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With the weather getting heating up, you may be starting to head to the garage the dig out the fishing rods so you can go and hit the lake. When we start early getting them tight lines at the start of the season and get a fully stocked freezer, we also start cracking out the BBQ or the fire pit to cook the fish we have caught.

Cooking fish on a grill is very hard to get the perfect cook on your fish, and I found out that cooking fish in a fish basket helps cooking the ideal fish.

You may be reading this as a very experienced angler, but when it comes to cooking, if you are like me, you may not be a great chef as you are an angler. Getting a fish right is not easy, but using a fish basket can help you achieve this, and in this article, we look at the top 5 best fish baskets that you should consider buying to really help you cook your latest catch. If you want a little more information on preparing fish and what to look for when making a purchase, then we have put together a complete guide below our recommendations.

So let’s get right into the top 5 best fish baskets that are available today.

Outdoor Addict Grill Basket Large Grilling Pan Basket

Outdoor Addict Grill Basket Large Grilling Pan Basket

Get yourself a superior grill basket with the Outdoor Addict Grill Basket. Other grill baskets use cheap materials and are hastily designed. If you’ve ever snagged your finger on a sharp edge, wondered why your grill basket is shaped the way it is, or had them fail to cook or heat properly, you will know what I am talking about. That is why Outdoor Addict has redesigned the grill basket to eliminate those kinds of issues.

Their single piece metal design eliminates any sharp edges, ugly welds, and weak spots that other grill baskets have. Most grill baskets seem like a straightforward piece of equipment but most people forget that these things have to weather hundreds of degrees of temperature change on a regular basis. The one piece design, square shaped holes and durable stainless steel really elevate this grill basket to the next level. You will instantly notice the difference. In fact, they are so proud of their design that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee and a limited lifetime replacement warranty. If you’re not happy at any point, they’ll swap it out or take it back.

  • A grill basket with an upgraded design for maximum comfort and efficiency
  • Perfect for veggies, meats, fish and more
  • Heats evenly every time
  • Money back guarantee and replacement warranty included
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Homeflowz Vegetable Grill Basket and Scraper

Homeflowz Vegetable Grill Basket and Scraper

The Homeflowz Vegetable Grill Basket is the perfect grill basket to cook up your favorite seafood dishes. Fish can be hard to steam or grill because it likes to try and fall apart during the cooking process. The use of a high quality grill basket can change that and give you the perfectly cooked food that you desire. If you’re like me, you’ve dropped more than your fair share of food through those pesky grill grates over time. Never drop food through the grate again with this awesome grill basket.

Made from thick, premium stainless steel, this basket can hold up to the heat and stores more food than the competition. It has plenty of holes allowing for optimal heat and air circulation that gives you an even cook every time. This set even comes with a complimentary grill scraper, an awesome added value that gives this basket a boost.

  • Don’t drop food through the grill grates again
  • Perfect for shrimp, fish or the forementioned vegetables
  • Includes a complimentary grill scraper – free!
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soldbbq Stainless Steel Grill Vegetable Basket

soldbbq Stainless Steel Grill Vegetable Basket

The soldbbq Stainless Steel Grill Vegetable Basket tweaks the traditional design of a grill basket by offering everything you want out of one and eliminating the things you don’t. Not everyone needs a wide and deep grill basket to cook their food and in some cases, the large baskets are more of a hindrance than a help. That is why this basket is more similar to a grill mat than anything else.

This shallow grill basket still offers the heat transfer, airflow, and grate protection that you need without adding too much bulky material to your grill. Grill mats and aluminum foil just don’t cut it sometimes and you will love the cook and heat flow you get with this vented, shallow grill basket. The soldbbq Stainless Steel Grill Vegetable Basket is perfect for fish, shrimp, shellfish, and other sensitive meats that do not like to sit directly on the grate. You will get the flavor and cook you want that you just don’t get with suffocating grill mats.

  • Shallow grill basket gives you the cook you want without the bulky size and shape
  • Better than a grill mat
  • Perfect for shrimp kabobs, fish and other goodies that like to fall into the grill during cooking
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Stansport Deluxe Camp Cooking Broiler Basket

Stansport Deluxe Camp Cooking Broiler Basket

If you are someone who loves to camp, loves cooking over an open fire, or likes to cook their own, fresh caught fight, then the Stansport Deluxe Camp Cooking Broiler Basket is going to be the perfect item for you. With a long handle, wide broiler basket, and brilliant hinged design, this is the perfect tool for cooking fish over an open fire.

You will love how easily you can cook with this amazing Stansport Deluxe Camp Cooking Broiler Basket. Simply put your desired meat or fish onto the cooking surface and hold it over your heat source. You will have very little food loss and it makes open flame cooking easier than ever before. Better yet, it is super affordable and easily packs up so you can take it with you camping, fishing and more with little to no hassle. Don’t sacrifice the awesome flavor of open fire cooking because it’s hard to achieve.

  • Amazing broiler basket perfect for open fire cooking
  • An excellent way to cook fish and other seafood
  • Affordable and innovative design creates a tool you will love
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Sorbus Grill Basket

Sorbus Grill Basket

Upgrade your outdoor grilling game with the Sorbus Grill Basket. This heavy duty, stainless steel grill basket is the perfect addition to your outdoor cooking setup. The large size, perfectly placed ventilation holes and convenient handles make this grill basket a breeze to use. It is perfect for entertaining. You can make large helpings of party ready food or cook unique foods that others can’t manage at their backyard get togethers. You will not know what you’re missing until you throw this awesome basket onto your grill and start cooking. Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself, either way, you’ll love the versatility of this piece.

Fill it with vegetables, shrimp, diced meat or fish to get an even grill every time. This is perfect for cooking those foods which usually do not like to stay put on the grill. Have you ever had shrimp slip through the grate? Have you watched a delicious piece of hand caught fish slowly slide down into the coals and vanish? The addition of the grill basket will prevent such disasters from happening in the future.

  • 13.50” L x 12” W x 2.50” H in dimension
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Retains heat and cooks evenly every time
  • The perfect upgrade to any outdoor grill set
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Best Fish Baskets Complete Guide

A fish basket is a very simple tool that doesn’t need much explaining but there are a few things to consider once you have made your purchase. Our tips will help you cook the perfect fish and maintain your grill basket to keep it in perfect shape.

Different Things to Cook in a Fish Basket

People often believe because of their name that you can only cook fish in your fish basket but this is not true. You can cook with the basket open and this way you can cook smaller items like shrimps and vegetables yes that’s right vegetables, drizzle some oil over your vegetable and they are lovely off the grill. Of course you can cook fish in the basket but you can also grill a fillet of beef and you can turn a little more if you have your grill to hot.

Using a Grill Basket to Cook Fish

I’m no chef and I always had problems turning the fish I just never seemed to get it right. It became intimidating when I got the fish out but I was told to get a fish grill basket to make things easier and it really has for me.

Always make sure your grill is pre-heated you don’t want to put your fish on a cold grill, if you don’t have the grill hot you will cook the fish on each side at different temperatures.

Spray your fish with some cooking spray so the fish doesn’t stick to the basket once you come to turn it out.

I was told the rule of thumb of cooking fish is 10 minutes per inch and then flips the basket half way through the cooking time to do the other side; this has really helped me get a perfect fish every time.

If you really want to make sure of a perfect cook get yourself a thermometer and the probe when entered into the fish should be 140-145°F.

Cleaning a Fish Grill Basket

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a big issue but using non-stick cooking oil on your fish before putting it into the basket will make this process a lot easier. Many models that we recommend will be dishwasher safe but you don’t want to add a fish grill basket to your dishwasher with fish attached as this can get into the system and bung it up.

If you do have fish stuck soak the basket in warm soapy water until the stuck items become softened then scrub them off. Then you will be good to go for the dishwasher but if nothing is stuck you can skip this step.

Maintaining a Fish Grill Basket

There is not much to a fish basket but it is metal and you’re putting it over high heat and then wetting it this is a dream for rust.

The best practice is making sure you clean it completely and once done completely dry off with paper towel don’t leave water to sit on the metal for an extended period of time.


People are always asking questions when it comes to the best fish baskets and we have covered them below and give the answer in a quick FAQ guide.

How do you grill fish in a basket?

Oil the fish to stop sticking to the basket and cook the fish for 10 minutes per inch turning halfway this should give you the perfect fish.

Here is a simple video showing how to use a fish basket

How do you keep fish from sticking to the grill basket?

To keep your fish from sticking to a grill basket use a cooking spray on the basket and the fish, also its recommend that you use a non-stick basket. Try not to have your heat to high as this can lead to the fish burning and sticking to the grill.

What is a grill basket used for?

A grill basket is used to make the process of cooking fresh fish much easier but you can also cook many different foods in them including vegetables.

How do you grill tilapia without it falling apart?

As its very thin it’s a hard fish to cook, spray your fish and grill with cooking spray and season the fish. Make sure you grill is very hot and cook the tilapia for around 1 minute 30 seconds per side and longer and it will start to flake and fall apart.

Do you need to flip fish when grilling?

Technically you don’t need to flip fish both side. However, it’s very hard to get the fish fully cooked without overcooking like this and flipping is recommended.

Are grill baskets worth it?

Yes, most defiantly if you are someone who finds it hard to fish. The basket will make it so much easier flipping the fish and in turn get the cooking process perfect.

How do I grill vegetables without a griller basket?

Make sure the vegetables are larger so they don’t fall thought the grill, drizzle them with oil and some herbs and place them onto the grill.

What temperature do you grill fish at?

You will want your grill to be at around 400 degrees and then cook the fish for 10 minutes per inch turning half way thought the cooking process.


For most anglers who love to cook their own catch getting the best fish basket is the key to getting the perfect cook and what’s more enjoyable after a long day than a perfectly cooked fish that you have caught yourself.

Any of our recommendation on the list will suit most situations there is one thing to keep in mind and that is size the larger the fish the bigger the basket you will need there not much more to it than that. So I hope you all the best on your next fishing trip and many tight lines and next time you bring home the catch you get the perfect cook with your new fish basket.