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When you first get a new boat the first thing we do is go looking for new accessories and gadgets that don’t have any real value. Still, something like a boat lift jack may be overlooked when it should be the first thing on the list, and you would want to buy the best boat lift jack to make moving the boat so much easier.

Our aim in this article is to show you the best boat lift jack that is available on the market to the right at the top in case you just want to know which one is the best and move on the gadgets but eager to find out more we have you covered in our guide on how we picked the best boat lift and how you could find your own if you wanted to go on the look yourself.

Fulton XPD15L0101 Swivel Trailer Tongue Jack

Fulton XPD15L0101 Swivel Trailer Tongue Jack

Get one of the top-rated, best regarded and chart topping trailer swivels available on the market today. Do not get fooled by cheap alternatives that will literally let you down in your time of need. Your boat is a precious and expensive commodity that deserves the best care and protection. That is what you’ll get with the Fulton XPD15L0101 Swivel Trailer Tongue. This trailer tongue will not wear down, won’t break, and can hold up to 1,500lbs without breaking a sweat.

It is designed with a dual wheel system which increases the load capacity of this trailer tongue. It will be able to easily set, move, and swivel your trailer around without having to go through the arduous process of hooking up your truck for a simple move. You can bolt this tongue straight to your trailer frame and it comes with all of the pieces you need to make a secure connection. The Z-Max 600 protects it from corrosion so you can use this in the sun, in the water, or anywhere else without worrying.

  • Superior quality by Fulton
  • Easily and securely bolts to your existing trailer frame
  • Can hold up to 1500lbs
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MaxxHaul 26-1/2″ to 38″ Lift Swing Back Trailer Jack

MaxxHaul 26-1/2

Get the best with MaxxHaul products. Your trailer and whatever you haul in it is an important part of your life and it deserves the best quality products to go with it. Do not fall for other cheap trailer jacks that have weak tongues that break and inferior parts that rust out in months rather than years. Get yourself the MaxxHaul 70149 26-1/2″ to 38″ Lift Swing Back Trailer Jack. This is a supremely useful trailer tongue plus jack that will make your life easier and safer.

Equipped with dual swing back wheels, durable mounting bracket, and easy to use crank, this trailer tongue, and jack combo are super easy to use. No more struggling to reposition or drag your trailer around to get a better angle on it. With the sturdy dual wheel system, moving the trailer is easier than ever. The jack can lift to an amazing 38” giving you the ability to really crank up your stuff when the time comes and has a weight capacity of 1500lbs.

  • The best quality materials are made to last and hold up to strenuous use
  • Can lift to an impressive 38” in the air
  • Weight capacity of 1500lbs
  • Perfect for any trailer
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Can Am Defender Jack 2,000 lb Capacity

Can Am Defender Jack 2,000 lb Capacity

Anyone with a truck, boat, trailer, or all three knows that a powerful jack can be a real godsend. From making a quick and easy repair on the road to lifting up your boat to check out the belly or engine from a better angle, a jack can mean the difference between an easy day and a miserable time. That is why the manufacturers at Hornet Outdoor have created a powerful jack made to lift the most difficult objects and be portable.

Most vehicles come with a jack from the dealership but they are not designed for trailers, boats, and other things and who knows how old that old jack in the trunk is. The Can Am Defender Jack 2,000lb Lift is a lightweight portable jack with a ton of power. Weighing only 13lbs this jack goes where you go and is able to lift up to 2,000lbs giving it more than enough chops to handle the toughest jobs out on the road or in the yard.

  • Lifts from 6” all the way to 32” for a supreme range
  • Made from durable quality galvanized metal
  • Can lift a whopping 2,000lbs
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UTV Quick Lift Jack U-5000

UTV Quick Lift Jack U-5000

The makers at Hornet Outdoors know the value of a good jack to the modern outdoorsman and motorist. That is why they are dedicated to providing quality, powerful jacks that are portable and easy to use. Whether you’re changing a tire, changing the oil or lifting up a boat, a jack is a useful tool that everyone should have access to. The UTV Quick Lift Jack U-5000 is a solid and powerful jack that can be used in a variety of different situations.

This jack has a traditional crank handle which makes lifting things much easier than up and down levers or the odd figure eight configuration that everyone hates. Simple wind this handle in a simple circle to raise and lower the jack. It doesn’t get easier than that. This jack can go from 6” standing height all the way up to 32” with a weight capacity of 2,000. This gives it the chops to handle the biggest of projects with ease.

  • Weighs 13lbs for portability
  • Lifting range 6” to 32” fully extended
  • Powerful 2,000lbs capacity
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CURT 28115 Marine Boat Trailer Jack

CURT 28115 Marine Boat Trailer Jack

Jacks can be dangerous, especially if they are being used in conjunction with other tools. If you’ve ever tried to jack up a trailer and position it with a trailer wheel or pull you know how easy it can be to court disaster in such a situation. That is why CURT has designed an excellent trailer tongue that also includes a powerful jack. This will eliminate those scary situations where you are trying to use too many tools to do one simple job. This is much safer and much easier.

The CURT 28115 Marine Boat Trailer Jack with 8-Inch Wheel combines two excellent tools into one useful package. It is a maneuverable trailer tongue with a durable 8” wheel as well as a lifting jack that can handle up to 1500lbs. This means you do not have to use a second jack on your trailer if you need to lift, move, or position the empty trailer or laden trailer. It comes with an easy crank handle for operation, a pull pin, and is all made from corrosion resistant metal so it can handle the dirt, wind, sun, and water with ease.

  • 13” to 24” lifting range
  • 1500lbs of capacity
  • Maneuverable trailer tongue and wheel is easy to operate and install
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Best Boat Lift Jack Buying Guide

If you have your new boat and you want a new boat lift jack then I’m sure you’re going to want the best but to get this you want to know what’s important to look for in terms of features and our aim in the following headings is to show you what they are and what you will want to see so let’s get right into this.

Why get a Boat Lift Jack

If you’re unsure what a boatlift jack is then let’s get that covered it’s a very basic system but no doubt one of the best accessories to have, it is a simple wheel system that will allow you to easy move your boat around by using a pulley system.

The main reason to getting a lift jack is that it will extend the life of your boat by enabling you to move your boat around safely without having to drag and damaging the bottom.

Type of Boat Lift Jack

There are two different types of lift jacks that you can readily buy on the market today, they are both use the simple wheeled method but one is a manual model and the other is electronic.

Electronic lift jacks are the best and have the very clear advantage over there manual counterpart as you don’t have to do any work with the electric model but you have to weigh up the fact you will be paying a lot more money when you buy the best electric boat lift jack.

There is another difference in types that some models will have a wheel jack and others will have foot jack. Both have their advantages being the wheeled can make moving easier and the foot jack will be able to take larger boats, it’s also worth mentioning that with foot jack will last a lot longer.

Boat Lift Jack Max Weight

This is very clear but you must look at the max weight of the boat lift jack and the weight of your boat to make sure your jack can take the weight of your boat.

We touched on this a little above but it’s worth mentioning wheeled lift jacks will not take as much weight as the foot jack model.

It’s very important not to overload the boat lift jack and stick to the max weight that is recommend, going over can lead to accidents just think how bad it would be to have a boat fall on top of you not nice so never exceed to maximum weight.

Max Boat Lift Jack Height

If you want to move your boat to your car so you can tow it to a new location, for this what you need to keep an eye on is the tongue height.

You will need to measure how high your tow hitch is and then see if the tongue height can reach on the boat jack lift that you are considering this will make getting your boat hitched up a lot easier and not leave you frustrated.


We hope that this article has made it very easy on choosing you the best boat lift jack for your boat; our aim was to give you a few different options at different price points and types.

If you want to know what I feel is the actual best then I would have to go with the MaxxHaul 26-1/2″ to 38″ Lift Swing Back Trailer Jack it’s expensive over the other boat lifts but who want to put all that work in not me, if you wanted manual option then the Fulton XPD15L0101 Swivel Trailer Tongue Jack as it has some nice features and gives you the most pound for your buck.

We hope your next fishing trip in your boat is made a lot easier with your new boat jack and you have plenty of tight lines on your boat fishing adventures.