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There is nothing like a fishing trip on a hot sunny day. However, coming home with a headache after squinting because of the glare of the sun on the water was no fun. So I was on a mission to put this right and I wanted the best fishing sunglasses under $50 to end my problem.

I wanted a pair of sunglasses that was both affordable but most importantly took the glare of the water my researches lead me to find 6 of the best within this price range. I have put a complete buying guide below for people want to know what to look for when making their purchase but if you just want to know the best these a right at the top.

1. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

A good fisher knows that they need a few key things to be successful, a good rod, the right bait, and a solid pair of polarized sunglasses. Sunglasses are a key yet overlooked part of a fisherman’s arsenal. They keep the sun out of your eyes and they cut through the waters giving you an enhanced vision of your surroundings. Upgrade your accessories today with the Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses. These sunglasses are not only stylish, they are fully polarized, and come at an affordable price.

They are perfect for fishing because of their durable plastic construction. The polarized lenses are made out of plastic as are the frames which not only keep your eyes shaded and sharp but also make it harder to scratch or ding during use. The frames are also made out of durable plastic. That means these sunglasses can be dropped in the water and fished out without any issues. They can be dropped on the hot boat deck and they won’t shatter or break. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses are an amazing pair of durable sunglasses perfect for fishing.

  • 100% polarized lenses
  • Lightweight and durable plastic make
  • Affordable and stylish
  • Comes in a variety of colors and patterns to fit your style
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2. Wiley X P-17 Sunglasses

Wiley X P-17 Sunglasses

The Wiley X P-17 Polarized Sunglasses are an excellent pair of quality sunglasses that are perfect for any outdoor activity. They have extra polarized lenses that block out 100% of harmful UV rays from the sun that leaves your eyes happy, healthy, and comfortable. They are a timeless black color and style that will fit well with any and every wardrobe.

The lenses are shatterproof, meaning you won’t have to worry about dropping them or scratching them. The lenses are also 8 layer filtered to give you the crispest visual quality possible. You will be able to see the difference when you peer into clear waters and notice how the glare vanishes giving you a great view.

  • Durable, sturdy plastic construction
  • Shatterproof lenses leave you worry free during use
  • 8 layer filtered lenses keep out 100% of harmful UV rays while giving you a crisp glare-free view of your surroundings
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3. Retro Rewind Classic Polarized Sunglasses

Retro Rewind Classic Polarized Sunglasses

Upgrade your look today with the Retro Rewind Classic Polarized Sunglasses. These glasses are absolutely classic and timeless in their design. They have big lenses with sit on your face comfortably. Best of all, they won’t break and they won’t break the bank. They are supremely affordable giving you the option to get multiple pairs to fill out your style. Why would you need multiple pairs? Because these glasses come in a whopping 46 different colors and styles. That’s right, no matter what color frames or lenses you want, you can get it.

Not only do they come in a variety of colors to give you exactly the look you want, but they are also 100% polarized. There are a lot of sunglasses out there that look great but are not polarized. Polarized lenses not only cut down on glare but they also keep harmful UV rays from getting to your eyes and causing damage.

  • 46 different color combinations to fit your style
  • 100% polarized
  • Affordable price that you will love
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4. Wooden Sunglasses with Black Polarized Lens

Wooden Sunglasses with Black Polarized Lens

Give yourself a modern and sophisticated look with the Wooden Sunglasses with Black Polarized Lens by Woodies. They are a reputable maker of stylish and stunning sunglasses with wooden frames. Don’t get suckered into getting cheap plastic sunglasses that are made overseas that resemble the ones that are given out for free on the street. Get yourself a solid durable pair of wooden framed sunglasses.

This design incorporates durable walnut wood arms with a plastic frame around the lenses to give you that perfect combination of style, durability, and form that you crave. The lenses are 100% polarized so they not only look great but they perform great while out. They will cut down on that nasty glare from the sun and the worst reflections off the water leaving you looking good and your eyes feeling good during a day out.

  • A unique wood framed look will have you turning heads
  • 100% polarized lenses keep your eyes healthy and happy
  • Lightweight and durable design and construction
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5. Duduma Sunglasses for Mens Womens

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Give yourself an upgraded look with these classic aviator style sunglasses from Duduma. They have that iconic look and feel of the aviator glasses that are so popular. The lenses are 100% polarized, mirrored, and have a high tint to keep the uncomfortable light and glare of the sun at bay while you get out and play.

The lenses themselves are made from a high grade polycarbonate resin which is both lightweight, and shatterproof without sacrificing any vision quality. They won’t scratch or break like traditional glass lenses can. That means you get that classic aviator look, fully mirrored and polorized without having to worry about breaking your favorite pair of sunglasses while out on the boat. Amazing!

  • Innovative resin-based lenses prevent scratching and breaking
  • 100% polarized and mirrored lenses give you a classic look and great performance
  • Perfect for any outdoor activity such as fishing or boating
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6. Joopin Semi Rimless Polarized Sunglasses

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Modern, rimless glasses are all the rage right now, a fact that Joopin has capitalized on with their newest model of sunglasses. These glasses give you a classic vibe with a modern touch and will look great on any face. You can get them in a variety of different tints and mirrored designs to ensure that they fit your style no matter what. They are also 100% polarized to keep out the glare of the sun during your favorite activities. Best of all, they are at an affordable price that makes it easy to buy a pair for you and the whole family without breaking a sweat.

  • Modern design looks great
  • Available in a bunch of different colors, tints, and mirrors
  • 100% polarized lenses
  • Great price will make this purchase a no-brainer
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Best Fishing Sunglasses under $50 Buying Guide

Do you have a pair of fishing sunglass? If you love fishing and often go fishing, then you should have a fishing sunglass.

Fishing sunglasses are not a fashion statement. They are there to protect your eyes while fishing.

You see fishing involves working of your eye muscles. Like other muscles in your body, they can wear out as well.

Your eyes are precious, and you don’t want anything to happen to them. It keeps sand. Water, or other dirt particles from entering the eyes.

There is more. it protects your eyes from glare. You may think that it is the same as a polarized glass but it is not Fishing glasses are particularly good for fishing. and you will find out today why it is.

How to select the best fishing sunglasses?

When you are out to buy sunglasses, you will notice there are many types of glasses out there. It will be difficult for you to choose the right one.

At first you need to know about all of them. So, here are some features of fishing sunglasses you should know before buying one.

Frame technology

The frame is the most important part of the glasses. It prevents any foreign particles from entering the eye.

Apart from that the main function of the frame is to keep the lens in its place. No matter how powerful the glasses are. if the lens is not in place. you cannot see properly.


When you are on the water, you need good coverage. A good fishing sunglass will give you just that.

During fishing, there will be a lot of stormy and dusty days. It gets like that most of the time.

Some fishing sunglasses were designed with this on the mind. They are made with 8 base frames.

As a result you won’t be bothered by dirt particles. You can see clearly in the water.

Additionally, the 8 base frames make sure to wrap around your face. So, it is secured in its position. There is nothing to stop you from catching fish from the water.


When you are on the water, the saltwater vapor is high in the atmosphere. It can easily corrode the objects you have with you on water, even your fishing sunglasses.

So, while selecting the sunglasses materials. you need to be wise. A metal sunglass will erode really fast in this condition.

On the other hand, there is acetate. It is also not good for fishing. But it is a type of plastic that bends easily with heat

So, your glasses will be ruined before you even start fishing. You should select a durable material. one that can withstand moisture for long.

A good example is the nylon. it can withstand cold and heat. Additionally, the material is light and easy to carry.


It probably goes without saying, but you need sunglasses that fit your face. Imagine fishing while fixing your glasses again and again. How uncomfortable is that?

But if you get a sunglass of the right size, it won’t come off at any cost Not even when you have a big fish on the strings.

Lens Technology

No matter what type of sunglasses you buy. the lens is the most important part of it. The lens decides how clearly you will see things around during fishing.

When you get your hands on one, make sure the lens is polarized and scratch-resistant It should have a mirror-like finishing so that it stops glares from entering your eyes.

After selecting the lens with good quality, all you need to do is pick a color for the lens.


A polarized lens is a must for fishing. When light rays from the sun. they are reflected by water and other surfaces. They change from vertical to horizontal wavelengths during this time.

We notice these reflected wavelengths as glares. In the water, there is plenty of glare.

A polarized lens can filter through them and make sure you have a clear view of the water. Fishing becomes easier this way.


There are three materials for lens, polycarbonate, Trivex, and glass. A polycarbonate lens is light but it is vulnerable to scratch.

Glass is heavier and can shatter easily, Luckily, Trivex has properties of both. They are light and are scratch-resistant.

However, glass and polycarbonate give advantages to different types of fishing. So, better to learn about that before you decide which lens material you want.

Color enhancement

There are two color choices for fishing glasses. tint gray and colored glass. The two are different in function as well.

A grey lens will change the light entering the eyes into grey. It is good for sunny weather. but you will lose contrast with this one.

Color tinted glasses change the color but keep the contrast. Hence, many fishermen like copper or rose-tinted glass.

Additionally. a yellow-tinted glass gives a better view in low light It is great for people fishing at night

Best lenses for your environment Off-shore

In offshore fishing, you are on the water. which is 30 meters deep or more. Here. you are under the sun. with only the clouds protecting you from rays.

At this point, the light will reflect off from the water. there will be glare everywhere. A grey sunglass fit in the situation best. Since it can lower glare, it will be the best choice for fishing offshore.

Best lenses for your environment In-shore

When the water is less than 30 meters deep, it is in-shore fishing. Meaning fishing in lakes, streams or fly-fishing is inshore fishing.

In these cases, you are surrounded by green nature. So, there is some shade from the trees and greeneries.

The light glare is not so strong in this position. In these situations. you can easily pick colorful sunglasses, so there are a rich contrast and crystal clear view.

Final words

After reading this article. we hope that you are clear about the fishing sunglass your need. Start with the situation you are in while fishing.

It gives you the answer you are looking for when selecting colors. The next most important part of the lens. Do some research about it and see which one is suitable for you.

Once you have done this, the rest of the part is very easy. You just need to go out and select a sunglass that fits you.