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Hitting frozen ice with a misstep is no fun, Hitting frozen ice with fishing gear in hand is even nastier. Before you next head out for a trip on the ice don’t forget your pair of ice cleats.

Ice fishing is excellent sport and one were the gear seem to be basic to some. However, basic the gear looks you need the best for ice fishing as it’s a style of fishing that takes its toll on your gear.

In this article, we are going to help you find the best ice cleats for ice fishing and we have our top 5 recommendations. If you are new to ice cleats then I have put a buying guide together to help you pinpoint all the key features to make sure you chose a pair that will last you a lifetime.

STABILicers Maxx 2 Heavy-Duty Traction Cleats

Some of the best fish are located in remote and slippery locations. The well trodden paths and banks do not offer the same level of fishing that some of the spots off the beaten path. If that is where you like to fish then you are going to appreciate the STABILicers Maxx 2 Heavy-Duty Traction Cleats. These are a handy addon to any shoe or boot that instantly adds a ton of safe traction for those slippery and uneven situations.

High traction boots can be uncomfortable and stuffy. Now you can wear your favorite, most comfortable footwear and still get that safety boosting traction that makes traversing rough terrain much safer and easier. Perfect for water, ice, snow, and more. This tough and rugged design can handle temperatures down to -45F meaning it is tough enough to handle whatever you can throw at it. Simply pack them in your bag or car and take them out when you need that extra grip. When you don’t need them, simply fold them up and put them away.

  • Add safe and powerful grip to any pair of shoes or boots you want
  • Rugged design can handle environmental conditions down to -45F
  • Useful in a variety of situations

Crampons Ice Cleats Traction Snow Grips

Get the most trusted pair of crampons on the market. The Cimkiz Ice Cleats Crampons Traction Snow Grips top the bestseller lists for snow and ice crampons for a reason. Their products are quality, effective, and affordable. Do not fall for fakes or knock offs and make sure you get the original Cimkiz Ice Cleats.

Anyone who has done a decent amount of ice fishing knows that getting out to the perfect fishing hole can be slippery and dangerous depending on the conditions out on the ice. Do not take a risk of slipping and falling while carrying your gear. Simply attach the Cimkiz Ice Cleats Crampons Traction Snow Grips over your boots and get the instant traction you need to confidently traverse any frozen pond or lake. Equipped with strong chains and 19 separate spikes, you will get the trusted grip you need to get across the ice.

  • The best selling crampons on the market for a reason
  • Perfect for ice fishing or icy hikes
  • Supreme quality and supreme affordability

EnergeticSky Upgraded Version of Walk Traction Ice Cleat Spikes

Boost your grip, safety, and traction when you are heading out into the snow, ice, or uneven ground with the EnergeticSky Upgraded Version of Walk Traction Ice Cleat Spikes Crampons. These are supremely versatile and sturdy ice cleats that can be used on a variety of shoes or boots in a variety of environments. Available in three handy sizes, these can fit teens, young adults, women, men, and older people with ease.

The EnergeticSky Upgraded Version of Walk Traction Ice Cleat Spikes Crampons features a rugged and durable design that is able to hold up to the harshest of environments. They can handle temperatures as low as -60F giving you the peace of mind to know that your equipment is strong enough to handle the worst Earth has to offer. If you don’t need them on constantly, easily slip them off, and put them away in your bag. They are easy to put on and remove so you don’t have to worry about swapping them out if you need to. The chains and spikes are made from durable stainless steel and are strongly welded to keep the strength up over their lifetime.

  • Versatile ice cleats that are perfect for ice fishing, hiking and more
  • Inclusive sizes can be used by women or men
  • Strong stainless steel chains and spikes can handle temps as low as -60F

Cosyzone Traction Cleats Ice Spikes

Get a pair of crampons that do more than just ice and snow. Grip can be a lifesaver when you’re out in nature and Cosyzone knows that. That is why they have designed their crampons to be able to be used in any outdoor situation you can think of. The Cosyzone Traction Cleats Ice Spikes Grips For Boots are perfect for ice and snow but also hiking, fishing, ice fishing, mountaineering, and climbing.

The 18 stainless steel spikes are strong enough and versatile enough to handle whatever nature has to throw at you while giving you superior grip and comfort. Easily take them off and store them when you’re done with them. The versatile sizes fit shoes and boots from a women’s 5 all the way up to a men’s 12 meaning it can fit the whole family with ease. You can’t put a price on safety and grip while hiking but the price of the Cosyzone Traction Cleats Ice Spikes Grips For Boots will pleasantly surprise you.

  • 18 spike design offers superior grip
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Fits a wide variety of shoe and boot designs and sizes

The Fisherman 24 Spikes Anti-Slip Ice Grippers

Do not skimp out on grip with your crampons. Most competing removable grips only have 18 spikes, while The Fisherman 24 Spikes Anti-Slip Ice Grippers For Boots features 33% more spikes giving you a better grip. With 24 spikes instead of 18, you can walk with confidence no matter what the situation. These spikes are designed specifically with fishermen in mind by making their design waterproof with tons of extra traction for slippery rocks and riverbanks so you can get to your favorite fishing spots with ease.

The durability and quality of design come from the Thermoplastic Elastomer that the straps are made from. This makes them flexible, durable, and waterproof allowing you to easily put them on and off without worrying. They even come with a handy carrying back in case you don’t want to dirty up your other bags with the cleats. These versatile, affordable, and trusted spikes will offer you the protection and grip you need to fully enjoy the outdoors.

  • Versatile sizes allow for use with any style or size shoe or boot
  • 24 spikes instead of 18 offers superior levels of grip and traction

Best Ice Cleats for Ice Fishing Buying Guide

One thing is clear: regular shoes or boots simply do not cut them when it comes to ice fishing. This is why on top of good quality fishing shoes, it is important to get ice cleats to put on the shoes. This might not seem much but it can prevent minor injuries to major accidents.

Reasons To Wear Ice Cleats

Even though it is common knowledge that ice cleats are a must for ice fishing, here is why getting the right ice cleats are so necessary.

  • Even if the grip of the regular shoes or boots is good, it will undoubtedly decrease because of ice and increase the chances of slipping. Ice cleats are particularly designed to enhance traction over icy and slippery surfaces, so wearing them takes away the risk of accidents on ice.
  • Besides this, the cleats can be kept on while driving – it’s completely safe.
  • Another reason why ice cleats are so widely used is that the removable ones are so easy to simply attach to the shoes and then take off whenever required.
  • Wearing ice cleats would ensure that whatever the job is – walking, shovelling, running, playing – gets done faster as the improved grip makes mobility far easier.
  • They barely weigh anything at all. It wouldn’t even feel like something significant is attached to the soles of the shoes or boots. It should be remembered that ice cleats do not make the feet feel heavy.

What to consider when buying Ice Cleats?

Ice cleats serve a vastly different purpose than regular cleats which makes it a bit difficult to determine which are the right fit. However, how good certain ice cleats are, depends on the following features.

Gripping Power

This is the first aspect of a cleat that needs to be inspected. Without a very strong grip on the ground, there is no point of ice cleats.

The best kind of ice cleats won’t provide good traction over smooth surfaces covered with ice only, but also rough and uneven surfaces. Going one step ahead, the best kind of ice cleats are even effective for hiking snow-covered hills and mountains, etc.

Tread Style

This refers to the design of the cleats, their cuts and edges and shapes. Ice cleats come with an array of different tread styles, some of which are more suitable for certain areas and surface types.


Different ice cleats are designed to serve different purposes.

Some are good enough for even mountaineering while others should be worn on level and even surfaces only. Similarly, some can be worn for long periods of time while others should be removed after a couple of hours. Some can even be used indoors while others are strictly for outdoor use only.

This is why one needs to decide where, how, and for how long they intend to use their ice cleats and then find those which meet their requirements.

That being said, there are also ice cleats that have retractable blades. These blades can be taken out while outdoors and retracted indoors. This saves the trouble of attaching and removing cleats while moving in and out of buildings.


Ice cleats bought from retail stores usually do not last very long while those designed by reputable footwear manufacturers have a long lifetime. A buyer can question the salesperson to know how durable and long-lasting the ice cleats are.

However, it should be noted that no matter how durable and high-quality the cleats are, proper maintenance is still needed (regularly cleaning and storing the cleats properly, etc.).


Flexible ice cleats make their use very comfortable as opposed to very hard ones. This means that the feet don’t feel stiff and movement isn’t restricted in any way. Also, such cleats make it feel like one is wearing normal regular shoes or boots without anything attached to them.

Ease Of Use

Not all ice cleats are equally simple and quick to put on or remove. Similarly, if someone has to make a trip where they need to enter and exit a few buildings and walk on the road again, they can’t go for cleats which take too long or too much effort to attach or detach. That being said, most cleats don’t require any real effort to wear or remove.

Safety Features

A lot of ice cleats offer different safety features. For example, some come with padding between the soles of the shoes and the cleats which prevent the build-up of snow or ice. Similarly, others might offer additional grip from the toes to the heels.


This is an incredibly important feature that some might overlook. Ice cleats come in different sizes and shapes which is why finding the right fit is necessary. If the fit isn’t right, the feet can feel too restricted or the shoes might even lose their grip over the surface.


This factor can make the choice of cleats much easier. Different areas get different amounts of snow.

If one lives in an area with heavy snow, it is recommended to get very durable cleats with strong blades. Otherwise, for people living in areas where it doesn’t snow often or much, even simple retail store cleats would do well.

How To Properly Use Ice Fishing Cleats

Here are some do’s and don’ts to make sure that ice cleats are being used in a safe and the right manner.


  • Ice cleats should be worn whenever one steps outside. An accident can happen anytime, even when one needs to be outside for a couple of minutes.
  • There is no need to walk differently when wearing ice cleats. One should walk their normal gait.
  • The soles of the shoes should be checked regularly to see if the cleats are still intact. In case of broken or lost ice cleats, new ones should replace them.
  • Great care needs to be taken when traversing stairs or other uneven surfaces.
  • It is advised to clean the cleats periodically to get any mud or snow off them so that they remain sharp and that their shape or edges aren’t damaged by the snow or dirt, etc.


  • Ice cleats shouldn’t be worn on regular, non-ice covered surfaces such as marble, etc. As soon as one is off the ice or icy surfaces, the cleats should be removed from the shoes.
  • There is no need to rush when wearing ice cleats. The surface is already slippery as it is so slow steps should be taken in normal gait.
  • Stores, offices, and other buildings shouldn’t be entered while wearing ice cleats. However, one needs to mindfully put them back on when they are exiting any building to step on icy surfaces again.

Best Ice Cleats Brands

The following brands are not only known for their premium footwear and accessories but particularly their high-quality ice cleats for ice fishing.


The StabiLicers Lite Walkers are multidirectional ice traction cleats and they can be worn for long periods of time without any discomfort. Available in multiple colours and sizes, these cleats are very easy to attach and remove from the shoes. Also, the easy roll-up for storage also makes them very portable.

The functionality of these cleats is so good that even first health responders commonly use them.


Hillsound is known for its quality hiking equipment and wear and especially the ice cleats. Its Trail Crampons are perfect for uses ranging from difficult mountaineering activities to shovelling the ice. Plus, these come with Velcro shoe straps to ensure the safety of the user.

Most importantly, these cleats come highly recommended for skiing.

Due North

The Everyday G3 are inexpensive yet good-quality ice cleats by this brand. They stand out for their tungsten carbide spikes and are also a popular choice among users because of how one size fits everyone. Furthermore, these flexible cleats also come with a built-in traction pad which ensures that snow doesn’t build up in between the shoes and the cleats.

Apart from this, the textured lining increases traction and prevents slipping on the surface.

Quick Solve

The Walking Grip Spikes by Quick Solve are the right choice for those who want to use the cleats in moderate situations and activities. These cleats can be attached to the boots with ease and they have gripping surfaces throughout the solve to give the user more stability and a greater grip.

In addition to this, the brand makes sure that the shoes fit snugly with the cleats on, which is another feature buyers prefer. This adds to the comfort while one has got cleats on.

Note: While ice cleats can make working, playing, or simply moving over ice very easy and safe, they usually should not be worn indoors. The cleats are designed to provide good traction over surfaces covered with ice, not plain and smooth surfaces such as those found inside homes. To prevent any accidents from happening, the cleats should be taken off as soon as one enters the home or earlier, if possible.


Ice fishing gear is often quickly picked on a whim and with the hard conditions it has to stand up to it doesn’t last. With a little time taken and some research you can chose gear that will last a lot longer. This will save you a lot of money for such little time spent.

I hope my guide pinpoints a pair of ice cleats that will last you for many happy ice fishing years. Also, the buying guide should help people new to the sport pinpoint what important when looking for the best ice cleats for ice fishing.

So next time you hit that frozen lake don’t forget your ice cleats to avoid them slips and I wish you many tight lines.