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Ice fishing is the process of catching fish using lines, hooks. and spears by creating a hole on ice on frozen water such as a Best Ice Fishing Lakes In Iowa in our guide.

It is a good activity for recreation in the middle Of winter that people enjoy and have fun doing. In the olden day’s people engaged in ice fishing for them to get food but this changed and in the modern world, people fish in the ice for fun.

When lakes throughout Iowa start freezing over. your fishing passion must not take a back seat There are several lakes in the Northern side of Iowa that Offer nice opportunities for you if you are looking to do ice fishing when winter comes.

Ice fishing in Iowa has been becoming more and more popular each year and the number of people who are engaging increases every year. It is becoming a recreational thing to do for many during winter. Also. fishing lovers do not have to stop doing their hobbies. They have great options where they can continue fishing despite the changes in the weather.

Surprisingly, the number of fish caught in winter surpasses the numbers caught in summer. fall and spring the record numbers have been broken for the yellow perch and walleye fish types. In the Iowa region. the most popular fish species is the Walleye and it is found in many lakes in this state. Other species that you may also come across are the bluegill. crappie and the perch.

Iowa has pristine lakes and high fish growing population and therefore a great place for anyone looking for an ice fishing opportunity.

Below is a list of the best ice fishing places in Iowa:

Brushy Creek Lake

If you are looking for a great place to catch the Walleye fish. the Brushy Creek lake should be your number one choice for this fun activity. It has many other types of fish but the Walleye is the most dominant. The lake occupies about 690 acres of land and its depths go up to 75 feet deep. It is expansive enough if you prefer to ice fish in expansive lakes.

The Brushy Creek Late is located in Webster county which is just short drive from both the Leigh and fort Dodge. The Walleye you will find in this lake is around 22 inches long but you may be lucky to catch larger ones whose length can be up to 27 inches long. This lake also has populations Of the perch, crappie. and the bluegill,

The amenities you will find at Brushy Creek Lake are; Fishing Jetty. Accessible Pier. Picnic Area. Accessible Facilities. Restrooms. Camping Accessible Shoreline. Playground, boat ramp: beach trails. access for boats.

Big Creek Lake

The big creek lake takes a little longer to freeze compared to other lakes in the area but it still makes it as one of the best destinations for ice fishing lovers. The reason Why it takes longer to freeze is due to its size as it is huge and deep. It also lasts longer during the winter season because it is slow for ice to drop off. As an ice fish lover. you are guaranteed of a long time fishing at this lake long after the other lakes have frozen out due to rising temperatures.

Its big size means that everyone has their own space to ice fish from. At this lake, you do not have to worry about your space of expression.

The lake is located only about a 30-minute drive from Des Moines on the northwest side. The bluegills and crappie fish are located mostly in this lake.

Clear Lake

The Clear lake is located in north-central Iowa in the Gordo County. It spans about 3600 acres and its depth can be up to 20 feet in some sections.

Recently, there was a dredging project that was done and it helped revitalize the fish populations in this lake and this has caused an increase in fish populations. It also helped the improvement of water clarity making it be named the best lake in Iowa and voted as a top vacation destination by the Des Moines register media Outlet.

The most common fish species in this lake are the Muskie and walleye whose populations greatly increased after the dredging process was completed.

Mississippi River

The Mississippi River passes through Iowa state on the South West side of Iowa City at the Columbus junction. Also. the Iowa River and the cedar river meet and drain Off into the Mississippi.

However, when people talk about ice fishing In the Mississippi river. it is usually in reference to small inlets in the backwater and ponds which are typically home to spawning grounds for fish located in the Mississippi River. Marinas are the best places to fish in the backwater due to their ease of access and since they are usually dredged. fish winter there.

The water is public but some Of the marinas are on private property and in these places you can use a snowmobile to reach areas you think are risky. Here you find the crappie, bluegills type of fish.

Storm Lake

It is located on the Noüwest side of Des Moines and about a 2-hour drive. It presents another opportunity if you are looking to fish in the ice.

The lake contains the walleye and yellow perch fish and the walleye in this lake grow very tall, up to 22 inches long. Any Walleye caught below this length must be released back to the sea once caught as per the regulations in this lake.


Iowa has become a popular destination for ice fishing lovers. More records in sizes of walleye caught are in Iowa lakes being broken and that might be a big motivation for you. You can start planning for your trip to any of the listed destinations above and you will surely enjoy the experience. You can get more details about these lakes on their respective websites I also have put a guide of the top 20 ice fishing lakes in the USA.