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When it comes to using a fish finder, getting the right accessories can enhance the results you will get; getting the right accessories are fundamental, and that’s why I believe finding the best adjustable transducer mounting bracket can improve your experience with a fish finder.

Most people don’t want to sit down and search high and low all over the internet to find the best product and then discover what they have bought is just not up to scratch, so that’s why I have put together this article to show you the top 5 best adjustable transducer mounting bracket.

We base all our best of guides on user experiences and do all the searching so you don’t have to, in this article we will give you the top 5 adjustable transducers on the market followed by a mini buyer guide to show what to look in an adjustable transducer.

So let’s do this and see what the top 5 are.

Brocraft Universal Portable Transducer Bracket

Brocraft Universal Portable Transducer Bracket

A fish finder can be a lifesaver while out on the water, but a fishfinder is only as good as its mount. You can have the best finding equipment available, but if you cannot mount it properly, it will never work right. That is why Brocraft has created a universal fishfinder mount that is of the highest possible quality. The Brocraft Universal Portable Transducer Bracket + Fishfinder Mount is an excellent addition to any boat and is universally compatible and 100% adjustable.

Brocraft is committed to making its products both compatible and adjustable. The whole-mount is completely adjustable. You can adjust the monitor mount to a full 360 degrees. Also. you can adjust the water height to fit your boat. You can adjust the clamp to a full 360 degrees. All of these adjustments give you a full range of motion to mount and tweak your fishfinder, so it perfectly fits your setup. The mount itself is made from marine grade 6061-T6 aluminum that is machine processed for expert precision and quality.

  • Everything is highly adjustable to fit any boat from small skids to large fishing boats
  • Almost universally compatible and fits with all major brands including but not limited to Lowrance, Humminbird, Garmin and Eagle
  • Installs and breaks down quickly and easily
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Sully 8001P Universal Portable Transducer Bracket

Sully 8001P Universal Portable Transducer Bracket

Pontoon boats are extremely popular for casual water activities. They are perfect for the lake, rivers, and streams and are a relaxing and fun way to spend a day. This also makes them extremely popular as fishing vessels as well, but fitting pontoon boats with the proper fishing electronics can be a pain. That is why Sully has crated a transducer bracket that is designed specifically to fit onto pontoon boats with little hassle. The Sully 8001P Universal Portable Transducer Bracket will make outfitting your pontoon boat easy, and it will cut down on the frustration that can plague pontoon owners.

This bracket fits pontoons up to a full 4-1/4″ platform skirt. It has an adjustment range of 18″ to 26″. This makes it the perfect fit for most pontoon boats out on the water today. The bracket works best when it is mounted to the front of the boat, but it can also be mounted to the rear if that is your preference. Don’t wrestle with the hassle of trying to jerry-rig a part made for a standard boat, and get it to fit your pontoon boat, buy a part that is made specifically for you.

  • Large adjustment range makes it an easy fit on most boats
  • Can fit pontoon boats or thick transom boats with ease
  • Can fit pontoons up to 4-1/4″ platform skirts
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Scotty #140 Kayak/SUP Transducer Mounting Arm

Scotty #140 Kayak/SUP Transducer Mounting Arm

Most transducer brackets are made for boats, and few are made specifically for kayaks or johnboats. This means that most of the time, you are forced to spend more money than you want on a product that just isn’t made to fit your specific needs. Not anymore. Scotty has seen a hole in the market and moved to fill it. The Scotty #140 Kayak/SUP Transducer Mounting Arm is a transducer bracket made specifically for kayak, johnboat, and stand up paddleboard anglers. The benefits that come with using a fishfinder do not have to be confined to full sized boat users alone.

This bracket is lightweight, so it will not ruin the balance of your board or kayak. It can swivel a full 360 degrees to ensure that it fits seamlessly onto your kayak. And it comes at a price that will not break the bank, half or more off the price of other transducer brackets on the market. It even includes a slip disc that gives you the ability to make micro adjustments when needed.

  • Transducer arm made specifically for kayaks and stand up paddleboards
  • Lightweight and tough construction will fit perfectly on your boat
  • The telescoping arm gives you the perfect depth adjustments
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Brocraft Transducer Mounting Arm

Brocraft Transducer Mounting Arm

Kayaking can be tiring depending on the environmental factors you are facing. That is why having a fishfinder on your kayak can be a literal lifesaver when it comes to paddling around looking for the best spot to drop anchor and catch some fish. However, most equipments for mounting expensive fishfinders are made for large boats that don’t fit on smaller kayaks. That is what the Brocraft Transducer Mounting Arm/Kayak Transducer Mounting is for.

Mount your fishfinder, save time paddling around looking for fish, and don’t worry about your equipment with this kayak specific transducer bracket. It is made from high grade marine aluminum for lightweight durability. The arm itself is telescoping, so you can easily adjust the depth and fit of the bracket on your specific setup. Everything swivels at full 360 degrees, so you will never worry about missing out on the perfect setting for your transducer and monitor.

  • A kayak specific transducer arm from the reliable makers at Brocraft
  • Also can fit on canoes, pontoons or inflatable rafts, or boats
  • The telescoping arm is perfect for storage and precise adjustments
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Ram 18″ Transducer Mount

Ram 18

Don’t fiddle with knobs, discs, and swivels any more. Get a modern and efficient adjustable mounting system made for the modern boater and angler. The Ram 18″ Transducer Mount – 72023035 features a flexible tube-like body and a ball-in-socket style head that gives you fluid and complete adjustment control over your mount. No more clamps, no more cranking or screwing or fiddling. Simply move the mount into the position that you want, and you are good to go.

This mount is perfect for kayaks and other small boats. Don’t get left out when it comes to the awesome power of transducers and fishfinders. Get a mount that can easily be attached to any small boat and then adjusted to fit any setup. It is very light, weighing just under two pounds, so it will not mess up the balance and weight of sensitive kayaks and canoes.

  • Tough and flexible construction offers supreme adjustment capability
  • Innovative ball-in-socket head gives fluid control over the position of your equipment
  • Perfectly made to fit any kayak or other small craft
  • Available for an affordable price
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Best Adjustable Transducer Mounting Bracket Buyers Guide

A adjustable transducer are normally made for kayak fishing but not always exclusively, they make it very easy to adjust so when you come into land you can move it easily out of the way there are a few things you should consider before buying yours and these are:

How Flexible

Being able to move a transducer up and down is great but the more movable and flexible it is the better, we really like to see the adjustable transducer being able to move 360 degrees and a slip disk so that I can make macro movements to get the transducer in the perfect position.

Easy to Use

Ok so we want all the different movements and flexibility to get the correct position but that’s all well and good but what we don’t want is making them movement you will need a bag of tools.

So what we do want is quick locking nuts so you can untighten the arms by hand and then move into position and then retighten when in your desired position.

So an easy to use and adjustable transducer mounting bracket is a must that can be moved by hand.

For the Right vessel

This one is a little more obvious and that is to check that the mount fits the vessel you will be using it on so if you have a kayak, pontoon or boat you need to make sure that its able to be used on which you have.

Build Quality

This of course is of upmost importance there is no point in buying anything that’s not going to last very long, the way to tell if you are buying something that is well built and is going to last you for many of year is to read peoples reviews who have had it for years and how they are finding it.

All our research shows that anything we suggest passes this test.


Ok, that’s this little guide done and I hope that it has helped you find the best adjustable transducer mounting bracket for your kayak or boat, the products we suggest have all passes our checklists and I would be happy to have any of them.

I am always asked what I would suggest as the number one this is always hard but if I had to pick one for all-rounder and the winner it would have to be the Brocraft Universal Portable Transducer Bracket it is the easiest to use and adjust and the build quality is top notice.

I hope you enjoy your next fishing trip out with your adjustable transducer mounting bracket and you have plenty of tight lines on your fishing adventures.