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Catfish are unbelievable fighting fish there sheer size, and power gives us anglers such great fun. If you plan to catch a monster catfish, you will want to get yourself the best catfish rods for your adventures. The catfish is like no other, and their demanding fighting nature and size means you will need heavyweight gear.

We have compiled the top 6 best catfish rods available that will not let you down during a fight with a monster catfish. I know sometimes people will look for a little more help. So I have completed a Catfish Rod Buying Guide to help you make that final diction.

Ugly Stik Species Specific Fishing Reel and Rod Combos

Ugly Stik Species Specific Fishing Reel and Rod Combos

Ugly Stik is a cherished American brand that has been crafting high-quality fishing rods for many years. That is why it is exciting that they have focused their efforts on creating a specific rod to catch catfish. Catfishing is a popular pastime that is sadly underlooked by many fishing manufacturers which causes people to use generic rods to catch their favorite fish. Not anymore. The Ugly Stik Catfish Specific Fishing Reel and Rod Combo is the perfect catfishing rod and reel combo made for those who appreciate the art of catfishing.

The Ugly Stik Catfish Specific Fishing Reel and Rod Combo are available in two different configurations. A single-piece catfishing rod and a two-piece catfishing rod so you can choose the rod and reel combo that is best for you.

Combining Ugly Stik’s clear tip-sensitive rod design, stainless steel guides, and offering medium-heavy action, this is the perfect rod to hit the ponds and haul in your favorite fish. The reel is a solid spinning reel with an aluminum spool that is lightweight and powerful enough to bring in the fattest of catfish. The reel is a smooth dual bearing design with an automatic anti-reverse bearing to keep you on track.

  • A great offering by Ugly Stik
  • A rod and reel combo designed specifically for catfishing
  • A complete setup
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Abu Garcia Catfish Commando Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Abu Garcia Catfish Commando Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Abu Garcia has been making critically acclaimed fishing gear for many years. Now, they have brought their expertise and prowess to the catfishing arena with the Abu Garcia Catfish Commando Fishing Rod and Reel Combo. If you’ve ever gone catfishing with a generic rod and reel combo then you know that sometimes it can be frustrating to use equipment not made for catfishing. That is why the Abu Garcia Catfish Commando Fishing Rod and Reel Combo is so great. It was handcrafted and expertly designed to catch the fish you love catfish.

This combination features a 6-pin centrifugal bracket applies consistent pressure for an exceptionally precise cast plus a carbon matrix drag system which bolsters the power even further. This mashup of pressure and drag gives you the precise force you need to bring in the biggest catfish. Like any good catfishing rod, this one offers medium-heavy power giving you the best action.

No more worrying about choosing the best rod and reel for the job, this combination set comes with everything you need to get started. The rod is a lightweight yet strong body made from composite blanks and features an included spinning reel which is made for casting for catfish. The reel is a smooth dual-bearing design with a strong crank and an automatic anti-reversal bearing. Altogether, the 6-pin centrifugal bracket applies consistent pressure for an exceptionally precise cast. Altogether, the Abu Garcia Catfish Commando Fishing Rod and Reel Combo is an amazing rod and reel combo for any angler interested in catfishing.

  • Centrifugal bracket and carbon matrix drag gives you smooth power
  • A perfect rod and reel combo for catfishing
  • Affordable
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Ugly Stik Catfish Spinning Fishing Rods

Ugly Stik Catfish Spinning Fishing Rods

Ugly Stik has been a staple of many fishing garages for many years and they continue to be a leading name in the fishing market for good reason. They make quality products which are affordable and special. With decades of experience crafting the best rods and reels for the job, Ugly Stik has won a place in our hearts as one of the best brands available today. They continue their tradition of excellence with the Ugly Stik Catfish Spinning Fishing Rod.

The Ugly Stik Catfish Spinning Fishing Rod is an Ugly Stik classic designed specifically for catching catfish. The rod comes with all of the features you expect out of Ugly Stik including Tuff technology, clear tip sensitivity, stainless steel guides, lightweight body, and medium heavy power. The result is a rod and reel combination that any catfisher will love. Catfishing is a classic American tradition and Ugly Stik has kept that in mind while hand designing their eye catching Ugly Stik Catfish Spinning Fishing Rod.

  • Powerful and sensitive rod great for catfishing
  • Tuff technology and stainless steel components
  • Affordable for fishermen on a budget
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Ugly Stik Species Specific Fishing Reel and Rod Combos

Ugly Stik Species Specific Fishing Reel and Rod Combos

Ugly Stik is back but this time they’re focusing on the catfishers. Catfishing is a fun and tasty hobby which has been around for centuries. Now you can combine Ugly Stik’s excellent tradition of excellence and design with the ancient art of catfishing for an experience that will knock your socks off. The Ugly Stik Species-Specific Fishing Reel and Rod Combo feature everything you can want in a catfishing rod and it is not even close.

This combination comes with all of the Ugly Stik favorites including clear tip sensitive rod, Tuff technology components, stainless steel guides, and a durable round reel for bringing in the best catfish from the depths. With modern EVA grips for supreme comfort and feel, you can keep this rod in your hand all day as you wait for your dinner to land on the hook.

The round reel features smooth cranking and excellent line retrieval and is great at laying line at ideal depths for catfish. No more struggling with baitcasting reels designed for bass and not catfish. This reel was specially chosen to be matched with this rod for performance excellence. The rod itself is available in two configurations, a single piece, and a two-piece so you can get a rod that fits your lifestyle the best. Each rod is made from composite blanks and is a stunning arctic white color.

  • A handpicked rod and reel for catfishing
  • Medium heavy action
  • Round reel perfect for laying deep line
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Championship Catfishing Rod

Championship Catfishing Rod

Don’t get a generic rod that isn’t meant for catfishing, get a rod that is made specifically for catching the fish you love. Generic rods are often set up for bass fishing and cannot hold up to the strains and stresses that will be put on the rod during a fight with a large catfish. That is why the Championship Catfishing Rod has been specifically engineered to haul in large catfish.

The smart engineers at Championship Rods have added unique features aimed especially at catfish. It features a high visibility fluorescent tip so you can always keep track of your rod in murky conditions. Never miss a bite again. The rod features eight, yes count them, eight reinforced guides so your line stays straight and true during a long fight. The handle is made from modern EVA foam and features a long fighting handle that is made to give you the most grip and most comfort during retrieval.

Taken all together, it is clear that the Championship Catfishing Rod was made with love, care and knowledge of catfishing. Once you use this rod, with all of its unique features, you will never go back to a generic rod while catfishing ever again.

  • Fluorescent tip keeps track of your rod at all times
  • Sensitive construction with medium-heavy action
  • Eight guides keep you on track during the fight
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Eagle Claw Catclaw Casting Rod

Eagle Claw Catclaw Casting Rod

Never go catfishing unprepared again. Get yourself a rod made specifically for the kind of fish you love. You know that catfish a different beast and that they require a special kind of fishing to conquer. Now a reliable fishing brand knows that as well. With the Eagle Claw Catclaw Casting Rod you are getting a rod specifically made to go catfishing. You will quickly notice the difference over generic rods with the excellent features added designed for this style of fishing in particular.

This rod features everything you could possibly want from a catfishing rod. The blanks are made from lightweight glass giving you stability and sensitivity. The rod features seven aluminum oxide guides that keep your line, even braided line, secure during the longest sessions and biggest fights. The EVA foam grips are comfortable and offer hours of excellent feel for long days out on the water.

Like any good catfishing rod, this one is two pieces, eight feet in length, and is medium-heavy power. This gives you the best chance against the best catfish. Whether you are out there for fun or to catch dinner, this rod gives you a leg up over those feisty catfish.

  • Light sensitive rod
  • Plenty of guides for those wriggling catfish
  • Comfortable modern EVA grips for the fight
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Catfish Rod Buying Guide

If you enjoy going catfishing you will likely have noticed that generic rods and reels do not always stand up to the harsh conditions that catfish bring. Some rods don’t have the right action to haul in heavy bottom dwelling catfish. Other rods don’t have enough guides or sensitivity to pick up on catfish or outlast them during the fight. This can often leave you feeling frustrated or out of your league. The easiest way to remedy this problem is by getting a rod that is specifically made for the rigors of catfishing.

Catfishing Rod Features To Look For

When choosing the perfect catfishing rod, there are a few things you are going to want to consider. Each rod comes in various configurations with different options. Here is the rundown on all of the things you are going to want to consider when purchasing a catfishing rod.

For length, you are going to want to find a rod that is seven feet. You can get away with a six foot rod if you are a little smaller or prefer a shorter rod. Some rods come in eight feet but ideally, you are going to want a seven footer. Seven feet gives you enough action and line to bring in the heavy and wily catfish from the bottom of their ponds.


For catfish, you are going to want a rod with medium-heavy power. Catfish are often fat, heavy, energetic, and like to lay at the bottom of ponds, lakes, and rivers. This means you are going to want more power than some standard rods in order to ensure that you can bring them in. Rods will lesser power might not be able to handle the characteristics of catfish. Lesser rods are going to leave you struggling to bring in your favorite fish, especially if they are on the heavier side. Make sure that your catfishing rod comes with at least medium-heavy power for the best results.


The best combination with medium-heavy power is going to be medium-fast action. This combination will allow you the versatility you need to bring in large and small catfish in equal parts. The action of a rod is largely left up to the preference of the angler but in this case we suggest medium-fast action.


For materials, you are going to want to go with something that is strong but sensitive. You do not need a particularly lightweight rod when fishing for catfish. If you get a rod on the weaker side you run the risk of cracking your rod during fish fights. Catfish can move around a lot on the hook and their weight and depth can put a lot of strain on your rod. Getting a composite rod that offers modern sensitivity and modern strength is the way you are going to want to go.

Catfish can often have light touches as well. The depth and the way that they like to feet means that sometimes you can miss small bites or signs of their interest in your hook. Sensitive rods are going to help a lot.

Our Best Catfish Rod Choice:

Championship Chop Stick Catfishing Rod

Championship Catfish Rod: 2 Piece Casting, Medium Heavy Chop Stick, Sensitive Tip for Detecting Bites, Heavy Backbone for Hauling in Ugly Monsters, 10-50lb Line, 7'6"
  • BUILD ➡️ Catfish Rod Medium-Heavy rod built for catfishing. Rugged construction and built to withstand fighting monster catfish. This 2-piece, 7’ 6” fiberglass rod is easy to transport. Double-footed stainless steel guides are low-profile so they don’t get in the way, and can withstand the abrasion of thick braided lines.
  • IT'S FOR YOU ➡️ No matter if you're just getting into catfishing, or have spent your whole life on the banks at night, the Chop Stick will be your new go-to pole. Its sensitive tip and heavy backbone will self-set circle hooks in big blues and flatheads, while still having fun with channel catfish. Used by guides, youtubers, tournament anglers, and weekenders, the Chop Stick has everything you need to confidently fight big catfish.
  • DETAILS ➡️ Heavy Cat Fishing Rod with 8 guides. EVA foam grip for easy cleaning after catching slimy cat fish. The glossy fiberglass finish is also easy to rinse and wipe! Paired with your favorite reel, your combo will look amazing. Has High Visibility Florescent Tip so you can easily see bites day or night. It performs as a medium-heavy catfish fishing rod where other poles fail. Medium-Fast Action means you’ll even have fun landing smaller channel catfish.
  • USES ➡️ 7ft 6in cat fishing rod for heavy line weights (10-50lb line). Lure weight 1-4oz. Hard rubber butt is ideal for catfishing on the bank, boating, or trolling for cat fish. Reinforced reel seat. Hook Tender Loop above handle. 13" Fighting Handle tucks under your arm or into your side to transfer leverage through your entire body
  • WARRANTY: ➡️ The Catfish Sumo Chop Stick has a LIFETIME Warranty that covers anything you could do to break it. Accidental, on purpose, whatever. If you can prove to us it's broken, we'll replace it. For life. The Lifetime Warranty requires product registration within 30 days of purchase. Then if you encounter any bad luck, just mail it back and we'll replace it for just 50% of MSRP. We also warranty our rods against manufacturer defects for 30 days after purchase.

The rod that exhibits the best of these features is the Championship Chop Stick Catfishing Rod. This rod is specifically designed for catfishing with a host of unique features and upgrades made for the special circumstances of catfishing.

The rod itself is made from a fiberglass blank that is light and strong. It is stronger than a glass rod and lighter than a full composite rod.

This rod comes with an extra long handle, a full thirteen inches, giving you the most space possible to grip the rod during a fish fight. The handle is covered in modern EVA foam leaving your hands comfortable after hours of fun on the water.

The Championship Chop Stick Catfishing Rod features a full eight reinforced guides. These extra guides will keep your line straight and in place during the longest and deepest fights, including extra-strength braided lines.

They have even added a special gloss to the fiberglass rod blank to keep the invasive slime that accompanies catfish. This makes the rod easy to wash off and keep clean and free from the worst parts of the catfish.

The Championship Chop Stick Catfishing Rod truly is a rod designed by and for catfisher and is available at a great price that will fit almost any budget.