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If you are just starting out or been fishing years you may know just how hard it is picking the Best Fishing Line for Walleye.

So, with this in mind, I have put together our reviews of the top 5 choices of line for the next time you hit the lake on the search of walleye.

As I know how hard it is getting the correct line for the job I have put together a buying guide below for extra information on the best fishing line for walleye.

GEVICONT Braided Fishing Line

GEVICONT Braided Fishing Line

GEVICONT has set out to create a high quality fishing line that stands up to the best on the market, for a price any fisher can afford.

They have prided themselves on making a fishing line that is indistinguishable from the most expensive lines on the market for a price you won’t believe. They have made their braided line available in a variety of strengths and colors for the ultimate customization.

Whether you are fishing in saltwater, brackish water, freshwater this line will perform exactly how you want it. They even recommend it for ice fishing, bow fishing, and fly fishing. Any kind of fishing!

The versatility comes from the design of the braided line itself. It has unbeatable strength, zero stretch, high memory, and low diameter. This makes this braided line strong, light, and able to be used for any application. You will be able to cast farther, pull harder, and thread your rods with the best. Don’t get fooled by expensive lines when GEVICONT has you covered for a price you’ll love.

  • Outperforms the more expensive competition
  • Versatile line can be used in any situation
  • Unbeatable strength comes in a variety of configurations for ultimate customization
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Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

Keep your passion Made in America with the Power Pro line by Spectra. Spectra proudly makes all of their lines right here in the United States so you know you’re getting the highest quality material while supporting American made businesses.

Power Pro lines are a staple of the fishing community and come in a variety of strengths and sizes all the way up to super bulk sizes. Spectra has packed unique innovative features into their line that really stand out upon use.

Their braided line is made from proprietary Spectra fibers that increase the tensile strength and abrasion resistance. This is paired with their Enhanced Body Technology (EBT) which boosts the line’s handling performance making this line the ultimate in strength, abrasion resistance, and control.

In certain packages, Spectra has added an EZ Spool option which allows you to refill your rod straight from the box and even includes a built-in line cutter. All of this shows how Spectra is revolutionizing the fishing line market and continues to serve American anglers.

  • Made with proprietary Spectra fiber
  • Enhanced Body Technology increases power and control of the line
  • EZ Spool allows you to refill your rod straight from the box
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Stren High Impact Monofilament Fishing Line

Stren High Impact Monofilament Fishing Line

Refill your lines today with this reel by Stren. This quality monofilament fishing line comes in a respectable 860-yard length and a 15lbs strength. The perfect way to load up on some of the best lines on the market. The lines by Stren are made right here in the USA giving you the best quality possible. Don’t fall prey to foreign made junk lines or low quality materials. Make sure your lines are American made from the best materials.

Their American made monofilament line offers a great blend of strength, control, and durability. The lightweight monofilament line is perfect for casting, fishing in the shallows and floating. The line is also super shock resistant. Stren strides to make the best monofilament line to be used by anglers of all kinds. Their bulk lines and superior product are a perfect way to make sure the fishing goes smoothly all day long.

  • Proudly made in the United States of America
  • High strength monofilament line is perfect for the fishing you love to do
  • Shock resistant line
  • Sold in bulk so you never run out when you need it most
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Lead Core Trolling Line Wire

Lead Core Trolling Line Wire

Few things in the world of fishing are as fun or as satisfying as catching Walleye or salmon. Both of these fish are iconic, delicious and classics for any angler to try their hand at. Don’t get left out of the fun by using poor lines or the wrong kind of line. BLOOD RUN has made an amazing line geared for fishing for walleye and salmon with their LEADCORE brand. BLOOD RUN knows what your line needs to do to catch walleye efficiently, let their LEADCORE lines work for you.

The LEADCORE lines are super soft which allows for fast and far casts. The easy deployment means you can get your lines out into those hard to reach shallows where the fish like to lurk.

The LEADCORE line also sinks super fast giving you that perfect window after your cast where your line sinks to a usable depth. It’s hard to catch walleye without a fast line that sinks appropriately. Use a company you can trust to give you a line that delivers on every trip.

  • Line specifically designed to catch popular fish, walleye and salmon
  • Fast lines and far casts
  • Sinks quickly to get to the fish you want
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Seaguar Fluoro Premier Fluorocarbon Leader

Seaguar Fluoro Premier Fluorocarbon Leader

Fluoro Premier knows what you need out of a great leader line. It has to be strong, it has to be soft, it has to have low memory and it needs to be hard to see. That is why they have designed and manufactured the Seaguar fluorocarbon line for just that purpose. Your main line is only as good as your leader and Seaguar line will make it so your leader is the best on the market.

Made with high tensile and knot strength this line can stand up to the toughest of challenges. It is super soft, made from 100% fluorocarbon filament. This makes it so it is nearly invisible to all fish when the line is in the water. This is boosted by their small diameter sizes making the line even harder to see than a larger diameter line. The ultimate combination of low visibility, high strength, soft lines and low memory make this line by Fluoro Premier a perfect lead line giving you the edge you need to reel in the big one.

  • 100% fluorocarbon lines
  • Great for use as a lead line
  • Nearly invisible
  • High strength, low memory
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Best Line for Catching Walleye Buying Guide

Like most things when it comes to fishing, line choice has a lot to do with personal preference as anything else. What one angler likes, might not be the same as another. This is what fuels some of the endless conversation fishers love to have with one another.

There is no one best line for walleye but there are lines that fit different situations better than others. You have to take into account what part of the season you are in, what kind of waters you are fishing and then ultimately what kind of fishing you’ll be doing.

If you are spinning or trolling or jigging, it is going to make a difference as to what kind of line you are going to want to use. Here are the three most common types of lines used for catching walleye and what they are best at.


Braided lines are very sensitive which makes them great if you want to get a lot of movement out of your lines. They are best for jigging, single hook fishing and live bait casting. The braid is super versatile in that respect.

Braided lines are pretty thick and sink more than some other types of lines. If you are trying to get your line to sit on the surface of the water you are going to want to use something smaller.

The problem with that is, the braids are usually very visible to an attentive fish so it is recommended to use a translucent leader in order to get the most out of your braid. If not, you might be stuck wondering where all the bites are.


Nanobraid is a type of line which excels at shallow water fishing. The lighter makeup of the nanobraid means you can get far casts out of it into shallow waters. It will float a little better and handle small bait the best.


Mono line is a great set to have if you are looking for some more float and less disturbance in the water.

Braid tends to sink and cut through the water more than mono which means mono will leave less of a trace during the session than a braid will. You also do not need to use a leader to mitigate these effects when casting a mono line.

Mono is also naturally much stretchier than a braided line. This leads to a more fluid motion of the bait in the water which leads to a more natural moving jig or walleye lure. This makes it ideal for surface level baiting and trolling.

The trade-off with mono line is that it is a lot less durable than the braided line. It can snag easily and is susceptible to abrasion. You are going to get more line breaks than with braided line, especially if you are fishing around any natural hazards such as rocks, branches or logs.


For walleye, fluorocarbon is rarely ever used as a mainline. Its strengths are in being a leader for a more durable line. The fluorocarbon has a moderate amount of sinkage and is much harder to see than the mono or braided line. This makes it a perfect leader but not a great mainline.

The fluorocarbon really exceeds as a leader when using braided line. The braided line likes to sink to the bottom pretty good and the fluorocarbon will sink a little less giving you a double-layered approach to attracting those deeper down walleye.

In terms of leaders, fluorocarbon is the best line and is always handy to keep a spool or two handy in case you find yourself needing to tie on a leader.


It is all about what kind of situation you find yourself in as to what sort of line is the best. If you are middle or late season trying to catch a more mature and bigger walleye, you are probably going to want to go with a braided line and a leader to try and get them deeper down.

If you are earlier in the season and most of the fish are still hanging around in the shallows you might want a nano braid to get some small bait and far casts out to where they are hanging out. Or you could use a mono line in the shallows where line breakage is less of an issue.

Like anything in fishing there is no clear answer and all depends on the conditions out on the water.

We hope that you have enjoyed our guide on finding the best line and my recommendation on the Best Fishing Line for Walleye.

It’s not easy even for more experienced anglers at times picking a new line but with this guide, I hope I have bridged that gap.

It’s not all about the end tackle when it comes to fishing for walleye it the time you hit the water to fish.

If you are new to the site we have done a complete guide on the Best Time to Fish for Walleye to really help you out.

I wish you next trip out plenty of tight lines with walleye on the end.