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When you return home from a long day of fishing it’s important to clean your gear more so if they have got dirt on. With fishing equipment being so expensive it’s really important to keep it well looked after and it will last you a lifetime. One piece of equipment that can really help is one of the best fishing rod racks; this will allow you to store your rods safely.

We take a look at the top 5 best fishing rod racks that are available and give each an overview to show why there some of the best on the market. Also we have a buying guide if you want some more information on rod racks.

Rush Creek Creations 16 Round Fishing Rod

Rush Creek Creations 16 Round Fishing Rod

Display your fishing rods with pride with this unique rod holding rack. This rack will fit perfectly in your home, in your mancave, by the front door, out in the shed or anywhere else you might want to store and display your rods in a stylish and interesting fashion. The Rush Creek Creations 16 Round Fishing Rod Display is the perfect addition to any anglers home or office and is useable as a unique decorative piece or simply a utility storage rack.

The Rush Creek Creations 16 Round Fishing Rod Display can hold a full sixteen different fishing rods in it. Incredible! It comes in a variety of styles including classic walnut, American flag camo, and more so no matter what your style or look is, this rack will be a great match. The durable steel center post prevents warping and ensures that this rack will stand the test of time. Better yet, it does not require any tools to assemble. The whole thing goes together easily and intuitively without tools.

  • Full 16 rod, circular rack fits perfectly into any home setting
  • Display and store your rod of all styles and shapes
  • Dimensions: 13. 3″ L x 13. 3″ W x 30″ H
  • Affordable storage for the angler in your life
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LUXHMOX Fishing-Rod Holder Rack Holds 24

LUXHMOX Fishing-Rod Holder Rack Holds 24

It has happened to all of us. One day you go to grab a fishing rod and realize that somehow your collection has multiplied. Your family members are starting to get annoyed with the breadth and variety of your magnificent collection. But there is no way to properly store them, you tell them but they just roll their eyes at you. Now you can store all of your rods in one convenient place with the LUXHMOX 24 Fishing-Rod Holder Rack.

This amazing rack lovingly cushions your rods in an ingenious standing rack that would fit perfectly in your garage, workshop, or man cave. It can hold up to twenty-four rods, giving you plenty of room to maintain and grow your collection. Now everything will be neat and organized in this sturdy, functional, and spacious rod rack. Do not let your rods get out of hand again, keep them all in place with the LUXHMOX 24 Fishing-Rod Holder Rack.

  • A super affordable rack can hold up to 24 total rods
  • Foam bars keep your rods cradled and protected during storage
  • Can display and organize your rod collection easily
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Berkley Fishing Rod Rack

Berkley Fishing Rod Rack

Are you just looking for a simple solution to your fishing rod dilemma? Have you had your rods fall over in the garage and get tangled, dinged or broken? Do you only have a couple of rods and don’t need all of the space that some racks advertise? Not to worry. There is a simple solution waiting for you. The Berkley Fishing Rod Rack is the brilliant and brilliantly simple solution that you have been seeking to your fishing rod storage needs.

This is a simple, six rod rack that mounts to your garage wall and keeps your rods sitting upright, out of the way and off the ground. The bottom rack is coated with soft foam so your grips do not sit in the dust or dirt. The upper rack can be attached at any height to accommodate your rod heights and keeps them snugly and securely standing for convenient storage. You will never lose or damage a rod again with this simple and elegant rack by Berkley.

  • A simple solution to fishing rod storage
  • Affordable and discreet
  • Perfect for the casual angler with a few rods to store in a garage
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PLUSINNO Fishing Rod Rack

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod Rack

PLUSINNO is a reputable maker of angling equipment, gear, and accessories. They know rods, they know reels and they know what you as an avid angler needs out of your home storage for your fishing equipment. That is why they designed the PLUSINNO Fishing Rod Rack which holds up to six rods. This two sided rod holder has plenty of room for your rods and your reels and will sit nicely in a garage, shed, storage room, or office.

It is made from lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminum, meaning you can throw your rods and reels straight in even if they are still wet from the fishing trip. A little salt and a little water won’t hurt this rack one bit. This rack is modern looking and will securely store and hold your rods no matter where you put it. The whole thing is easy to assemble and does not need any tools to do so.

  • Would make a great gift for any angler
  • Affordable storage for up to six rods
  • Dimensions: 16.5″H x 17.2″L x11″W
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Rush Creek Creations 14 Fishing Rod Rack with 4 Utility Box

Rush Creek Creations 14 Fishing Rod Rack with 4 Utility Box

Rush Creek is back with yet another amazing fishing rod storage solution for the stylish and avid angler. Instead of a boring and utilitarian rack, they continue to craft amazing solutions that look great and function great. The Rush Creek Creations 14 Fishing Rod Rack holds up to 14 rods in a stylish wooden style. It has room for a full tackle box on top and includes a four shelf wire shelving system that is perfect to store extra line, lures, hooks, and other loose objects.

Most rod holders are just that, holders for rods only. With the top shelf and middle racking system, the Rush Creek Creations 14 Fishing Rod Rack has room for all of your fishing gear from rods to reels to tackle boxes, extra line, lures, and more. This isn’t just a rod holder, it is a complete fishing storage solution that looks amazing. It will fit in any home, office, garage, man cave, or den. Its classic wood look and compact shape make it an unobtrusive piece of furniture that will fit in rather than stand out.

  • A complete fishing storage solution that holds way more than just rods
  • Can hold up to fourteen rods and reels
  • The classic wood look will fit almost anywhere
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Why Use a Rod Rack

Your fishing pole is one of the most important elements of your fishing kit so storing them correctly and safely is so important. Doing so will dramatically lengthen the life of your pole and could even last you a lifetime.

What a rod rack dose is keeping your fishing rods neatly stored straight. What this achieves is that the rods with reels can’t get tangled. When you throw your rods in the garage after a long day they can get bent and dangled this can cause hairline cracks in your rod, which can lead to the rod breaking when you have a fish on.

Different Types of Rod Racks

There are a few different styles of rod racks that you can purchase and below that we will cover each type to show their benefits.

Home Use Rod Rack

When your rods are not in use at home they are most likely in the garage or in a cupboard this can lead to them getting damaged. The main styles that people use for home use is a wall mounted fishing rod rack. These are normally screwed to your wall and allow you to easily place your rods into the holder keeping them out of the way and really safe. You can also get free standing rod racks if you don’t want to screw anything to the wall. These are very popular but can take up a little more room. If you have a garage a perfect solution would be to use a ceiling mounted rod rack. These keep your rods out of harm’s way and have very little change of getting damaged

Boat Rod Rack

When on a boat there are loads of opportunities for your fishing rods that are not in use to get damaged. A few examples would be when you are playing a fish or driving the boat unattended rods can get damaged. The best solution to keep them safe is a rod rack designed for boat fishing. They can come in many different styles from clap on or flush mounted.

For Bank Anglers

If you’re not a boat fisher then you’re more than likely a bank fisher, I have lost count the number of times I have heard a loud crack and then expletives. When an angler has been moving around and left his rod on the floor only to stand on it. It’s an expensive accident to make and one that a inexpensive tool like a rod rack can cure. Some people don’t realise they are available however there are plenty for the bank angler. Including the stranded stake system to a screw model both have their benefits.

How to Choose the Best Fishing Rod Rack

Choose the best fishing rod rack for your situation may be different from mine. However, giving thought to some of the things I cover below will help you make an easier choice.

Type of Rod Rack

My recommendation would be to have multiple rod racks if you store your rods in different locations. So for example I would want one for my home and if I was a boat fisher then I would get a boat rod rack. So if you have plenty of space you may want a standing rack but if you need to save space then a wall mounted rack would be best.

Space Saving

We alluded to this above however, a rod rack is designed to keep your rods safe but you also don’t want to take a whole room up. So you want to look for a rack that is space saving if you are happy with drilling the wall then a wall mounted rack is perfect. If you have a garage then a ceiling mounted rack is going to be the most space saving solution.

Rack Capacity

One of the most important questions that you will have to answer apart from space saving is how many rods will you be storing. Most anglers have more than one rod I know I do and I don’t always take them with me. Rod racks can hold 5 to 20 rods I would recommend getting a rack that give you a few extra spaces for any new rods you buy.

Design Fit

Rod racks come in many different forms from horizontal to vertical so it’s important to check that you have the room to accommodate. There is no main advantage from one or the other so I would make my decision on the room you have.

Rod Rack Durability

You can purchase rod racks in many different materials aluminum, steel, plastic, or wood and there all hard wearing. A rod rack is not going to come under too much strain so the choice shouldn’t be agonised over. The only one tip that I can give is if your storing wet rods and you chose wood then the rack could possible warp.


You shouldn’t have any problems with assembly of many fishing rod rack all our suggestions are easy to build. But it’s worth checking out to see if people are having any problems with setup.


All fishing rods racks will come with a warranty in case anything breaks down even though it’s very unlikely. However, I good maintenance regime will keep your rack in tiptop condition. At times when we are in a rush we don’t always try off our rods. It’s important to try them off even if you do it the next day. If you go sea fishing its very important to try them off as the sea water can damage your rod rack. Keeping the rack out of direct sun will dramatically extend the life of your fishing rods.


We hope that this guide helps you find the best fishing rod rack for your situation. We have put the top 5 recommendations that we feel are the best on the market at the moment.

I don’t feel there is the best one, as we all have different situations. We hope using our buying guide should help you chose the best one for your situation.

Keeping your fishing rods safe when in storage is key if you want them to last you a lifetime.