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When you first come to get into fishing with a baitcasting rod then you don’t always want to drop a load of cash on something that’s new but with that being said some of the best baitcasting rods under $50 can get you a decent rod that can last you many years.

So with that being said you can find a nice rod for under $50 from some of the top brands as they are now catering for people with all different budgets the brands we are talking about in terms of best are Uglystik, Shimano and Berkley.

So our aim in this article is to cover the 5 best baitcasting rod under $50 and give you all the details about each, if you want to know how we have judged them and what we look for when picking the best we have put together a mini guide on picking a baitcasting rod.

Entsport E Series – Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod

Entsport E Series - Camo Legend 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod

Get yourself a great deal that anyone can love with the Entsport E Series Baitcasting Rod. This versatile two piece rod is both powerful and flexible and comes in at a great price. Don’t overspend on a rod with a lot of fancy words in the description when you can get a rod that does a great job for half the price. Not only do you get a full rod, you also get an additional tip free of charge. That means you have a backup in case something goes wrong but you also have two different power options so you can adjust and refine your cast.

The body of the rod is made from a 24 ton carbon fiber body which gives it strong and flexible qualities without adding unnecessary weight to the build. It features modern, comfortable EVA foam handles which hold up to the elements and feel great in your hands. There are six corrosion resistant guides which will hold up to the salt and keep your lines smooth and straight time and time again. It really has everything the modern angler expects out of their baitcasting rods and at a price that will surprise you.

  • Two piece rod that comes with two tips for flexible casting
  • Professional grade reel seat
  • Corrosion resistant guides and EVA foam handles
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Entsport E Series – Sirius Casting Rod 2-Piece 7-Feet Graphite Portable Baitcast Rod

Entsport E Series - Sirius Casting Rod 2-Piece 7-Feet Graphite Portable Baitcast Rod

Entsport has a passion for creating high quality rods for the masses. They do not sacrifice on quality in order to deliver a great product that anyone can afford. They are back with another amazing E Series rod, the Sirius. This rod has all of the modern rod amenities that make baitcasting a breeze at a seriously great price.

This rod is made from sturdy graphite blanks that give it power and versatility without compromising the balance and feel. It has a super sharp modern look that will spruce up your collection in an instant. Also, it also features a handy forefinger grip and a hook holder that will make handling this rod a joy. It has modern EVA foam handles that can hold up to the elements and add comfort and control to the rod. This is a fantastic modern rod, at an old fashioned price.

  • A sleek, colorful modern look that attracts the eye
  • Corrosion resistant guides that will keep your lines straight and secure
  • A lightweight and sensitive rod that everyone will love
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Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod

If you don’t know the difference between light-medium, medium-heavy or fast action and slow action, then this is a rod for you. There are a lot of details that go into choosing a proper fishing rod but you can also get a universally great rod that checks all of the boxes. That is what you get with the Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod, a rod that is perfect for the casual angler that is just all around great.

You get all of the features and upgrades you will know and love in this rod at a price that won’t set you back. It has super corrosion resistant stainless steel guides with zirconium oxide inserts that keep your lines straight and tangle free without rusting or gunking. It has modern EVA foam handles that hold up and feel great. The body of the rod is made from a highly professional blend of graphite and carbon fiber that keep the rod light, powerful and flexible. The two-piece design enhances sensitivity and versatility giving you an all around rod that will work for almost any fishing environment.

  • Versatile rod for all around anglers
  • Has a nifty spot to store your hooks that is safe and convenient
  • Corrosion resistant anti-twist guides are made for braided line
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Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod

Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod

Abu Garcia has been making quality fishing gear for many years and their gear continues to improve with the latest upgrades and innovations. They know the fishing market is always changing and that anglers deserve the best and the brightest designs. They also know that fishing is a hobby that holds mass appeal which is why they make all of their equipment to the highest standards at the lowest prices possible without sacrificing on quality or features.

The Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod is a rod that has it all and is available from most major retailers at a price that you will love. The Vengeance is a one-piece rod which increases its versatility and sensitivity. Many anglers enjoy the feeling of a one-piece rod over a two-piece rod because of the feeling and balance. The rod itself is made from a 24 ton graphite blank body which further increases the balance and feel of the rod in your hand.

The handles are made from EVA foam which sits nicely in your palm for hours without causing rubbing or discomfort. The EVA foam also holds up nicely to the wind and water while you’re out and about. It also features stainless steel guides and titanium inserts which can handle the toughest braided line and will not rust or degrade over time.

This rod is truly made for any angler, in any situation. This is further highlighted by the four different models that are available in four different sizes, all one piece, to accommodate everyone. All of the Vengeance Rod models come in at a similar, affordable, price point.

  • Lightweight, responsive rod feels great on the water
  • Four models to give you a rod that you will love, no matter the situation
  • High-grade upgrades
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Baitcasting Rods for under $50 Buying Guide

It’s no point beating round the bush with this one and just say that $50 is a low budget but I will say again that this doesn’t mean you have to get a rod that is inadequate, I have owed and still do baitcasting rods under $50 and they have been brilliant and have had plenty of fun with them.

Baitcasting Rod Size

This is something people always seem to overlook and that’s the reason why I have put it first in this little mini guide, the reason I think this is important is the fact that the size of your rod can make your fishing more enjoyable if you get the right fit.

So the first things to do are measure your favourite rod and try to get a baitcasting rod the same size.

So what if you don’t have a rod and this will be your first? Well this will be a little trial and error but to give you an idea a smaller rod will be easier to get in tight spots and tend to be more of a joy to play fish were as a larger rod tend to be a little less enjoyable when playing fish and harder to fish if you have trees ahead but you are able to cast a lot longer with a longer rod.

So as you can see it’s about weighing up how you wish to fish and the area you will be fishing to get the right rod for your fishing needs, I really like smaller rods and they always seem to be the first style I pull out of the rod bag.

One or Two Piece Baitcasting Rod

It’s rare to find a baitcasting rods in two pieces but they are about if I would say avoid them and go for a one piece baitcasting rod as with their complete unit they are much stronger and makes them less likely to break.

Baitcasting Rod Tip

This falls into the rod size a little as a smaller rod tend to have a more flexible rod tip and make the playing of fish a lot more enjoyable the added benefit of a seeing movement in the tip if a fish is biting. Having a stiffer rod tip makes it a lot less enjoyable when playing fish but makes casting distances much easier.

The Build Quality

You want to get a rod with the decent build quality and if you stick to some of the big-name like Uglystik, Shimano and Berkley you will be sure to be getting a decent built quality, we have included above some other brands that I know are decent and will stand you in good stead for many years.

It’s also worth checking how other fishers are getting on with a rod you are looking at and this can be done by reading other people’s reviews on the likes of Amazon.


So there we have it I hope this article helps you pick the best baitcasting rod under $50 if you want me to pick the best out of the 5 we have shown you above I would have to go for Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod, we really liked how beginner-friendly it was and seemed to give the best bang for your buck.

Well people may say you need to drop a tone of cash on some fancy new rod but that’s not always the case and you can pick up a nice baitcasting rod for under $50 from some of the top brands on the market.

So we hope you get the baitcasting rod that will keep you enjoying the sport of fishing for many years to come and keep them lines tight with plenty of fish. Looking to up your budget we have Best Casting Rod Under $100 to help you out,