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We love to tell our tails of that huge fish that got away or the big one that you landed but didn’t have a camera to take the picture memories lost but with the modern technology and the invention of really small GoPro cameras that are much easier to carry with your fishing gear. Having a GoPro is one part of the jigsaw but getting the best GoPro mount for fishing is the next part.

Our aim in this guide is to show you some of the best GoPro mounts that are excellent for fishing and to get that perfect action shot we will then cover some of the most important things to consider when you come to purchase a GoPro mount in our mini buying guide.

VGSION Sportsman Camera Clamp

VGSION Sportsman Camera Clamp

Do you ever wish you could record the moment of the big catch but never seem to have a camera handy? Do you find yourself wondering how people capture those amazing fishing videos by themselves? Wonder no more. The VGSION Sportsman Clamp Mount is a specially designed mount made to put your camera at the heart of the action. This clamp can accommodate Go Pro, Insta 360, and other similar action camera setups.

You will be able to mount your camera on your boat, in the water, above the water, or even on your fishing rod itself allowing you to film your adventures without taking your hands and eyes off the prize. Never again will your fish stories be in doubt when you are able to capture the whole event on video. Easily adjustable, easy to install, and made from the highest-quality metals and plastics, you get a durable and functional camera mount that won’t slip and works with all the most popular action cameras on the market.

  • Craft your own amazing videos with this durable camera mount
  • Able to fit Go Pro and other brands you know and love
  • Super affordable for any budget
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TELESIN Multi Functional Aluminum Alloy Cap Clip

TELESIN Multi Functional Aluminum Alloy Cap Clip

Don’t miss a minute of the action with the TELESIN Multi Functional Aluminum Alloy Cap Clip. With this simple and handy clip, you can capture all of the best moments from almost anywhere. Simply attach the clip to your hat, purse, backpack, or other similar tag along item and begin filming. This awesome and affordable clip is compatible with all of the most popular action camera applications on the market today.

With the TELESIN Multi Functional Aluminum Alloy Cap Clip you can capture the moment you reel in the big fish of a lifetime, record scenic trips along blue waters from your boat or record the moment you spot that large shark from the bow. You can do all of this without taking up a valuable use of your hands. Continue to drive, fish, or hike without interruption or worry with this awesome camera clip. Capture the best moments to share with your friends and family or craft amazing videos of your adventures for public consumption from the best POV viewpoint.

  • The universally compatible clip can fit almost anywhere
  • Mount your camera for awesome first person views of the action
  • Perfect for fishing, boating, kayaking, hiking and other outdoor activities
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Chest Mount Harness for GoPro Camera

Chest Mount Harness for GoPro Camera

Upgrade your game with equipment used by the pros with the AmazonBasics Chest Mount Harness for GoPro Camera. Emulating the equipment used by law enforcement, professional athletes, and outdoor adventurers, Amazon delivers a fantastic harness that is designed to securely mount your action camera from a favorable vantage point for the best shots of all the action. This harness can hold all of the most popular cameras on the market and fits snuggly to your body so you don’t have to worry about the camera or about missing out on all of the action.

Simply mount the camera, put the harness on and press play and you are good to go. Perfect for fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, and other outdoor activities. Or wear it while golfing, playing sports or any other activity that you want to record from the center of the action. With millions of products and decades of experience, Amazon has taken all of this and crafted a quality camera harness for mass consumption. Film like the pros today.

  • An adjustable harness that fits most people perfectly
  • Can mount all of the most popular cameras on the market today
  • Supremely affordable
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YakAttack PanFish Pro Camera Mount

YakAttack PanFish Pro Camera Mount

Capture the action from all different angles with the YakAttack PanFish Pro Camera Mount (CMS-1002). This useful utility mount is perfect for filming your adventures from every which direction. Equipped with a full 360 degree swivel, tall mount, and secure fittings, you can get a birdseye shot, long range selfie shots, or panoramic images of the happenings. It can be used as a selfie stick or you can mount it into the tracks of your kayak, boat, or canoe to give you the best shots. Don’t let your camera angles suffer from the lack of range and mobility of your hands alone, increase your filming range, and variety with this reliable and affordable purchase.

The YakAttack PanFish Pro Camera Mount (CMS-1002) is also equipped with LockNLoad tech that ensures that your camera will stay securely mounted and won’t slip. YakAttack makes all of its products in the United States and features a manufacturer Built For Life Guarantee.

  • Mountable stick with a full range of motion and swivel captures the best views and angles
  • Capture the best moments without missing a beat
  • Made in the USA with superior quality and manufacturer guarantee
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Brocraft Kayak Portable Camera Mount/for GO Pro Mount

Brocraft Kayak Portable Camera Mount/for GO Pro Mount

Time on the water can be beautiful, relaxing and exciting. Kayaking has been a source of incredible stories, great times and fishing for years. Now you can record all of the best moments from the water with the Brocraft Kayak Portable Camera Mount/for GO Pro Mount. Some Go Pro mounts and other action camera mounts are not designed with kayaks or boaters in mind but are generic mounts that will not protect your camera when you are out on the water. The Brocraft Kayak Portable Camera Mount/for GO Pro Mount is a mount specifically designed for use on kayaks.

This mount comes with a special insert that allows you to attach it straight into the rails of your kayak so the mount and your camera will be securely locked to the kayak without fear of slipping or falling into the water. This way you can record your fishing trips, kayaking tours and other water adventures without having to worry about holding your camera or keeping it safe.

  • A camera mount made to fit snuggly into your kayak setup
  • Catch the best views and all the action with this simple and affordable mount
  • Able to record above water or even below water with this easily installed and adjusted mount
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Best GoPro Mount for Fishing Buying Guide

So you want to start capturing the fight with a large bass or simple want to take pictures with your GoPro don’t miss that awesome fight to show off with your family and friends.

There are only a few things to consider when it comes to getting the best GoPro mount for fishing but they are important to consider so that you get the perfect shot or the shot that you want so let’s cover some of them.

Different GoPro Mounts

Chest Mount – A chest mount is for someone who is looking to get deep action shots your frantic reeling the bend of the rod and as you bend to land the fish you will be immersed in the action so this style of mount is ideal you want a real action packed video.

Head Mount

A lot of people don’t like these as they feel a little silly with a camera on their head but they have their place, they give a real look back of the action what you were seeing relive the moment from your actual viewpoint ideal for people who don’t want to be too submerged in the action but relive it from an eye-level view and someone who doesn’t mind a camera on their head.

Rod Mount

Now your less likely to get the action shots of the other two types of mounts with this one as your camera will be pointing into the sky or to the reel so you will miss a lot of the action but don’t discount them offhand as a rod mount can be brilliant to get brilliant casting shots.

Pole Mount

It shouldn’t take me to tell you that if your fishing then this is going to be a lot harder to get action shots with this as you need a hand to use it and they will be both used upon the rod but like the rod mount this pole mount shouldn’t be dismissed as you can get brilliant underwater shots with this mount if you’re realizing a fish capture it as it swims off into the deep it’s an awesome shot.

So you need to consider the type of shot you want to achieve and see what mount best suits that you may want two mounts to get a few different shots.

GoPro Mount Build Quality

Build quality is something that I always take serious with my fishing gear because as much as we try to keep everything safe things do get bumped and drops at times on my fishing adventures and it’s just unavoidable so having a quality product is a must.

How do you know you getting a well-built quality mount is the question and it’s not easier to know unless you buy and use it but the best way is to read reviews and boy if the product you are considering if rubbish the reviews will tell you.

I always discount negative reviews if the overwhelming majority are positive this could be down to being very unlucky or user miss treatment, we have gone thought all the products that we have recommended and they all pass the test.

Our GoPro Mount Recommendation

Picking the best mount will come down totally to the action that you want to capture and we hope we laid that out above but if you’re going to twist my arm then I would have to go with the chest mount as I personally love the action packed shots and getting up and close to the fish being landed.


Sitting down and really considering what type of action shots you want is the only way to get the best GoPro mount for fishing. We hope that our guide really helps make that buying choice mush easier and when you set out on your next fishing adventures it enables you to get the perfect shots to show off your captures to your friends and family.

All this leaves us to do is to wish you many happy fishing trips and many tight lines.