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Having a fish finder can take your fishing to an all-new level but to get the best out of any fish finder then you need to be using it to its maximum a transducer will help you with this, so we have put together the 5 best fish finder transducer mounts that are available below.

Our aim with this article is to fold, if you simply want to know what’s the best we have laid the top 5 out at the top and give you a quick overview why there the best but if you want to know what to look for and why we have picked these 5 fishfinder transducers, then we have put a mini buying guide to show you what you and what we looked for when picking them.

1. YakAttack Fish Finder Mount

YakAttack Fish Finder Mount

Get your kayak fitted with the best equipment. YakAttack is an American company that makes gear specifically for kayaks. Other companies simply throw in kayak accessories as an afterthought after making gear for larger boats. Not so for YakAttack. They have a passion for kayaks and kayakers and it shows in the quality and attention to detail in their designs.

The YakAttack Fish Finder Mount with Track Mounted LockNLoad Mounting System is a transducer mount and arm that is designed specially to fit into your kayak. Not on your kayak like most mounts but in the existing track. Their LockNLoad technology fully secures your technology into your kayak’s track so that you get a convenient spot for your fishfinder and a powerful lock that won’t slip. No more messing with clamps and grips that do not fit onto your kayak properly. This way your most precious equipment will be secured in a way that kayakers can trust.

  • Kayak specific gear made from a company passionate about kayakers
  • Transducer arm and fishfinder mount slot into your kayak’s existing track
  • LockNLoad tech means your equipment won’t slip and stays firmly in place
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2. Scotty Kayak/SUP Transducer Mounting Arm

Scotty Kayak/SUP Transducer Mounting Arm

Fishfinders are useful tools that can make fishing much more lucrative and a lot easier if used properly. If you are one of those people who think that fishfinders are technology only suited for large boats, think again. Anyone can use a fishfinder if they get the proper mount for it and those without fancy fishing boats should not be deprived of the benefits of being able to use a fishfinder on the water.

The Scotty #140 Kayak/SUP Transducer Mounting Arm is designed specifically to be fit onto kayaks, paddleboards, canoes, and other small, hand-powered boats. A lot of fishing is done from kayaks, canoes and other such vessels so do not get left out on the use of a fishfinder. This transducer arm is easy to install and easy to pack up. It stores easily away and does not weigh much. That way, it will not throw off the balance of your small boat. It swivels a full 360 degrees allowing you to position it in the perfect place for your use.

  • Transducer arm made specifically for kayaks and other small boats
  • Durable plastic design is tough and lightweight
  • Easily adjusted to fit any boat
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3. SpiritOne 141 Kayak/SUP Transducer Arm Mount

SpiritOne 141 Kayak/SUP Transducer Arm Mount

Many of the transducer arms and mounts on the market made for kayaks and paddleboards are low quality and made from cheap materials. This is a risky and unfortunate development because the last thing you want is for your expensive pieces of equipment to fall into the water. Depending on the situation, you might not be able to get it back. That is why SpiritOne has designed a much heftier transducer arm for fishing kayaks.

The SpiritOne 141 Kayak/SUP Transducer Arm Mount is made from high quality composite materials that are both corrosion resistant and sturdy. They will not gunk up and corrode like some other cheap plastic arms on the market. This arm is telescoping and can be adjusted to a variety of lengths so that it sits perfectly on your kayak as well as in the water. The arm swivels a full 360 degrees so you can get the perfect setup to spot those fish.

  • Made from high grade materials that won’t break down and won’t fall off
  • A full range of motion gives you ultiamte customability
  • Works with most fishfinders so you can upgrade your fishing kayak with ease
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4. Brocraft Kayak Track Fish Finder Mount/Kayak

Brocraft Kayak Track Fish Finder Mount/Kayak

A lot of fishfinders for kayaks are simply fishfinder arms and mounts from larger boats that a company has rejigged to try and retrofit. This can leave you with an awkward setup or an arm that slips. You do not want to lose your valuable equipment into the watery depths below. That is why Brocraft, maker of a slew of quality transducer mounts and fishfinder brackets, have made a fishfinder mount that is actually made for a fishing kayak. The Brocraft Kayak Track Fish Finder Mount/Kayak Fish Finder Mount for Track is a different kind of mount.

The difference you find with the Brocraft Kayak Track Fish Finder Mount/Kayak Fish Finder Mount for Track is this mount is designed to be fitted into a kayak’s track. No more furiously trying to get your transducer arm to clamp properly to a bow that wasn’t designed for it. Simply slot this mount into your existing kayak track and tighten to get the perfect mount. You will notice the difference immediately.

  • A trandscuder mount made specifically for kayaks
  • Fits right into the existing track on your kayak for a more secure fit
  • Made from high grade, lasting materials
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5. Brocraft Transducer Mounting Arm/Kayak Transducer

Brocraft Transducer Mounting Arm/Kayak Transducer

Get a universal transducer mount that is made for smaller craft. Now you can outfit your kayak, canoe, paddleboard, paddleboat, or pontoon boat with your favorite fishfinder thanks to the dedicated designers at Brocraft. Fishfinders are an incredible modern technology that can take a fishing session from a zero to a ten in no time. Everyone deserves to benefit from this amazing technology.

This arm and mount are fully adjustable. It can telescope from an easily manageable 17” for smaller, low riding boats to a full 25” in length for taller boats or deeper water. The head can swivel a full 360 degrees to keep it in the perfect position from you. The arm itself is made from high quality marine grade aluminum that is designed to stand up to long hauls in the water, both saltwater and freshwater. The slip disc technology featured here also allows you to get micro adjustments so you can get the perfect fit and position for your fishfinder and transducer so you can get the best underwater view.

  • High quality marine grade construction
  • Made for small boats including kayaks, canoes and more
  • Wide range of customization and adjustment options
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Best Fish Finder Transducer Mounts Buyers Guide

The transducer is one the main parts of a fish finder and its main purpose of a fish finder transducer are to send sonar signal into the water so that you can locate fish under your boat. So us as who like fishing and have a fish finder we want the transducer to be the best otherwise we won’t be getting all the signals (fish) we want.

So to get the Best Fish Finder Transducer Mount it’s really important that you consider some of the following point very high on the list when you come to buy yours.

Transducer Power

So the power of the transducer is maybe the most important thing to consider when buying a new transducer, as the higher the power the greater it will be at seeing the fish.

If you get a high power transducer it will be still perform well in bad water conditions and deep water so if you are planning on using in these conditions go for high power.

What I liked when I got a new high power transducer was that it was much better at determined the different in structures in the water and fish this led to a lot more fish landed.


There are lots of factors what go into making transducer and many different materials that you can pick but there are two main types these being.

Hard plastic: this is getting more popular and is begging to become the go to for many and they tend to be easier to attach to your boat or kayak.

Metal: this type is getting less popular as they tend to be a little harder to attach to your kayak or boat but they do tend to be more hard wearing they are normally used on peoples boats who tend to leave them on and don’t want or need to keep removing them.

Build Quality

With anything build quality is something that should be very important to you as a poorly built transducer will not last you long before breaking.

Plastic have their place but if you are going to be hitting ground then no matter what the build quality is it will most likely break but a metal transducer will bend and you will be able to salvage it but you should be doing everything not to ground.

How to tell if you’re getting a decent build quality is to read how others are finding the product after some time and this is what we have done with all our suggestions above, also getting a brand that is reputable in the industry should stand you in good stead.


So there you have it a buyer’s guide on what to look for and 5 best fish finder transducer mounts that you can find for different situations as they do come in all different shape and sizes.

Something people always ask is ok that’s the top 5 but what is number one, well its hard with a transducer mount as it all depends on what you are using it for put if you are going to twist my arm then the best transducer for a kayak would be YakAttack Fish Finder Mount and the best transducer for a boat then I would have to go with the Brocraft Transducer Mounting so I hope that helps.

We hope this article helps you get the best fish finder transducer mount for your needs and you get a more accurate indication on your fish finder and help you get many more tight lines on your coming fishing adventures.