessible town to the lake where you can find all the supplies and amenities you’ll require. There are also several resorts along the lake’s east shore With many charter firms.

These Will enable you to establish rental with ice shanty. Among all the lakes in this list. Hamlin is more profound and can still form ice. It also offers secure ice conditions for fishing before Christmas.

Our recommendations

Fishing is recommended during first ice and then slowly drops as the year advances. During weekends. many anglers come for ice fishing activities. Therefore. if you want an excellent experience. go ice fishing during the weekdays.

The lake has got an excellent reputation for giving huge bluegills, Walleyes become easily caught in early seasons and tricky to find as season passes. The lake’s upper section is not deep and is the first part of the lake to form ice.

With the lake, you’ll experience some of the fantastic fishing encounters of the year. The sunfish and bluegills can be found in the areas harboring weeds, They feed on small baitfish and aquatic insects, You can attempt locating these places and utilize a lure containing a wax worm to capture big fish.

It is recommended that you utilize shiners that are alive if youd want to catch northern pike and walleyes. In winter. the fish in the Lake tend to become fussy late. You should ensure that you use aciditional baits and small lures, spring bobbers. light line. and sensitive rods. This can help increase your chance of capturing fish.

Houghton Lake

This lake is a shallow inland lake covering 20,000 acres, It is centrally in the northern part Of Lower Peninsula. Michigan, Houghton Lake freezes to offer safe ice fishing conditions. This lake has secure ice in December’s second week It provides incredible fishing experience until early April. The lake has a high number Of walleye, sunfish, crappie and bluegills.

The lake also has Panfish which can be found in six to eight feet of the lake’s water. In early seasons, walleye can be found shallowly, but in later seasons, they seem to shift towards the deeper parts of the lake.

During the formation of initial ice. those who come ice fishing get lucky fishing the beds containing weeds along the shores of the lake. As the season for fishing passes. the fish goes deeper into the water. and great fishing happens in the cynosure Of the lake.


If ice fishing has never been part of your encounter, Michigan ideal lakes you can drill holes to do ice fishing, Whether you’re an out-of-towner or a local searching for great vacation destination during winter.

You could go to any of the above-discussed lakes. Take your family with you, and you regret it If you’re new in ice fishing and lack any gear of your own. You can always get an escorted guide you while ice fishing on the lake. The guide can place you on some great fishing experience.