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A day at the lake is such an enjoyable experience whether alone or with friends. There is no better way to top your fishing adventure with some freshly caught and cooked fish. However, preparing fish is not always an easy task but getting the right tool like the Best Fish Scalers can make that job much easier.

A fish scaler can really speed up the preparation process; we take a look at the top 6 both manual scalers and electric fish scalers.

1. Big Norm-Feets 88111 Magic Fish Scaler

Big Norm-Feets 88111 Magic Fish Scaler

Do you want to scale your own fish but are put off by the prices of electric fish scalers? Do not worry. Fish scaling is an ancient art that has been around for as long as fishing has been around and that is a long time. There were no electric scalers back in the day and the art of manual fish scaling is still around. Get yourself a handheld fish scaler and practice the ancient art for yourself.

Manual fish scalers are far more affordable and safer than electric fish scalers. The Big Norm-Feets 88111 Magic Fish Scaler is a modern take on an ancient art form. It has unique free fingers that both scale the fish with smooth power while also keeping those prickly scales from flying everywhere and causing you issues. It is safe, easy to use, easy to clean, and is an amazing value. Don’t get caught up with those expensive, dangerous electric scalers, do yourself a favor and get an affordable and safe manual scaler like the one shown here.

  • Unique scaler design ensures scales fall down instead of flying around
  • Super easy to use and super easy to clean
  • Far cheaper than electric scalers
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2. Speder Electric Fish Scaler

Speder Electric Fish Scaler

The Speder Electric Fish Scaler Fish Scale Remover is an awesome product. It feels professional in your hand and you will be shocked at how easily it does the job it advertises. Built with a professional grade stainless steel roller with over three hundred blades. This electric scaler will be able to professionally scale fish of all shapes and sizes, safely and with no hassle.

Simply press the roller into your fish, press the button and watch it go. The scales will fall right off. When you are done, simply run it under water and watch the scales fall off again. It is washable, rechargeable, portable, and powerful. If you catch fish to eat or cook a lot of fish, there is no way you should pass this electric fisher scaler by.

  • Professional grade fish scaler
  • Works super well thanks to a powerful motor
  • Washable under any water stream you have nearby
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3. Yamasho Brass Fish Scaler Large

Yamasho Brass Fish Scaler Large

Japan is a country with a long and legendary history of fishing and a relationship with the sea. That is why you can trust when they make fishing tools you are getting a high quality product that has years of experience and use fueling its design. That is exactly what you are getting with the Yamasho Brass Fish Scaler. This is more than just a simple tool, it is one that has been around for centuries and has a high level of design and detail not found anywhere else.

The scaler itself is made from solid brass, an ancient and durable metal that performs under the toughest of circumstances. Even the harshes scales will fall right off when raked with this awesome brass scaler. It comes with a smooth and light wooden handle that is comfortable. It is 8” in length and can be used by the average fisherman or the professional fish prepper.

  • Solid brass scaling head
  • 8” long with a solid wood handle
  • Made in Japan
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4. Bear Paw HDEFS Heavy Duty Electric Fish Scaler

Bear Paw HDEFS Heavy Duty Electric Fish Scaler

Do not waste your time trying to scale fish by hand. It is the twenty first century! The ancient art of fish scaling leaves your hands raw and your arms sore. Not anymore. The Bear Paw HDEFS Heavy Duty Electric Fish Scaler is the modern answer to an ancient hassle. It is safe to use for both you and the fish and takes all of the hassle out of scaling your fish.

This is perfect for the casual angler or the professional one. Watch the scales fall off even the largest of fish without cutting the prime meat or your fingers. It is resistant to saltwater, easy to clean, and will perform each and every time. The blades are coated in Teflon ensuring that scales, fat, and water all fall off with little effort keeping your equipment clean and ready to use. The whole thing is rechargeable and can easily pack alongside the rest of your equipment.

  • Electric fish scaler makes even the largest fish an easy task to handle
  • Designed with professionals in mind
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5. Winco FSP-9 Scale Peeler, 9.5-Inch

Winco FSP-9 Scale Peeler, 9.5-Inch

Winco is known for designing products that are used in kitchens around the world. That means they have to be cleanable, safe, and durable to withstand the rigors of the residential and commercial kitchen. This age old design works wonders on any fish you throw at it. The stainless steel teeth slice effortlessly through the scales of a variety of fish leaving you with a smooth, clean filet every time.

Winco is trusted by chefs everywhere and for a good reason. Their designs are simple, functional and they are meant to be heavily used and wash off easily. They are also incredibly affordable. Think that a professional grade kitchen tool will break the bank? Think again.

  • Made with professional hospitality kitchens in mind
  • Simple and effective design
  • Stainless steel is sharp and cleans well
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6. Open Country Tumble Drumm Sportsman Automatic Fish Scaler

Open Country Tumble Drumm Sportsman Automatic Fish Scaler

Just as the electric fish scaler was an innovation over the manual fish scaler, the Open Country TD-6065-13 Tumble Drumm Sportsman Automatic Fish Scaler is an innovation over the standard electric fish scaler today. This unique drum scaler takes the little bit of hassle that still exists with electric fish scalers and removes it completely.

Simply put your fish into the drum and turn it on and wait for the automatic fish scaler to do all of the work itself. This takes out all of safety concerns and user error out of fish scaling. The fish sit within the spinning drum allowing all of the scales and other waste to fall down into the bucket. Once you’re done, remove the scaled fish and dump the scales. Fish scaling has never been easier.

  • Unique drum design innovates on the handheld scaler
  • Safer and cleaner than other scalers
  • Scaling has never been easier than now
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Best Fish Scaler Buying Guide

Scaling a fish is an important step for anyone who is looking to prep and cook fish you catch yourself. Most, if not all, fish found at the grocery store is already descaled so most people do not realize that you have to descale the fish yourself in order to get it ready for cooking. Descaling can be done using a variety of tools at your disposal but the easiest and most effective method is to use an actual fish scaler.

Tips On Effectively Using a Scaler

Fish scalers are a relatively simple tool to use. They are either manual or electric and are made up of specially designed teeth that will gently remove the scales from your fish without ruining the skin or the meat.

The best way to scale a fish is to move from tail to head, gently pulling the scraper against the scales so that they fall off. While using a scaler, the scales should come off easily. Think of it like shaving your face. You want to go against the grain and make sure you get it all.

It is best to keep the fish over some kind of paper or easily cleanable surface. Most people like to scale over a disposable surface so you can easily wrap up the scales and throw them away. Periodically during scaling, you are going to want to rinse the fish to try and get any pesky scales off that are stuck to the skin. Between a couple of passes with the scaler and some water, the scales should all come off.

Do I Need an Electric Scaler?

There are a plethora of electric fish scalers on the market but they are much more expensive than manual scalers. A lot of people may ask themselves, if they need an electric one or if manual scalers will do the job.

It depends.

If you are going to be scaling a lot of fish on a regular basis, then an electric fish scaler will probably make sense. Also, If you are going to be doing multiple fish a day, multiple days a week then the time and energy the electric scaler can save you will probably be worth it. If you are a more casual angler who only eats a few fish a month or rarely brings in big hauls then you can probably get away with a simple manual scaler.

Fish Scaler Maintenance

Like most things in the realm of fishing and boating, proper care of your fish scaler boils down to properly rinsing and storing it. Many of the modern fish scalers are made from materials that rinse off easily. The key here is to make sure that the scaler is properly rinsed, dried, and then stored in a dry place.

Make sure there are no fish guts, salt water, or scales left on the scaler when you are ready to put it away. These things can stick to the scaling surface over time and cause corrosion. Even the toughest of materials will be corroded by salt water and fish guts over time. Giving your scaler a good rinse and a good dry with a cloth will ensure that all of the corrosive materials are off the scaler helping it last a good long time.

Final Verdict

We are fish scalers as they really speed up what would normally be a slow and boring process and we like all of them on my list. However, I’m always asked what I like the most and I in most cases say it’s a personal preference and it is but I feel I need to pick as I do like on in particular in this case.

This is my number one choice however; it doesn’t have to be yours if you feel another on the list will best suit you as there is no right or wrong choice from the list as they are all excellent.

Best Fish Scaler

The Yamasho Brass Fish Scaler Large

For me, a manual fish scaler is far superior to an electric one. You do not have to worry about charging it, getting it wet, or getting frustrated if you damage or lose it. They are cheap, easy to use, and easy to clean. Fish scaling and cleaning is an ancient art going back hundreds, if not thousands of years, which is why I like the makers at Yamasho. They are a Japanese company with a long history in the fishing and culinary arts.

Their manual fish scaler has a tough solid brass scaling head which makes it strong, easy to clean and it will not break down over time like some other materials. It works easily and is perfect for doing a few fish at a time. The handle is solid wood and feels great in your hand.

If you like an electric scaler there are plenty of options out there but for the price, the simplicity, and durability in the design and the functionality I will take the Yamasho Brass Scaler any day.

Once you have your fish descaled, you will want to pop it on the cooker in the Best Fish Baskets to get the perfect cook.