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During the winter season, you can plan to have an adventure of best ice fishing in Alaska, There are a lot of lakes that offer a good location for and your family to try out ice fishing. It does not always happen such that when the month of November is around the lakes start freezing.

The lakes in Alaska Will Offer a good location for either a beginner or an fisher to enjoy the adventure. While on this adventure, you will get to catch different kinds of fish to enjoy your adventure. You can even document catch to hold on until the next season.

Without further ado, let us get started.

Some Of the most magnificent lakes you can experience the best ice fishing are:

Quartz Lake

As the winter season knocks. if you are planning to go ice fishing this location should be on your list The lake is a two-hour drive down from Fairbanks. It is to the upper side of the birch lake while you are on the Richardson highway. While fishing on this lake you will get to experience a real adventure. There are various types Of fish in this lake like the rainbow trout which can be as large as twenty inches.

This lake also offers other kinds of fish that include the Arctic char. Chinook salmon. and the Coho salmon. The fish caught in these lakes are usually very large compared to those in other Lakes. If you are a beginner catching a fish that is twenty inches in size would be an excellent adventure, TO capture the bigger fish will not be an easy task as you need to be very smart. If you do not have a hut at home then you need not worry. The cabins for rent are available and you can rent them through the Alaska Department of Natural Resources.

Birch Lake

This lake is located in Fairbank, North Star Borough. The lake is to the southeast a hundred kilometers from Fairbanks. It is located along the Richardson highway, Itis eight hundred acres in size making it one of the largest lakes in Alaska.

It is famous for ice fishing where all individual that loves ice fishing during the winter can come. Whether you a beginner or an experienced fisher, you will have a chance to catch something. In this lake: you might not get to capture some of the largest fish like the quartz lake.

There are different types Of fish like Rainbow trout. Chinook salmon. Coho salmon. Arctic grayling. and Arctic char. While they are not super huge: you will enjoy catching the various kinds while enjoying your adventure, There are privately owned huts in the place that you can rent while on the adventure. If you can look for a location where there are a lot of huts. it would help a lot This will be the location with the best fishing holes where you can catch as many fish as you Wish. This is an ideal location for ice fish. Renting Of the hut can be done through the Alaska Department of Natural resources.

Harding Lake

The lake is located in Fairbanks North Star borough. It was previously known as Salchaket Lake before it was renamed Harding Lake. The name was changed because of President Warren G. Harding who visited there before dying You can access the lake using the Richardson Highway.

There are a variety of fish in this lake that include Arctic char. Arctic grayling. Trout species. Salmons, burbot and the northern pike. While ice fishing in this Lake. you Will be able to get huge fish that Will make the adventure worthwhile. TO catch a fish Will take longer and you can wait for up to two hours after laying the hook.

You Will need some specialized equipments to catch fish in this lake. The catch after the long waiting period Will never disappoint you Will want to document it This lake offers a good locabon for your winter ice fishing plans. Be careful to check all the guidelines laid by the Alaska Department of Natural resources. You can also rent a hut to stay in while you are enjoying your adventure through the Alaska DNR.

Scout Lake

This lake is located in Kenai Peninsula and can be accessed Via the sterling highway, It is located a shorter distance from Soldotna. You can only make reservations to get a place for ice fishing. The reservation is made through the Alaska Department of Natural Resources.

Here you Will get different kinds offish that include Arctic grayling Northern pike: Coho salmon, and Rainbow trout With these types Of fish in one place. you cannot go ten minutes without a catch whether you are a beginner or an experienced fisher. They are not very big but any catch Will make you enjoy your adventure. Apart from the adventure Of ice fishing it is surrounded by beautiful high hills that create a beautiful environment

Jewel Lake

The lake is located near Dimond Boulevard and can be accessed via the New seaward highway. It is an excellent location for the beginners fisher to get a head start on the ice fishing. It is a good location where you can bring your family to get into ice fishing at the start Of the winter season.

In this lake: you can get Arctic char: Coho salmon, Rainbow trout, and Chinook salmon. With a catch Of either Of these species, the beginner will be able to enjoy the ice fishing adventure.

The Alaska Department Of Natural resources holds an Ice fishing festival. It happens every February where the kids can learn to ice fish. They are taught how to set up their gear and how to reel in their catch. It is a good location to come and enjoy as a family.


These are some of the greatest lakes to visit f you want an ice fishing adventure. you can pick either of the above. With the right gear, you will for sure enjoy all that will go on in the lake. These lakes offer a different experience that will make you enjoy your vacation always and if you want to check out the best ice fishing lakes in the USA we have a guide on our site.