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Want to know what the Best Baitcasting Rods under $150 is? Well when people say you get what you pay for that’s very true. Luckily if you have a bugets of $150 you will be able to find some excellent rods.

We have broken down rods loads of rods and took all the rubbish away witch left us with around 10 then we whittled it down to the top 5 Baitcasting Rods we have given each a review below.

1. Abu Garcia IKE Signature Power Casting Fishing Rod

Abu Garcia IKE Signature Power Casting Fishing Rod

There is a lot of attention and focus given to reels when discussing fishing gear. Reels are very important pieces of equipment but they are often focused on at the expense of the rod itself. The actual rod is just important, if not more important, than the reel. Abu Garcia knows that and they have paid special attention to crafting their rods with the serious angler in mind. The Abu Garcia IKE Signature Power Casting Fishing Rod is a balanced, comfortable, and sensitive rod that will take your baitcasting sessions to the next level.

The rod itself is made from 36 ton graphite blanks. Most similar rods only come with 24 ton graphite construction. The upgraded blanks give this rod extra strength without adding unnecessary weight to the design. It has specially designed ergonomic EVA foam grips and a Fuji reel seat for maximum comfort during handling. It also features stainless steel guides with zirconium inserts that really add to the overall durability of the rod as a whole. In fact, there is nothing on this rod that is a weak link in terms of corrosion. The whole thing is light, comfortable, balanced and is designed to last.

  • 36 ton graphite construction stands above the competition
  • Balanced and comfortable features give this rod a great feeling
  • From the makers at Abu Garcia
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2. St Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rods

St Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rods

The makers of St Croix fishing gear know what a serious angler requires from their rod. The rod is a critical part of any good baitcasting setup. Good balance, comfort, and weight are essential for long enjoyable fishing sessions. It has to be able to reel in those picture perfect catches while sitting in your hand for hours between the big hauls. Those are the things St Croix kept in mind when designing the Mojo Bass Casting Rod. They designed the rod with the advanced angler in mind and it shows.

The rods are made from an advanced and innovative SCIII Graphite polymer. This new kind of graphite improves upon the industry standard builds by offering more balance and sensitivity without sacrificing weight or feel. The grips are classic style cork grips that are super light and evoke a wonderful aesthetic of the golden age of fishing.

  • Medium-Heavy power
  • Two piece construction
  • 6’8” in length
  • High grade and versatile rod for the serious angler
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty included
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3. Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod

Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod

Bass fishing and baitcasting require a sensitive and durable rod that can both feel the smallest nudges of the fish and perform well in the fight. That is why Abu Garcia has come up with their next line of baitcasting rods for the modern angler. Abu Garcia has a long history of being an influential member of the fishing community by continuously supplying new and high caliber gear to anglers, year after year. The Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod continues this tradition by improving upon their previous designs to offer an affordable and powerful baitcasting rod.

It is made from high grade 24 ton graphite blanks which offer a lightweight and balanced body. The guides are durable stainless steel with zirconium oxide inserts which will keep your guides free from gunk and corrosion allowing you to thread your rod easily every time. It features EVA foam grips for supreme comfort and durability. Instead of standard EVA foam, they have included the high density variation which bolsters the durability and feel of the grips. The whole rod oozes the quality of design.

  • A versatile and responsive rod
  • Stainless steel guides stay fresh for longer
  • EVA grips are ergonomic and comfortable
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4. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

KastKing has brought both supreme innovation and value to their latest batch of baitcasting rods with the Perigee II Fishing Rods. They have designed a two piece rod that will feel like a one piece rod due to computerized design and construction that allows the force of your casts and cranks to flow more smoothly through the blanks. They have used this to their advantage and have boosted the value by adding in a second tip to each rod set they sell. That way you get a medium-heavy rod tip as well as a medium-light tip. This effectively doubles the number of rods that you get for the same price.

The rod also has some unique features offered by KastKing that up the value even more. Those extra features include popular Fuji O-Ring line guides, tuned ergonomic graphite high-strength reel seats, high-density EVA grips, Saf-T-Keeper hook holder and their own “bare and beautiful” exposed graphite construction that gives it all a polished and modern look. The whole rod is made with innovative quality from tip to grip. You get all of this, including the two rod tips, for an affordable price that everyone will love.

  • A host of innovative features that make this rod stand out
  • Balanced and comfortable design
  • Affordable price, especially when you include the extra rod tip you get free of charge
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5. KastKing Resolute Fishing Rods

KastKing Resolute Fishing Rods

KastKing is back with yet another innovative casting rod in the same vein as their other highly acclaimed casting rods. The Resolute series of rods brings KastKings renowned design philosophy and features to another line of rods that are made for anglers of all stripes. In fact, the Resolute rod line has 27 different combinations made for any fisherman. Saltwater or freshwater. Big catches or small catches. Light power or heavy power. They have a Resolute rod for you.

You’ll love the quality put into these rods. They have an innovative guide design by American Tackle called the Microwave Air Guide. It is modern and completely unique. The rods themselves are made from flexible IM7 graphite and the handles feature golf club style grips that are designed to be comfortable in any environment. You will notice the difference the moment you see these rods by KastKing.

  • 27 different varieties to fit any fishing style
  • Golf club style handles are comfortable and high quality
  • Unique innovative guides by American Tackle
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Best Baitcasting Rods under $150 Buying Guide

A quality fishing rod can add a lot of value to your fishing set up. A lot of focus and fuss is made about reels, and they are important components of a good fishing set up. However, a good rod can make all the difference in the world, more than a reel.

A reel is used to cast and crank and ultimately is what brings in the fish you seek but without a quality rod backing it up, the reel really is worthless. The rod is what has to sit in your hands for hours at a time and has to be able to hold up to the rigors of fighting a large fish. In short, they have to be powerful and comfortable.

What to Look For

Comfort and functionality are the two most important things that go into buying a quality casting rod. For comfort, you want to look for quality grips that are going to sit well in your hand and hold up over time. Fancy grips are great but if they will break down and tear over time then they will quickly lose their effectiveness.

For functionality, it depends on what kind of fishing you are looking to do. You want to pay attention to the sensitivity of the rod, the weight, the action, and the power. A good combination of these factors will determine what kind of rod you want to get. If you are doing average level fishing, such as bass fishing, you are going to want to find a rod that is light, sensitive, with medium-heavy power and fast action. This will give you the best set of tools to catch bass.

The weight is self explanatory, you don’t want a rod that weighs too much. It will wear you out over time and can make it harder to cast and crank. The action is how much a rod bends during use. Most freshwater and light saltwater fishing require a fast action rather than a slower action that you would see on deep see or commercial rods. You can find rods with a variety of different settings and design parameters that can fit almost any style of fishing you can think of so knowing what kind of fishing you will be doing is an important piece of knowledge to consider before making a purchase.

Quality Materials

When it comes to materials there are a few words you want to keep an eye out for. These are the kinds of materials that should jump out at you when scanning through rod descriptions. These materials are rated as a high grade and good for durability and functionality.

Keep an eye out for stainless steel guides with zirconium inserts. You want to have quality grips in either EVA foam or classic cork. The blanks should be made of some sort of graphite composite. 36 ton, IM7, and Fuji graphite seem to be some of the most popular and are all upgrades over standard graphite blanks. Some rods offer a uniquely designed tip that adds sensitivity to the rod, this is a huge plus especially if you are fishing for sensitive fish. Then you want to see if it is a single piece rod or a two piece rod. Some people prefer two piece rods for storage and transportation ease but one piece rods are generally more fluid to handle.

Our Favourite is…

The KastKing Resolute Fishing Rods

KastKing Resolute Fishing Rods, Casting Rod 6ft -Medium - Fast-2pcs
  • ULTRA-SENSITIVE KastFlex IM7 CARBON BLANKS - KastKing Resolute fishing rods are designed to deliver tournament performance at a value price. Sensitive and powerful IM7 KastFlex carbon rod blanks give you a light rod ranging from ultra-light to heavy powers in 4’6” to 7’6” lengths. With KastKing’s Power Transition System, these incredible performance rods that feel like 1-pc rods are designed for all freshwater species and also fishing pole models for most inshore saltwater fishing rod needs.
  • AMERICAN TACKLE MICROWAVE AIR GUIDES – American Tackle has won numerous fishing tackle industry awards for their innovative MicroWave Air Guide Systems. These patented new fishing line guides improve casting distance and accuracy. It’s why KastKing uses them on all Resolute fishing rods. The stainless-steel frames and Duralight top guide perform great with all fluorocarbon, monofilament and braided lines. Reach new distances with KastKing Resolute fishing rods and AT Microwave Air guides!
  • AMERICAN TACKLE REEL SEATS - A fishing rod is only as good as its components, and if your fishing reel doesn’t stay firmly in place, you’ll never be satisfied. KastKing insures solid reel placement by using only American Tackle, Bravo 2-pc reel seats on both casting rod and spinning rod models. These two-piece reel seats are light, durable and hold reels securely in place under the pressure of powerful fish. Casting fishing rod models include a trigger for improved performance and control.
  • GOLF-STYLE SUPERPOLYMER GRIPS – SuperPolymer handles and fighting butts are comfortable, durable and exceptionally slip resistant giving you maximum control over your fishing pole in all conditions. These performance handles are normally only found on fishing rods costing much more, but KastKing includes them on all Resolute spinning and baitcasting rods to deliver even more quality and value in this fishing rod performance series.
  • 27 DIFFERENT MODELS FOR ALL FISHING CONDITIONS – If you need a freshwater rod fishing for crappie, or as a bass rod, trout rod, walleye fishing rod, or targeting pike, salmon or steelhead, there are Resolute fishing poles made for you. If you love inshore saltwater fishing, you’ll find a fishing pole model with the right length and action that you can count on. You’ll be amazed at the exceptional value of KastKing fishing rods.

The best casting rod on the market for less than $150 is the KastKing Resolute line of rods. These rods offer everything we have discussed here and more. It has some unique innovative design choices that elevate it above the bar standard rod that you can find on the market. These include a superpolpymer golf style handle. Golfers are super picky about their clubs and require the best in comfort for their swings and that is what KastKing brings with these upgraded grips.

They have a super unique and new guide system by American Tackle that improves on the rod’s aerodynamics and speed while reducing the rate of tangles. It instantly catches the eye. Best of all, this line comes in 27 different varieties all at a phenomenal price point. The Resolute Line of rods by KastKing has a rod for every angler on the market, including you. Check them out today.

Final words

That brings us to the end of our article that helps you find the Best Baitcasting Rods under $150, it should allow you to find an excellent rod that will last you many happy fishing years.

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