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Winter is here, it is not doom for outdoor sports. Sign up for various sports such as ice fishing. Do not crack your head; Some of the Best Ice Fishing Lakes In Maine that freeze during winter. They offer a great and breathtaking ground for ice fishing.

I will take you through the top 10 best ice fishing lakes in Maine. You will get the best Ice fishing experience here-no headaches. Some of these lakes are large and intimidating Others are small, slightly bigger than ponds.

You should note that there are many lakes in Maine; however. due to harsh winters. many of them remain untouched Below are the best and welcoming lakes you can visit during winter.

Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake is the most popular lake in Maine, You may have heard people from your state praise the adventures and beauty of this place. Besides popularity. is also the largest lake that holds ice fishing activities. For the derby lovers, visit this lake in the lastweek of January every year and you might Win the grand prize Of $1500.

At this lake. you will find a few fish species. including the lake trout brook trout. landlocked salmon and smallmouth bass.

Mooseland Lake Offers an excellent experience for inexperienced ice fishers like you. You can tag along With your family or group of friends for a night out during winter. There is a vast space where you can pitch your tents. Remember to carry warm clothing. .

East Grand Lake

East Grand Lake is another populous lake that stretches 20 miles in Aroostook County and Washington County. The lake is so large; it can leave you confused about where to get the fish. May give you a hint? Just drive to the north Of Woke Cove. If you are new around ask around or walk to a group of people. They will give you a few tips to select a fishing spot.

Here at East Grand Lake: you Will find brook trout Lake trout, and smallmouth bass in large numbers, You may be lucky to catch the American eel, white perch, yellow perch and landlocked salmon.

Sebago Lake

DO you love catching large trout? Then Sebago Lake should be your go-to place, Spice up the experience by visiting during the winter season, is the second-largest lake in Maine. Sometimes. the lake does not freeze in the middle. The trout grow so large; some weigh 10 pounds.

Sebago Lake is 316 feet deep, The depth explains why it is easy to catch large fish here; there is enough breeding ground for fish. It is not a good place for first-timers; consider hiring a guide to take you through.

Besides brook trout, brown trout. and lake trout, which are the common species. you Will also find Atlantic salmon, smallmouth largemouth bass. yellow perch white perch and black crappie.

Sabattus pond

When you have a heart of gold and a desire to donate to charity organizations, then the Sabattus Pond should draw your attention. Although it is not a lake, it deserves mention.

Sabbattus Pond is in southeast Maine. Each year. the managers of Sabatus pond organize a “fish for a cure’ derby.

The funds help in the research and treatment Of cancer. is an exciting place because you are likely to catch a pike 20 pounds heavy.

The species of fish found here include the Norfrern Pike, black crappie, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, chain pickerel. yellow perch, and white perch

Portage Lake

If you love to tour small towns. then portage is the place to be. The town has roughly 400 people. Most of the residents here are fishermen. They are always willing to help tourists around their small lake.

Portage Lake has many inlets. Therefore. fish here do not run to other large water bodies during winter.

Brook trout is the common type of fish in the lake. They grow to weigh 10 pounds. The other types of fish you will find here are landlocked salmon. northem pike. walleye. white crappie. yellow perch, and largemouth bass.

Besides warm clothing, carry ice shoes because the ice in this lake is slippery.

Lake Wassookeag

There are plenty of winter activities at Lake Wassookeag and ice fishing is one of them. There is a dam that splits this beautiful lake into two parts.

The bigger lake is deep. and more fishing activities go on compared to the smaller lake. There are different sets of rules for each lake. Get familiar with them before you go fishing. The varieties of fish available are brook trout American eel. brown bullhead. landlocked salmon, chain pickerel. lake trout, white sucker. white perch. and smallmouth bass.

Allagash Lake

DO large crowds overwhelm you? DO they hinder your love for outdoor winter sports? Worry no more. Allagash Lake is in Northern Maine. It is remote, and few people visitthe lake.

Although the lake is popular in the Allagash waterway, it is not as popular as the Other lakes supporting Ice fishing activities.

There are restaurants and lodges near Allagash Lake. Therefore you can plan to stay there for a week or more. You will not feel homesick because foods served in restaurants taste like home-cooked meals.

The few types of fish you can catch here include the lake whitefish. brook trout burbot salmon, lake trout and northem pike.

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake is a small lake with friendly people living around it. However. the fish here are large. Some tout grows to around 10 pounds. Eagle Lake is a home of three types of fish; brook trout rainbow trout, and landlocked salmon.

There are other lakes in the vicinity. You can experience fishing in different lakes in one day.

Long Lake

Here in Sinclair towm you will find friendly and welcoming people. They are ready to show you around Long Lake. Here you will catch different types of fish including the brook trout. landlocked salmon. white sucker. rainbow smelt, common shiner. fallfish. cusk. and white perch.

Various Ponds

Besides lakes: there are plenty Of ponds that Offer ice fishing activities. There are different types Of fish in each pond Below is a list Of few ponds you may visit

Worth ley pond
Middle Range pond
Lake George
Kennebunk Pond
Crystal pond
Forest Pond
Little Ossipee lake
Jones Pond.


You do not need to lock yourself in because it is Winter: grab those ice fishing clothes and check the list of best ice fishing lakes in Maine. go out and have fun.