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Hooking into a fish or hooking into thin air is all based on tight margins. Fishing bobbers are exceptional items to make it more likely to hook into a fish. They allow for a much more responsive bite indicator. If you have never used fishing bobbers, I highly recommend them. If you have or are then, I suggest you using the best fishing bobbers.

For any fisher out there looking for a more accurate responsive bite indicator, then this article is what you need to checkout.

Eagle Claw Balsa Style Oval Fixed Float

Eagle Claw Balsa Style Oval Fixed Float

The Eagle Claw Balsa Style Oval Fixed Float are quality floats and hooks that are a must buy for any angler looking to get a lot of use out of their equipment for relatively little cost. Do not burn through cheap crap when you can get extended use out of a quality product. Eagle Claw has been making highly usable fishing accessories and tackles for decades. Their products are 100% made in the USA for superior feel and quality.

  • Excellent reusable floats that work great for longer
  • Perfect 7/8 floats for crappie, bass, and more
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thkfish Fishing Floats and Bobbers Balsa Wood

thkfish Fishing Floats and Bobbers Balsa Wood

Get yourself a set of highly visible, extremely sensitive, and reusable fishing floats. The thkfish Fishing Floats and Bobbers Balsa Wood Floats are made out of sustainable ecologically friendly balsa wood and show activity on your line better than the competition. These bobbers are perfect for crappie, panfish, bass, and more. Don’t continue to buy cheap plastic bobbers that don’t work and break easily when you can get a quality set of balsa wood bobbers.

  • Highly visible paint lets you keep an eye on your line with ease
  • Sustainable balsa wood construction is reusable and ecofriendly
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Shakespeare Hah3Pck Hide-A-Hook Floats

Shakespeare Hah3Pck Hide-A-Hook Floats

Get a set of bobbers and floats that you can feel confident about for your kids. Taking your kids along while fishing is a great way to spend time outside but fishing can be dangerous for little ones. That is why Shakespeare has created its safety focused line of floats aimed at the young angler in your family. The Shakespeare Hah3Pck Hide-A-Hook Floats is a three-pack of child safe bobbers. They hide the hook inside during casting so if anything happens, they won’t hook themselves or you. Once in the water, the bobber lets the hook float out for ultimate safety. If you don’t get a bite, bring it back in and the hook will once again be hidden so you don’t catch any debris or weeds on the way up.

  • Perfect bobbers for children keep the hook out of the way during casting and retrieval
  • Affordable, safe, and effective
  • Enhances children’s fishing experiences
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thkfish Fishing Floats and Bobbers Balsa for Crappie Panfish Walleyes

thkfish Fishing Floats and Bobbers Balsa for Crappie Panfish Walleyes

Never miss a bite again with these modern spring loaded bobbers. Missing a bite on your line is a frustrating experience that doesn’t have to happen anymore. With thkfish Fishing Floats and Bobbers Balsa Wood Floats you get a modern spring bobber that combines sensitive design, a spring at the bottom to increase movement on the surface, and highly visible paint to ensure that if you have something checking out your hook, you know about it. Perfectly suited to help you catch panfish, crappie, walleye, and more, you will be amazed at how much better your visibility is. This set is also affordable and will make the perfect addition to your tackle box.

  • Modern spring enhanced design is proven to increase movement and visibility on the bobber
  • Help increase your haul of crappie, walleye, and more
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thkfish Fishing Stick Floats Slip Bobbers

thkfish Fishing Stick Floats Slip Bobbers

Are you using an old fashioned wooden bobber without any extras included? Or worse yet, are you using those cheap plastic bobbers that you can get for a dime a dozen at the tackle shop? Did you know that spring enhanced bobbers are scientifically proven to help increase your fishing efficiency? The thkfish Fishing Floats and Bobbers Balsa Wood Floats Spring Bobbers is a set of modern spring enhanced bobbers made by thkfish, an online leader in modern tackle. These bobbers are designed to be highly visible, highly sensitive, and reusable. Never miss a bite again with this innovative and modern design. Leave those ineffective and old fashioned bobbers where they belong, in the past, and upgrade to a modern piece of kit.

  • Modern bobbers designed to get you to react to every bite
  • Scientifically proven to enhance sensitivity and visibility on the line
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Coopay Hard ABS Fishing Bobbers

Coopay Hard ABS Fishing Bobbers

Why only get five bobbers when you can get fifty? For anyone who has lost an expensive bobber before you even hook a fish, this set is going to sound great. The Coopay Hard ABS Fishing Bobbers Set is a large set of ½” hard plastic floating bobbers that are perfect for any angler. For the price of other bobbers, you can get ten times more and replenish your tackle box for months or years to come with one single purchase.

  • A great bargain
  • Get as many bobbers as you need with one simple purchase
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QualyQualy Fishing Floats and Bobbers Balsa Wood

QualyQualy Fishing Floats and Bobbers Balsa Wood

QualyQualy is dedicated to, you guessed it, quality. Their QualyQualy Fishing Floats and Bobbers are hand crafted and individually inspected to make sure each piece meets their high standards. You will instantly notice the difference in the material used and craftsmanship that goes into each of these beautiful bobbers. But they aren’t just nice to look at, they are also supremely sensitive and diverse giving you the ability to fish for a variety of different species with confidence. Don’t get frustrated trying to catch your favorite fish with cheap generic bobbers when you can get a specialty product that guarantees results and quality.

  • Hand crafted, individually inspected for QualyQualy quality
  • Sensitive, long lasting, visible bobbers give you a leg up on the fish and the competition
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Krazywolf Balsa Multipurpose Fishing Floats

Krazywolf Balsa Multipurpose Fishing Floats

The Krazywolf Balsa Multipurpose Fishing Floats Pack of 12 is a quality set of amazing balsawood bobbers and floats. For one low price, you get twelve diverse and versatile bobbers that can be used in a variety of environments on a variety of fish. The high visibility and durable balsa wood can be used almost anywhere, including for ice fishing. Not many bobbers can say that. Don’t fall for generic, ineffective bobbers when you can get a quality set that will last you months, if not years.

  • Versatile set of bobbers can be used from the stream to the ice fishing hole
  • Quality, versatile and sensitive set for an affordable price
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Best Fishing Bobbers Buying Guide

We are going to lay out some helpful information on bobbers that should allow you to pick the best type for your needs. Also, we will give you some tips on using and why using them is such a good idea.

Why use Fishing Bobbers

There is no question about it when I started using fishing bobbers I started to catch a lot more fish. I have no dough if you start you will see a vast improvement in your catch total. Here are some reasons why they are so good.

  1. Mush more accurate in indicating a bite
  2. You can suspend you bait mid-water for were the fish swim
  3. Some bobber can attract fish by making noise
  4. Help float bait into areas that are otherwise inaccessible
  5. Bobbers are great bite indicators
  6. Longer casting distances with the added weight

Different types of bobbers

Slip bobbers – this style of bobber slips up and down the line allowing you to fish at different depths without having to completely change your tackle.

Ball bobbers – the classic ball bobbers typically come in red and white and are renowned for being one of the best bite indicators of all the bobbers on the market.

Pencil bobbers – as the name suggests these are shaped just like a pencil they are a very sensitive bobber. These are great for smaller fish where the sensitive nature will indicate even the smallest bite.

Spring bobbers – again this is a very sensitive bite indicator. However, these are not in the water but at the end of your rod. This makes them ideal for low level light conditions.

Popping cork bobbers – these make a popping noise in the water to attract fish to them. They work really well with certain fish but not others so worth looking into this more if you are using them.

How to choose the best fishing bobber

What fishing bobber you choose will come down to what type of fish you are going to be targeting. If you are going after small fish I would say pencil bobbers are going to be you best choice. But I really like the classical style of the ball bobbers they are jack of all trades.

Use the type of bobbers section just above this to pair your style and type of indication you need to get the perfect match.

Water conditions

The conditions of the water will play a big part of the choice of bobber that you select. If you are fishing on a flat clam lake or on choppy sea water you may even be ice fishing thought a drilled hole.

If you are fishing on a flat claim lake then you can chose any style of bobber that best suit the fish you are targeting.

However, if you are on a choppier surface then you are going need something to stand up to this and there is nothing better than the ball bobber for choppy water. They are easy to see and they are able to ride out the choppy water but retain the accuracy.

Looking for accuracy

If you are looking for accuracy then you are more than likely fishing for smaller fish. In the instance I would always go with the pencil bobber they are such accurate bite indicators. If you are fishing in low light conditions but still need the accuracy then I would just at the spring bobber.

These two types are the most sensitive to fish biting but this can be a bad thing as well. They can give a lot of false positive bites this is worth keeping in mind. A fish swimming past can give you a bite indication.


If visibility is your biggest concern then a ball bobber is going to be your best option with their red and white shell they are so easy to pick out on the lake. You can get bobber that light up or glow you can even add items so they do this also.

For some the pencil bobbers are hard to see even in broad daylight so if you have bad vision then a glow stick to apply may be best for you to add and make it more visible.

Bobbers come in all different colors red, white and orange to name just a few. If you want one to really stand out on the water then neon yellow is going to really pop out.


Over my many years of fishing bobbers have been made from many different types of buoyant materials. I always like to select a natural material like balsa and cork as these are both biodegradable. If the worse happens and it will at time and your bobber comes free from your line it will break down and cause less harm to the environment.

Bobbers Cost

Fishing bobbers are relatively cheap when compared to all your other fishing gear. But it’s something worth keeping in mind. I wouldn’t pay extra for a bobber because it has the ability to light up if I was never going to use a bobber at night.

Fishing bobbers vs fishing sinkers

We have covered all the different types of fishing bobbers or fishing floats above so we know all about them now. Fishing sinkers are complete different to bobbers as these are heavy pieces of metal normally lead that is attached to your line and this pulls the bait to the bottom of the lake.

A sinker can be used with a bobber to get your bait to the bottom of the water faster or to stop the bait from floating up in the water.

It’s hard to say this is a vs. type question and will completely come down to the style of fishing you want to do. There are times you will combine both bobbers and sinkers so for me there is no best between them.

Setting up a Fishing Bobber

Setting up a fishing bobber is something some people struggle with but once you see how it’s done it’s a really easy task and you will be setup really quickly.


There are so many different types and styles but I hope that I have explained how you can use each and you can find the best fishing bobber for you own personal needs.

Everyone’s best choice maybe different but this will in most cases come down to there style of fishing and the fact they are targeting different fish.

Match the fishing bobber to your style of fishing and the fish you are targeting and I am sure it will lead to you catching more fish.

I wish you many happy times at the water and your new bobber brings you much better bite indications that lead to many more tight lines.