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If you’re on the lookout for a pair of the best fishing pants for your next fishing trip, then we are here to help you find them. Depending on your needs will depend on what type of fishing pants you want, but just like the fashion industry, there are many different styles and types just to make the whole buying process that much harder.

So we aim to make the buying process so much easier by pointing you in the direction of some of the best fishing pants that are available in today’s markets.

What we have done here is list the top 5 fishing pants showing what situation that is best suited for and what makes them the best. We have also included a little buyer’s guide to show you how we come to this conclusion, and if you want to search for your own, this should help you do that.

So first let’s get into the top 5 fishing pants

1. FANHANG Outdoor Quick Dry Pants

FANHANG Outdoor Quick Dry Pants

Not all fish are found on the shores of a cozy, relaxing beach. Some of the best fishing spots require some work to attain. Whether you need to wade through streams to get to the place where they bite or if you need to hike some distance, you will need some gear to make sure you get there and stay comfortable while doing it. The FANHANG Quick Dry Outdoor pants offer you a piece of clothing that will hold up to the elements, keep you warm, keep you dry, and will fit great. If you thought the fishing gear was all about coolers and sunglasses, think again.

These versatile outdoor pants by FANHANG have everything you need for your outdoor adventures. They are thin and lightweight unlike heavy waiters. They have a number of zipper pockets that allow you to to store your valuables such as keys, phones and wallets without worrying about them getting wet or lost. You can get them with fleece for especially cold environments or without if you just want a good pair of durable outdoor pants. These outdoor pants are always comfortable and are designed to perform for you.

  • Stretchy, comfortable design
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Perfect for outdoor adventures, including fishing
  • Multiple pockets with zippers for safe storage
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2. MAGCOMSEN Men’s Pants Water Resistant

MAGCOMSEN Men's Pants Water Resistant

Keep yourself comfortable, warm and dry while on your outdoor adventures with these amazing hiking pants. The MAGCOMSEN Men’s Hiking Pants are rugged and designed for the outdoorsman in all of us. Jeans are great but they hold so much moisture, are prone to chafing and can be extremely heavy. Ditch your old pants and get yourself an upgrade to your wardrobe that will enhance your outdoor experiences. Most people do not think about pants when they are outfitting themselves for their activities. There is a lot of attention paid to sunglasses, shirts and other things but your legs are one of the biggest parts of your body and they deserve attention too.

The MAGCOMSEN Men’s Hiking Pants are a comfortable lightweight polyester and spandex blend that are designed for durability and comfort. The pants have four zip up pockets designed to keep your belongings safe and secured no matter what you are doing. These pants also include reinforced knees. There is nothing worse than scuffing your knee on a rock or branch and seeing them tear or having them wear out faster than the rest of the pants. Now, the knees are reinforced for extra longevity and durability.

  • Lightweight and thin pants designed for any outdoor activities
  • Zipper pockets keep your stuff secured during use
  • Reinforced knees ensure one of the most important parts of the pants stay better longer
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3. The North Face Men’s Paramount Active Convertible Pant

The North Face Men's Paramount Active Convertible Pant

The North Face is a globally known brand that offers high quality, outdoor gear for people of all stripes. This stellar reputation and quality can be seen in their Paramount Active Convertible Pants. These pants are excellent for a wide variety of outdoor activities including hiking and fishing.

The Paramount Active Convertible Pants are lightweight and water repellent which aim to keep you light and dry during use. They are also convertible, allowing you to unzip the lower part of the legs to create shorts on the go. Weather conditions can change rapidly out in nature and it is good to be able to quickly go from shorts to pants and back again if needed. In addition to being convertible and water resistant they also offer UPF 50 protection against harmful UV rays. These pants are designed to keep you protected, covered and comfortable while you are out and about on the trail. Plus, you’ll look great in them with The North Face’s iconic branding and style.

  • Water resistant and UV resistant gives you ultimate protection while outdoors
  • Can quickly go from pants to shorts to adapt to changing outdoor conditions
  • Perfect for hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities
  • Zippered cargo style pockets for safe storage
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4. CQR Men’s Tactical Pants

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CQR has pulled out all of the stops in designing their new line of tactical inspired pants. These work pants are made to be used, abused and put away for another go. The CQR Men’s Tactical Pants are made for working, hiking, fishing, camping, daily use and more. They are water and dirt resistant and have a ton of pockets for easy storage of gear, equipment and more. Inspired by our men and women in the military and in law enforcement, these pants are designed to give you tactical quality at an affordable price.

They want everyone to get a pair! They come in thirty two different colors and almost every conceivable size. That’s right, thirty two colors and styles. Don’t get left wearing boring blue jeans or khaki work pants ever again. This means no matter what your size, style or tastes are, CQR has made a pair that will fit you perfectly.

  • Tactically inspired pants perfect for any environment
  • Made in a stunning array of colors and sizes
  • Lightweight and affordable
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5. HUK Men’s Trawler Pant

HUK Men's Trawler Pant

Don’t hit the water without the proper gear. There are a ton of generic and cheap retailers out there trying to sell bland “outdoor” pants that supposedly do everything at once. Don’t be fooled. Get a pair of outdoor pants by a fishing company. That means your gear will be made by fishermen for fishermen.

HUK Men’s Trawler Pants are made specifically for fishing. They know you are going to get wet, they know you are going to get sweaty and they know you’ll be sitting or standing for long periods of time. Also, they have taken all of that into account while designing these pants for your use. They have quick dry technology, anti-microbial coatings, and a water repellent coating to ensure that you remain warm, dry, and odor free for longer. Outfit yourself with quality, professional fishing gear by HUK today.

  • Pants made especially for anglers
  • Quickly drying and anti-microbial materials used
  • Water resistant coating applied
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Best Fishing Pants Buyers Guide

I have put together this mini buyers guide to help you pick the best fishing pants as no two pairs of pants are the same it’s a little difficult on picking the best but this guide is to help show you all the main points on what to look for when picking the perfect for you and we will cover them in a little more detail below.

Fishing Pants Features

Features in pants what’s that all about I hear you saying well I know but fishing pants have features and they will help in your fishing adventures. Some nice features are extra pockets for fitting end terminal in so you don’t lose them, we also like loops in wader style pants this will allow you to put your landing net in to free up a hand.

So really when we say features we mean pockets and extra material that allows you to attach equipment to make your fishing easier and more enjoyable.

Fishing Pants Style

Style is not like fashion with fishing pants its more to do with the style of fishing you will be doing and dose the style match the type of fishing you will be doing.

So if you will be on the move a lot then you don’t want anything to bulky that will make moving around more difficult.

Fishing Pants Material

Now this may be the most important factor depending on the type of fishing you will be doing.

So if you are ice fishing then you will want a very warm material covered in a waterproofing material.

If you like going into the water then a pair of wader pants will be something you want and these will be a rubber material and will be 100% waterproof, if you’re going into cold water then you will want some other pants on as well to keep your legs warm.

You also want materials that are capable of wicking the water away very quickly as if you have done fishing for any amount of time you will have been socked by a rain shower so a pair of paints that can wick away the water is very important as you don’t want to be wearing damp clothes.

What are the Best Fishing Pants?

It’s that one again what’s the best pair of pants and with fishing pants, it’s really hard to pick one size that fits all as there are many different styles of fishing types but you should find a pair of pants that suit your needs perfectly above. If you are going to make me pick then I would have to go with The North Face Men's Paramount Active Convertible Pant they look good to have some nice features that are durable and should suit many different styles of fishing.


We hope that our guide points you in the correct direction for the best fishing pants, we also hope that our guide is not all about the most expensive pants but the best and you can pick you a perfect pair for not much money that will last you plenty of years to come.

So for your next trip out with your new fishing pants, we hope they keep you warm/cool and that you get plenty of tight lines on your fishing adventures.