Tight Lines HQ is a site that I have meant to put be putting together for a long time and just have not had the time with all my fishing adventures, but that has now changed, so I plan to make a useful resource for people who love fishing.

About Me

My name is Lee I have been fishing ever since I can remember its something that I have never got tied off the fishing gear is a little different to when I first started and it is ever-changing, and I am always learning.

I believe that all my years of learning can help people new and old to the game of fishing.

What the site will offer

As I’m always asked by newbies and experienced people who are into fishing for setup advice and other tips like the best time to go fishing, then I would make this site a complete information site set up to help.

We will offer tips on getting the best out of your fishing in our fishing tips guides, and I will also be putting together many buying guides to help you make the best purchase the first time.

Our goal is to help you catch much more fish and buy the best fishing gear on the market that will help aid you in that task.

Tight Lines HQ